Alexis Tsipras’ leftist party comfortably wins Greece election again

Published on The Financial Express, Sept 21, 2015.

… With 54 per cent of the vote counted, Syriza stood at 35.5 per cent, with the conservative New Democracy at 28 per cent while the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn was coming in third with 7.1 per cent, followed closely by the once-mighty socialist PASOK party with 6.4 per cent (what can people do else than stay on or despair – Heidi).

Abstention was high, at nearly 45 per cent in an election-weary country with a traditionally high voter turnout.

Syriza fell short of a governing majority in the 300-member parliament and was projected to win 145 seats. But he was expected to form a coalition government with ease … //

… A tired-looking Alexis Tsipras was hugged by party supporters as he arrived at Syriza headquarters, waving to the crowd gathered outside.

“What a result! It’s hard to describe. Tsipras will fight for the people, for Greece and for Europe,” said Maria Nixa, a 58-year-old private company employee celebrating outside Syriza’s main election campaign booth in central Athens. Retiree Antonis Antonios, 75, echoed her sentiments.

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