Erzwungene Nationale Psychotherapie? (in english and german)

(forced national therapy?) … Merkels Kommentar aus kanadischer Sicht, 10.44 min, von NuoViso.TV am 18. Sept 2015 hochgeladen.

My comments:

1): This is a false debate:

  • yes, Merkels’ terms and understanding between past and present are blurred.
  • yes, even the Dalai Lama tells us that Europe can not take all refugees.
  • but now they exist, and they are humans, not only some strange cargo, but humans with children needing food, all leaving a mess they can no more stand.
  • our responsibility may lie in the past or not, but now in the present we are responsible.
  • what about refugees in America, Canada and … oh yes, Russia !! Three big countries able to absorb all these refugees Germany/Europe can no more get !!!
  • stop this insane big blabla instead of acting?

Here is the solution: Refugees also to America, Canada and Russia etc … so stop with your bluddy bargaining like car dealers … and concerning the small % of fanatics our humanity always created, today taking the identity of terrorism … do not forget, if you hold this humanity in a culture of fear, making us all childish, not able to look after ourselves, then you, the so called elite, then you are harming us all for real;

2): Merkel’s true reasons for her strange behavior:

  • she is blackmailed by the same hidden Mafia like is Obama and all other players on our world scene, and her explanation is the best she was able to find to obeying the order: you have to accept all refugees
  • maybe this hidden Mafia no more wants risk an approach between Russia and Germany which could strengthen a big EURASIA
  • this is the best way to weeken Germany
  • If you push away Merkel, you’ll have some Merkel 2, like Obama was forced to become Bush 2, and Hollande some Sarkosy 2, etc. etc. … for the financial – military – powerplay Mafia

Therefore the real threat is, that this hidden Mafia remains still unknown and therefore can not be exterminated. Denying it is not the solution.
- Heidi,

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