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Index January 2014

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2014-01-01: NSA’s Secret Toolbox: Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need;
2014-01-02: The NSA Can Literally Watch Every Keystroke You Make;
2014-01-03: The pseudo-legal arguments for a police state;
2014-01-04: Chance of a Century: International Investors Flock to Tehran, Part 1;
2014-01-05: The Geopolitical Ecology of Empire’s Ally;
2014-01-06: Western economies: A tale of thieves and tapers;
2014-01-07: Currencies, geopolitics, real estate, finance;
2014-01-08: Has the House of Saud seen its Stalingrad?
2014-01-09: Labor Market: Does Germany Benefit from Balkan Immigrants?
2014-01-10: NSA Insiders Reveal What Went Wrong;
2014-01-11: HOME;
2014-01-11: Les Origines du Sida (about AIDS);
2014-01-12: America’s Black-Ops Blackout;
2014-01-13: South Africa will return land to dispossessed – Zuma;
2014-01-14: Two Transitions in Brazil: Dilemmas of a Neoliberal Democracy;
2014-01-15: Why the Washington Post’s New Ties to the CIA Are So Ominous;
2014-01-15: Freiheit & Überwachung;
2014-01-16: About the pyramids’ construction;
2014-01-17: U.S. Court of Appeals Allows ISP’s to Selectively Block Web Traffic;
2014-01-18: Offshore Banking, Fraud, and the Crisis;
2014-01-18: Neoliberalität: vom Landgrabbing zur Geldschöpfung;
2014-01-18: Russian Officials visit Gitmo;
2014-01-19: Obama’s Executive Order problem;
2014-01-20: Labour’s reforms will ensure new banks flourish;
2014-01-21: Aaron Russo’s Documentary;
2014-01-22: Carl Hart on drugs;
2014-01-23: BBC on WikiLeaks;
2014-01-24: Overheated Financial Planet, World Political Chaos and Shadow Banking;
2014-01-25: Jacque Fresco;
2014-01-26: Links on my Dashboard;
2014-01-27: The Real Causes of the Catastrophic Crisis in Greece and the “Left”;
2014-01-28: Indians Anthology;
2014-01-28: Gregor Gysi;
2014-01-29: The One Percent;
2014-01-30: calme music;
2014-01-30: Tanz auf dem Vulkan;
2014-01-31: Prepared to Die: The Right Wing’s Role in Ukrainian Protests.
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Prepared to Die: The Right Wing’s Role in Ukrainian Protests

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Spiegel Staff: BENJAMIN BIDDER, CHRISTIAN NEEF, VLADIMIR PYLYOV and MATTHIAS SCHEPP, January 27, 2014 (Photo Gallery).

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich appears bent on crushing the protest movement but the opposition won’t go quietly. A right-wing nationalist party is seeking to benefit from the growing violence and has begun warning of a civil war. Continue Reading…

Tanz auf dem Vulkan

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calme music

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The One Percent

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The One Percent, 76.29 min, uploaded by WarZalez, Nov 1, 2011: This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing “wealth gap” in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 27-year-old heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical fortune. Johnson, who cut his film teeth at NYU and made the Emmy®-nominated 2003 HBO documentary Born Rich, here sets his sights on exploring the political, moral and emotional rationale that enables a tiny percentage of Americans – the one percent – to control nearly half the wealth of the entire United States. The film Includes interviews with Nicole Buffett, Bill Gates Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Milton Friedman, Robert Reich, Ralph Nader and other luminaries. Website: The One Percent.

LinksContinue Reading…

Gregor Gysi

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Indians Anthology

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The Real Causes of the Catastrophic Crisis in Greece and the “Left”

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Published on Global, by Takis Fotopoulos, January 16, 2014.

… 2. Capitalist globalization can only be neoliberal:

The Euro-elites simply cannot afford to lose more of their competitiveness. In fact, the real reason for the creation of EU and later of the Eurozone had nothing to do with the ideals of freedom, democracy, human values and the rest of its ideology, as EU’s history has clearly shown. It was the growing gap in competitiveness (in terms of EU’s share of world exports) during the 1980s, which led the Euro-elites to speed up the integration procedures, which were mostly dormant up to then.  Continue Reading…

Links on my Dashboard

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Jacque Fresco

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Videos on YouTube:

Overheated Financial Planet, World Political Chaos and Shadow Banking

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… but Solutions for the Future Continue to Emerge – Published on Global, by GEAB no. 81, January 17, 2014.

… We have symbolised 2013 as “the first steps in a chaotic world after” (1).

A year which was in effect the new century’s zero year and at the end of which solutions were emerging from all sides. At the beginning of 2014 the spotlight is henceforth on the Eurozone, China, Russia and the BRICS where the tools to shape the “world afterwards” are being designed with incredible rapidity: the “world before” is handing over to “the world afterwards”.   Continue Reading…

BBC on WikiLeaks

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The Secret Life of a Superpower, uploaded by mmcetera, March 2012:

Carl Hart on drugs

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  • Drugs Aren’t the Problem, 22.55 min, uploaded on YouTube by Noam Chmsky Videos, Jan 7, 2014: Neuroscientist Carl Hart on Brain Science and Myths about Addiction – first on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman … and 96 other videos in autoplay;
  • Carl Hart on en.wikipedia … (born 1966) is an associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at Columbia University. Hart is known for his research in drug abuse and drug addiction. Hart was the first tenured African American professor of sciences at Columbia University …;

Aaron Russo’s Documentary

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America Freedom To Fascism – director’s cut, 146.41 min, uploaded by predoba, April 4, 2013.

Labour’s reforms will ensure new banks flourish

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… to challenge big five: Ed Miliband to pledge creation of at least two new banks with minimum 12% market share in bid to fix broken system – Published on The Guardian, by Patrick Wintour, Jan 16, 2014.

Labour will set in train “a reckoning with Britain’s broken banking system” to ensure at least two new banks can flourish in Britain with a minimum 12% market share by the end of the next parliament, Ed Miliband will say on Friday.

In a major speech designed to show how a break-up of the domination of the ‘big five’ banks will help Britain pay its way in the world, Miliband will argue that change is needed ” not for retribution, but for reform”.  Continue Reading…

Obama’s Executive Order problem

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Published on Metro weekly, by Justin Snow, Jan 17, 2014.

… With a portrait of George Washington looking down at him, Obama told reporters gathered in the Cabinet Room of the White House Tuesday that while Congress is busy with a number of bills at the start of 2014, “We are not just going to be waiting for a legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help that they need.”  Continue Reading…

Russian Officials visit Gitmo

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And … Egypte: un déluge de OUI au référendum sur la nouvelle Constitution, dans rfi, le 17 janvier 2014: En Egypte, les résultats officieux du référendum sur la nouvelle Constitution donnent le « oui » victorieux frisant les 98%. Un résultat qui ouvre la porte à de nombreuses critiques, tant en Egypte qu’à l’étranger. Pour plusieurs analystes, les premiers responsables de ce vote massif pour le « oui » sont les Frères musulmans eux-mêmes qui ont fait campagne pour le boycott du scrutin …;

    Neoliberalität: vom Landgrabbing zur Geldschöpfung

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    Land Grabbing in Sierra Leone: Interview Shiaka Musa Sama, 13.11 min, von wwwNACHDENKSEITENde am 31. Oktober 2013 hochgeladen: … und 76 weitere Videos in autoplay;

    von NuoViso.TV auf YouTube hochgeladen:   Continue Reading…

    Offshore Banking, Fraud, and the Crisis

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    Published on Triple Crisis, by Sara Hsu, January 16, 2014.

    The global financial crisis that began in 2008 in the United States had roots in offshore banking, some of which have been revealed: the Bear Stearns’ 2007 Cayman Island hedge fund bankruptcy, in which the company attempted to file offshore to protect U.S. assets, Goldman Sachs’ off balance sheet Cayman deals in shaky asset-backed securities (ABSs), and Citigroup’s creation of structured investment vehicles in London to hide the sales of ABSs.   Continue Reading…

    U.S. Court of Appeals Allows ISP’s to Selectively Block Web Traffic

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    Say goodbye to the Internet we’ve known – Published on Axis of Logic (first on Mercury News), by Troy Wolverton, Jan 15, 2014.

    If you like how cable television works, you’re going to love how a court decision Tuesday could change the Internet.

    Thanks to the ruling, broadband providers can now exert a lot more control over what sites you visit on the Internet and what services you can access. The decision would allow Comcast, for example, to bar its Internet subscribers from seeing videos from Netflix (NFLX) or from using Vonage’s Internet phone service.  Continue Reading…

    About the pyramids’ construction

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    and: A low cost, easy to produce solution – uploaded by J. Davidovits:

    Freiheit & Überwachung

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    Sternstunde Philosophie: Gespräch mit Juli Zeh und Ilija Trojanow, von  absinth1987 im Januar 2010 hochgelden:
    1/6, 9.57 min; 2/6, 9.57 min; 3/6, 9.29 min; 4/6, 9.47 min; 5/6, 9.57 min; 6/6, 8.39 min:   Continue Reading…

    Why the Washington Post’s New Ties to the CIA Are So Ominous

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    American journalism has entered highly dangerous terrain – Published on Global, Jan 13, 2014.

    • … For the CIA, the emerging newspaper role of Mr. Amazon is value added to any working relationship with him. The CIA’s zeal to increase its leverage over major American media outlets is longstanding.
    • After creation of the CIA in 1947, it enjoyed direct collaboration with many U.S. news organizations. But the agency faced a major challenge in October 1977, when — soon after leaving the Washington Post – famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein provided an extensive expose in Rolling Stone.  Continue Reading…

    Two Transitions in Brazil: Dilemmas of a Neoliberal Democracy

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    Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 927, by Alfredo Saad Filho, January 13, 2014.

    This article reviews the background and the implications of two transitions in Brazil: the political transition from a military regime (1964-85) to democracy (1985-present), and the economic transition from import-substituting industrialization (ISI, 1930-80) to neoliberalism (1990-present). It subsequently examines how neoliberal economic policies were implemented in a democracy, under the centre-right administrations led by Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1995-98, 1998-2002), and the centre-left administrations led by Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula, 2003-06, 2007-10) and Dilma Rousseff (2011-present). Continue Reading…

    South Africa: Will return land to dispossessed – Zuma

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    Published on BRICS POST (Source: Agencies), Jan 10, 2014;

    The South African government has vowed to restore land to its rightful owners, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.
    “Land Reform is an important part of national reconciliation and nation building,” asserted Zuma while handing over 13,184 hectares of previously white-owned land to the black N’wandlamhlarhi Community in Mpumalanga Province.   Continue Reading…