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2015-09-01: Economic Destabilization, Financial Meltdown … Shanghai Stock Market?
2015-09-02: Whitewashing the IMF’s Destructive Role in Greece;
2015-09-03: Some ideas about what is Socialism – part 3;
2015-09-04: Michael Parenti;
2015-09-05: last results of our humanity’s behavior;
2015-09-06: Swiss pictures;
2015-09-07: TTIP deal – business lobbyists dominate talks at expense of trade unions and NGOs;
2015-09-08: Antarctica, hollow Earth / hohle Erde, etc;
2015-09-09: some ideas about what is Socialism – part 4;
2015-09-10: Russia ready to accept Syrian refugees;
2015-09-11: Washington’s Financial Currency War on China, the Eclipsing of the US Dollar by the Yuan;
2015-09-12: Culture and Art, World’s Largest Artist Colony Is About To Be Bulldozed;
2015-09-13: Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update;
2015-09-14: the world with Thomas Piketty;
2015-09-15: The Breaking Point? Germany’s Asylum System Struggles to Cope;
2015-09-16: Half of children have been bullied – survey;
2015-09-17: Overcoming Fabianism in Labour’s Class War of Attrition;
2015-09-18: the european refugee mess – my questions this morning;
2015-09-19: a normal day’s different concerns;
2015-09-20: The Case of Greece;
2015-09-21: Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden;
2015-09-22: Alexis Tsipras’ leftist party comfortably wins Greece election again;
2015-09-23: what this FED means for us;
2015-09-24: how we are ruled;
2015-09-25: Refugees Welcome – Flüchtlinge Willkommen;
2015-09-26: Chine and the new world order;
2015-09-27: From Hashtag to Strategy – The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter;
2015-09-28: The Continuing Criminal Enterprises of the Rich-Corporations;
2015-09-29: Imperial Overreach: U.S. Special Ops Forces Deployed in 135 Nations;
2015-09-29: Erzwungene Nationale Psychotherapie? (in english and german);
2015-09-30: Canada: C-51 anti-terror law causes some Muslims to reconsider vote;
2015-09-30: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, September 1 – 30, 2015.

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Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, September 1 – 30, 2015

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related articles published during September 2015: (continuously updated …) Continue Reading…

Canada: C-51 anti-terror law causes some Muslims to reconsider vote

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Published on CBCnews, by Tanya Birkbeck, Sept 27, 2015.

Some Montreal Muslims say the passage of the Conservative government’s controversial anti-terror legislation may affect their voting intentions.

“All my information is that there are no Muslims who are supporting the Conservatives,” Montreal Muslim Hanadi Saad told CBC News.   Continue Reading…

Erzwungene Nationale Psychotherapie? (in english and german)

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(forced national therapy?) … Merkels Kommentar aus kanadischer Sicht, 10.44 min, von NuoViso.TV am 18. Sept 2015 hochgeladen.

My comments:

1): This is a false debate:

  • yes, Merkels’ terms and understanding between past and present are blurred.
  • yes, even the Dalai Lama tells us that Europe can not take all refugees.
  • but now they exist, and they are humans, not only some strange cargo, but humans with children needing food, all leaving a mess they can no more stand.
  • our responsibility may lie in the past or not, but now in the present we are responsible.
  • what about refugees in America, Canada and … oh yes, Russia !! Three big countries able to absorb all these refugees Germany/Europe can no more get !!!
  • stop this insane big blabla instead of acting?

Here is the solution: Refugees also to America, Canada and Russia etc … so stop with your bluddy bargaining like car dealers … and concerning the small % of fanatics our humanity always created, today taking the identity of terrorism … do not forget, if you hold this humanity in a culture of fear, making us all childish, not able to look after ourselves, then you, the so called elite, then you are harming us all for real;

2): Merkel’s true reasons for her strange behavior:

  • she is blackmailed by the same hidden Mafia like is Obama and all other players on our world scene, and her explanation is the best she was able to find to obeying the order: you have to accept all refugees
  • maybe this hidden Mafia no more wants risk an approach between Russia and Germany which could strengthen a big EURASIA
  • this is the best way to weeken Germany
  • If you push away Merkel, you’ll have some Merkel 2, like Obama was forced to become Bush 2, and Hollande some Sarkosy 2, etc. etc. … for the financial – military – powerplay Mafia

Therefore the real threat is, that this hidden Mafia remains still unknown and therefore can not be exterminated. Denying it is not the solution.
- Heidi,

Imperial Overreach: U.S. Special Ops Forces Deployed in 135 Nations

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Published on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Sept 26, 2015 – (originally published by Nick Turse at Tom Dispatch, Sept 24 … also discussed on Global, Sept 25).

… You can find them in dusty, sunbaked badlands, moist tropical forests, and the salty spray of third-world littorals. Standing in judgement, buffeted by the rotor wash of a helicopter or sweltering beneath the relentless desert sun, they instruct, yell, and cajole as skinnier men playact under their watchful eyes. In many places, more than their particular brand of camouflage, better boots, and designer gear sets them apart. Their days are scented by stale sweat and gunpowder; their nights are spent in rustic locales or third-world bars.   Continue Reading…

The Continuing Criminal Enterprises of the Rich-Corporations

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Kirk, September 24, 2015: everything from education to marketing, to social engineering to capturing money – Madness Wins – (or, what the 1% makes us believe is that corruption should be normal, having infested large parts of our economic behavior, as well as the whole financial sector – a cancer which is now going into it’s final phase – Heidi).

… You can’t have perfection, and you have to bargain with the devil, pick the lesser of two or two million evils, and just understand the reality of politics. How many Fox News-CBS News-CNN-Local Yokel News consuming folk just talk this talk, every year, every election cycle, every rotten time a school bond comes up or some loud invented news item comes along the ticker of our football-pretentious TV junk science-junk journalism SCLM – so-called liberal media. Continue Reading…

From Hashtag to Strategy: The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter

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Published on In These Times, by Bill Fletcher jr., Sept 23, 2015 … movement activists discuss strategy and tactics;

In the last several months, the movement for Black lives (also known as the Black Lives Matter, or BLM, movement) has made headlines by engaging – often aggressively – with Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Each action brought with it pointed questions and often, tactical criticisms.   Continue Reading…

Chine and the new world order

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CHINA, the key to the new world-order – James Corbett, 36.05 min, uploaded by, April 27, 2015 … James says that despite the formation of the BRICS Banks, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the International Banker’s plans to usher in their New World Order remain firmly in place and on track. How could that be when the evidence suggest that the world is moving away from the Dollar as wealth moves from West to East? Because, James says, “At the very top of this Bankster pyramid, the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U.S. Western elite … (my comment: this was forseeable since years – Heidi);   Continue Reading…

Refugees Welcome – Flüchtlinge Willkommen

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how we are ruled

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Websites: SGTreportLiberty MillReal News 24/7The Corbett Report;   Continue Reading…

what this FED means for us

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Alexis Tsipras’ leftist party comfortably wins Greece election again

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Published on The Financial Express, Sept 21, 2015.

… With 54 per cent of the vote counted, Syriza stood at 35.5 per cent, with the conservative New Democracy at 28 per cent while the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn was coming in third with 7.1 per cent, followed closely by the once-mighty socialist PASOK party with 6.4 per cent (what can people do else than stay on or despair – Heidi).

Abstention was high, at nearly 45 per cent in an election-weary country with a traditionally high voter turnout. Continue Reading…

Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden

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The Case of Greece

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Published on ZNet, by Nikos Raptis, Sept 19, 2015.

The problem:

More than seventy years ago the US elites, as leaders of the West, decided that there should never be a leftist government in any European country. Especially in countries like Greece with its geopolitical importance. Also, if successful, a leftist government in a ‘poor’ country like Greece could be a deleterious example for the other countries of Europe.   Continue Reading…

a normal day’s different concerns

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Wolf Richter: Bankers Threaten Fed with Layoffs if it Doesn’t Raise Rates, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Sept 18, 2015;

The Star Trek Fallacy: Romanticizing Imperialism, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Sept 18, 2015 (yes, we know this but nevertheless enjoy the actors);

Uploaded by X22Report:
U.S. Warning: All U.S. Citizens Still In Libya Must Leave Straight Away, Episode 768b, 21.01 min, Sept 17, 2015;
Current Economic Collapse, News Brief, Episode 764, 18.02 min, Sept 13, 2015; Continue Reading…

the european refugee mess – my questions this morning

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Russia made an offer to accept Syrian refugees:

  • Why nobody here tells them and does not speak about in the western medias?
  • More, how many have heard about? How long will it take them to get a real chance for a modest life also in Big Russia. Why we do not suggest the Russian offer to those refugees we know they cannot stay here?
  • Even, why we do not work together with the Russian embassies here in the west for visas to their country? Are we only too much pissed off with our unhappy situation, or are we just too much arrogant to let Russians give a solution?
  • One explanation may be, the actual refugees are good middle class people who still dream about an acceptable capitalist lifestyle …
    … oh my god, not live as working class in Russia, for heavens sake …  
  • But how long will it take them to get our european pitfall? Already this old arrogant system here begins to crash … making them next all happily crash with us …
    … oh my god … Continue Reading…

Overcoming Fabianism in Labour’s Class War of Attrition

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Jeremy Corbyn, quo vadis? – Published on Dissident Voice, by T.P. Wilkinson, Sept 15, 2015.

… Corbyn’s political consistency has been remarkable. Since the beginning of socialist and labour politics in Britain—as elsewhere—there has always been what outsiders would call a tendency to factionalism. The inherent authoritarianism of the Conservative Party (and its equivalents generally assures that differences of opinion are kept within the walls of the clubs their members frequent. Expulsions among the Establishment are usually for breach of decorum.4 On the British Left, most expulsions have been based on the failure adequately to support imperialism or until 1989 any inclination to support communism—as defined by the ruling class.This led to divisions in the Labour Party (and the German Social Democratic Party) a century ago in the run up to the Great War. Labour was again divided by the British elite’s policy toward Hitler and Stalin. After the defeat of the fascist Axis powers in 1945, the benchmark for Labour became unwavering loyalty to Washington.   Continue Reading…

Half of children have been bullied – survey

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Published on The Guardian, Sept 14, 2015.

School is most common place for bullying, and only a quarter of children think their school’s anti-bullying policy works (see also: Bullied children more likely to suffer from adult obesity and heart attacks) … // Continue Reading…

The Breaking Point? Germany’s Asylum System Struggles to Cope

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Melanie Amann, Matthias Bartsch, Jürgen Dahlkamp, Markus Dettmer, Jan Friedmann, Christine Haas, Veronika Hackenbroch, Horand Knaup, Peter Müller, Conny Neumann, Maximilian Popp, Cornelia Schmergal, Barbara Schmid, Fidelius Schmid, Andreas Ulrich and Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt, Sept 11, 2015 (Photo Gallery).

As the migrant influx continues, the ‘Refugees Welcome’ high is beginning to wear off. People are beginning to wonder if Germany will really be able to cope with all the newcomers. And the system is already completely overwhelmed.   Continue Reading…

the world with Thomas Piketty

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Thomas Piketty fustige des Européens qui se donnent bonne conscience en Afrique, dans Le Monde/Afrique, propos recueillis par Laurence Caramel, le 11 sept 2015;

Economist Thomas Piketty helps Podemos election bid, on The Olive, by Staff reporter, Sept 10, 2015;

EU must force more transparency from companies in Africa – Piketty, on YAHOOnews, by Joe Bavier, Sept 10, 2015: the European Union should require companies operating in Africa to disclose the taxes they pay there more transparently, to ensure they contribute fairly to government revenues, French economist Thomas Piketty said on Thursday …; Continue Reading…

Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update

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Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update, 91.53 min, uploaded by Richar D. Wolff, Sept 9, 2015 … website: Democracy at Work.

Links: Continue Reading…

Culture and Art: World’s Largest Artist Colony Is About To Be Bulldozed

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Published on Axis of Logic, by Mallika Rao, Aug 31, 2014.

In the heart of New Delhi lives what is said to be the world’s largest collective of performers – puppeteers, drummers, monkey tamers, snake charmers, singers, acrobats, and more. Their family units can include more than a dozen members. Dads and moms pass their art down to the kids. In Kathputli Colony that’s simply how things are done. Continue Reading…

Washington’s Financial Currency War on China, the Eclipsing of the US Dollar by the Yuan

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Published on Global (first on Strategic Culture Foundation), by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Aug 31, 2015;

The Chinese are in the process of displacing the monopoly of the US dollar. They are dropping their US Treasury bonds, stockpiling gold reserves, and opening regional distribution banks for their own national currency. This will give them easier access to capital markets and insulate them from financial manipulation by Washington and Wall Street.   Continue Reading…

Russia ready to accept Syrian refugees

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Published on Russia Today RT – ombudsman, Sept 9, 2015.

The Russian Federation can host a great number of refugees from Syria, just as it has accepted a record number of people who fled the war in Ukraine, claims the presidential advocate for children’s rights, Pavel Astakhov.
“Our territory, our culture and our history, even our social situation are actually capable of withstanding this,” the ombudsman told the RSN radio when asked if Russia could open the doors for refugees from Syria. Continue Reading…

some ideas about what is Socialism – part 4

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