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Index January 2017

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2017-01-01: a happy and peacefull 2017;
2017-01-01: Die Zirbeldrüse;
2017-01-01: The Global War on Cash, India’s Demonetization Debacle;
2017-01-02: What Is The Obama Regime Up To? — Paul Craig Roberts;
2017-01-02: Wissenschaftliche Sensation;
2017-01-03: The East Aleppo Syndrome;
2017-01-03: Organspende, die verheimlichte Wahrheit;
2017-01-04: Empathy, what our dysfunctional world needs;
2017-01-05: Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow Intended to Box In Donald Trump;
2017-01-06: Split widens between Trump, CIA over Russian hacking allegations;
2017-01-07: Basic Income BI, progressive dreams meet neoliberal realities;
2017-01-08: A case study in the creation of false news;
2017-01-09: Ending wars requires moral conviction and the courage for revolution – part 2;
2017-01-10: Those times the NSA hacked America’s allies;
2017-01-11: The analytic process and cyber incident attribution;
2017-01-12: How Russia’s RT became the target of CIA, FBI and NSA’s anticlimactic ‘Big Reveal’;
2017-01-12: Fixing Capitalism (yet again) vs Moving to Another System;
2017-01-13: 2016, a Bad Year for Democracy, but “Best Ever” for Big Media;
2017-01-14: Obama, the War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children;
2017-01-15: Corbyn is Right on Bosses’ Pay;
2017-01-16: Life Without Money in Detroit’s Survival Economy;
2017-01-17: Building Off Grid Houses, Underground Homes, Tree Houses …;
2017-01-18: We Must Not Demonize and Threaten Russia … Nuclear War by Accident or Miscalculation?
2017-01-19: what economics do with our lifes;
2017-01-20: Does the end of high food prices mark the end of the global land rush?
2017-01-21: A Critical Week for the World Social Forum;
2017-01-22: Trump’s “Russia Connection”, Behind America’s Perpetual Wars;
2017-01-23: Women’s March on Washington;
2017-01-24: The Future by Committee;
2017-01-25: Interview on RT and a Message to Trump – John Pilger;
2017-01-26: The Last Superpower Summits;
2017-01-27: Off Grid roundhouse build;
2017-01-28: Trump, enough of 9/11;
2017-01-29: Ending The UK’s Free Trade Fantasies;
2017-01-30: biking;
2017-01-31: Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash.
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Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash

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… to protect citizens from threats as defined by apparatchiks in Brussels – Published on Wolf Street, by Don Quijones, Jan 28, 2017.

The central authorities in Europe just launched their most important offensive to date in their multiyear War on Cash. The new move comes directly from the European Union’s executive branch, the European Commission, which just announced its intention to “explore the relevance of potential upper limits to cash payments,” with a view to implementing cross-regional measures in 2018. Continue Reading…


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Ending The UK’s Free Trade Fantasies

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Published on Social (first on European Politics and Policy EUROPP blog, by Mark Manger, Jan 27, 2017.

… Theresa May’s highly anticipated speech on 17 January showed that slowly but surely, the UK government is realising the constraints of global trade rules. At last, the aims regarding future relations with the EU are becoming clear: Britain will leave the single market, end the free movement of EU citizens to the UK, set its own tariffs, but also seek a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU … // Continue Reading…

Trump, enough of 9/11

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… WILL THE UNITED STATES REGAIN THEIR FREEDOM? – Published on, by Thierry Meyssan, Jan 24, 2017.

Donald Trump refused to don the Presidential uniform of his predecessors, and dedicated his speech of investiture to mocking the System and announcing a change of paradigm. He has built his Security team around two themes – the eradication of Daesh and the opposition to 11 September – two characteristics which are aimed at putting an end to the process of globalisation (translation from french by Pete Kimberley). Continue Reading…

Off Grid roundhouse build

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… uploaded by Kris Harbour, from May 25, 2015 to Jan 25, 2017:

The Last Superpower Summits

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Published on National Security Archive, Electronic Briefing Book No. 578, by Tom Blanton and Svetlana Savranskaya, Jan 23, 2017.

  • New book analyzes detailed transcripts of Gorbachev, Reagan and Bush meetings 1985-1991;
  • Key documents show Thatcher’s endorsement of Gorbachev, Bush’s anxiety about Gorbachev’s popularity, and missed opportunities on arms control, regional conflicts, and European integration.
  • Continue Reading…

John Pilger: Interview on RT and a Message to Trump

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The Future by Committee

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Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch), by Tom Engelhardt, Jn 23, 2017.

They call themselves the U.S. Intelligence Community, or the IC. If you include the office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which in 2005 began as a crew of 12 people, including its director, and by 2008 had already grown to a staff of 1,750, there are 17 members (adding up to an alphabet soup of acronyms including the CIA, the NSA, and the DIA). The IC spends something like $70 billion of your taxpayer dollars annually, mostly in secret, hires staggering numbers of private contractors from various warrior corporations to lend a hand, sucks up communications of every sort across the planet, runs a drone air force, monitors satellites galore, builds its agencies multi-billion-dollar headquarters and storage facilities, and does all of this, ostensibly, to provide the president and the rest of the government with the best information imaginable on what’s happening in the world and what dangers the United States faces. Continue Reading…

Women’s March on Washington

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… many articles – published out of Google News-search;

(my comment: yes, what Trump said was ugly for women, but my father also spoke with much contempt about us as second class, and so did the whole generation of males when I was young. This made him not a bad guy, it only made me feminist.
This said, all these women now in America’s street have nothing to f… that Trump will stop war with Russia, a war we the European women would have had to suffer if this ugly Clinton were in power? For sure I prefer some bad jokes.
You American women are blind about that? Would you prefer Washington’s Gangster-Elite in power and put Europe into war with Russia? Really?
Yes, I fear that you could succeed, Trump could be assassinated and war with Russia would become reality again.
If you insist this will happen, you certainly not get world’s most urgent threats, and for me you would have no more anything to say
– Heidi). Continue Reading…

Trump’s “Russia Connection”, Behind America’s Perpetual Wars

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… why the Enemy Structures US Identity – Published on Global, by Prof. John McMurtry, Jan 20, 2017.

The enemy in one form or another drives the US – the gun culture on the streets, the rich behind weapon-guarded enclaves, the pervasive violence entertainments of good vs. evil killers, the never-ending destabilizations of societies not submitting to US military and corporate globalization, and the hundreds of billions of public dollars pouring into continuous armed threats and wars. Continue Reading…

A Critical Week for the World Social Forum

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Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1358, by Pierre Beaudet, Jan 20, 2017 – Translated by John Bradley.

It all began right here in Porto Alegre in 2001 when this city in the south of Brazil became a major site of popular mobilization. Influenced by the Workers’ Party (PT), unions were, along with popular movements, at the forefront of a proactive political effort that included the support of the left within the Catholic Church, inspired by liberation theology. Continue Reading…

Does the end of high food prices mark the end of the global land rush?

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Published on, by Pascal Liu, FAO, Jan 18, 2017.

The surge in commodity prices in 2007-2008 was one of the main causes of what has sometimes been described as the “global land rush” – a wave of large-scale land acquisitions in developing countries by foreign investors. Non-governmental organisations and the media were quick to denounce these deals as “land grabbing”, which were blamed for ignoring the rights and interests of the people who make their living from a land that is legitimately theirs.   Continue Reading…

what economics do with our lifes

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We Must Not Demonize and Threaten Russia

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… Nuclear War by Accident or Miscalculation? – Published on, by John Scales Avery, Jan 15, 2017.

In his famous farwell address, US President Dwight Eisenhower eloquently described the terrible effects of an overgrown military-industrial complex. Here are his words:   Continue Reading…

Building Off Grid Houses, Underground Homes, Tree Houses …

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… and Shelters, Huts, Cabins, Tiny Houses … and …:

Aussie couple builds off-grid mobile home with 2 containers, 44.43 min, uploaded by Kirsten Dirksen;
10 Off Grid Homes, 4.47 min, uploaded by The Survival Camp; Continue Reading…

Life Without Money in Detroit’s Survival Economy

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How the city’s neglected poor rely on time banking, skill-sharing, and giveaways to get – Published on Bloomberg, by Valerie Vande Panne, January 12, 2017.

When her car broke down, Halima Cassells didn’t have $400 to fix it. But she had logged hours in her Detroit neighborhood time bank by babysitting, and that time yielded a repair. When she was pregnant in 2012, she couldn’t afford baby clothes, a stroller, or a car seat. But she could throw a potluck barbecue, and her friends could afford to bring their old baby supplies. “When people come together to share, it’s not transactional,” says Cassells. “Everyone assumes an amount of responsibility with everybody. It’s a different way of knowing your needs are being met.”   Continue Reading…

Corbyn is Right on Bosses’ Pay

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Adnan Al-Daini, January 13, 2017.

A maximum of 20 times the wage of their lowest-paid worker. The Leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has proposed that bosses’ pay should be no more than 20 times the wage of the lowest-paid worker in the company. The salaries of top bosses have reached grotesque levels as a multiple of average pay. For example, the average pay of the CEOs of the FTSE100 companies in Britain has gone up from 47 times average wage in the 1990s to around 180 times today. Continue Reading…

Obama, the War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 12, 2017.

There is no doubt that US President Barak Obama is a war criminal as are his military and intelligence officials and most of the House and Senate.   Continue Reading…

2016: A Bad Year for Democracy, but “Best Ever” for Big Media

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Published on truthout, by Michael Corcoran, Jan 11, 2017.

… But while pundits on cable news outlets argue about these issues, media executives who sign their paychecks are positively elated about the 2016 election, which thanks to $2.4 billion in political ad spending and record ratings, was great for Big Media’s bottom line. “This is the best year in the history of cable news,” said CNN President Jeff Tucker in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Continue Reading…

Fixing Capitalism (yet again) vs Moving to Another System

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Global Capitalism with Richard D. Wolff, 82.02 min,
……. uploaded by Democracy At Work, Jan 11, 2017 … (about Obamacare, US States Pension Fonding, UK: Jeremy Corbin, Mobile Parks: see on Google Images-search/en.wikipedia, boycotting Trump supporters, income reversal of the 1% vs 50%, … future Trump economics/politics);   Continue Reading…

How Russia’s RT became the target of CIA, FBI and NSA’s anticlimactic ‘Big Reveal’

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Published on Global, by Bryan Macdonald, Jan 7, 2017.

The eagerly awaited Director Of National Intelligence’s (DNI) report “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections” didn’t need such a long winded title. They could have just called it We Really Don’t Like RT.   Continue Reading…

The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution

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Do read the declassified version of the text (14/25 pages – ICA_2017_01.pdf)Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”, on Office of the Director of National Intelligence ODNI, Jan 6, 2016.

Find this ODNI report also:

Those Times the NSA Hacked America’s Allies

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Published on informed comment, by Juan Cole, Jan 7, 2017.

The hysteria about Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee servers and the phishing scam run on Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, is short on evidence and high in self-righteousness. Much of the report issued Friday was old boilerplate about the Russia Today cable channel, which proves nothing. Continue Reading…

Ending Wars Requires Moral Conviction and the Courage for Revolution – Part 2

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Kim Petersen, Jan 7, 2017: the absolutely essential distinction: wars of aggression are not equivalent to wars of self-defense - (part 1).

… Oppressors naturally dislike physical resistance; they prefer pacifism as it will not cause them physical harm. The pacifist arsenal is devoid of fighting fire with fire. There are two possible outcomes at play here: it would seem that pacifists believe that they can overcome their oppression through moral suasion or that their devotion to principles demands submission — living on bended knee over fighting for their rights and freedom. Continue Reading…