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Index October 2013

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2013-10-01: Mother Agnes Mariam: Exposing the Syrian Chemical Hoax;
2013-10-01: Internationaler Tag der Katze;
2013-10-02: Last Opportunity: ECB and Politicians at Odds Over Stress Tests, Part 1;
2013-10-02: Deutschland nach den Wahlen;
2013-10-03: US: Tiny white elite dominates US political donor landscape – study;
2013-10-04: The formal political process isn’t always the best way to effect social change;
2013-10-05: Internet freedom on decline worldwide as governments tighten grip – report;
2013-10-05: Top 10 des sujets les plus controversés sur Wikipédia;
2013-10-06: Regression and causation: a critical examination of six econometrics textbooks;
2013-10-07: Ocean Acidification Due To Carbon Emissions;
2013-10-08: America needs the NEED Act;
2013-10-09: Boehner prepares to let the US default;
2013-10-10: Artificial Intelligence;
2013-10-11: All superpowers feel exceptional;
2013-10-11: Links on my dashboard;
2013-10-12: Corporate Child Abuse: The Unseen Global Epidemic;
2013-10-13: Google: Doing Evil with ALEC;
2013-10-14: Talk to AlJazeera with Viviane Reding: Data protection is a right;
2013-10-15: China calls for new reserve currency, and new world order;
2013-10-16: a new economy is growing under the radar of the corporate media;
2013-10-17: Commentary: U.S. fiscal failure warrants a de-Americanized world;
2013-10-18: German filmmaker imprisoned for exposing dire Qatar World Cup worker conditions;
2013-10-19: Emerging Challenges: What’s In Store for the New Global Powers, Part 1;
2013-10-20: How the FBI Manipulates Grand Juries to Intimidate Political Dissidents and Radicals;
2013-10-20: This Land is Our Land?
2013-10-21: Patrick Henningsen;
2013-10-22: Economic uncertainty and the effectiveness of monetary policy;
2013-10-23: Let’s Get This Class War Started;
2013-10-24: Reports document US slaughter of civilians in drone strikes;
2013-10-25: Why Washington Can’t Stop;
2013-10-26: US: is there really a majority in favor of marijuana legalization?
2013-10-27: we move forward, in any way;
2013-10-28: Lessons from Iceland: Capitalism, Crisis, and Resistance;
2013-10-29: Albert Einstein Online;
2013-10-30: US Political Dysfunction and Capitalism’s Withdrawal;
2013-10-31: India: Taken Over by Foreign Banks?

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India: Taken Over by Foreign Banks?

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Published on Global, by Kavaljit Singh, Oct 29, 2013.

On October 12, Raghuram Rajan, the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, announced that the RBI will soon issue new rules allowing a more liberal entry of foreign banks in India. “That is going to be a big opening because one could even contemplate taking over Indian banks, small Indian banks and so on,” he stated in Washington at an event organized by the Institute of International Finance, a global banking lobby group.  Continue Reading…

US Political Dysfunction and Capitalism’s Withdrawal

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Published on e-International Relations, by Richard D. Wolff, October 27, 2013.

After 200 years of concentrating its centers in western Europe, north America, and Japan, capitalism is moving most of its centers elsewhere and especially to China, India, Brazil and so on. This movement poses immense problems of transition at both poles. The classic problems of early, rapid capitalist industrialization are obvious daily in the new centers. What we learn about early capitalism when we read Charles Dickens, Emile Zola, Maxim Gorky and Jack London, we see now again in the new centers.   Continue Reading…

Albert Einstein Online

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Lessons from Iceland: Capitalism, Crisis, and Resistance

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Published on Monthly Review, by Martin Hart-Landsberg, 2013, Volume 65, Issue 05 (October),

If we are to build support for an alternative to capitalism we need clarity on the causes and consequences of the contemporary capitalist drive for greater liberalization and privatization, as well as the benefits from and limits to state direction of capitalist economic activity. Although a small country, Iceland’s recent experience has much to teach us about capitalist dynamics and strategies of transformation.   Continue Reading…

we move forward, in any way

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US: is there really a majority in favor of marijuana legalization?

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Gallup’s just-released poll showing a majority of Americans support the drug’s legalization isn’t quite true … at least not yet – Published on The Guardian, by Harry J. Enten, Oct 23, 2013.

Ever feel like you’re experiencing deja vu? I’m sure it’s happened to those of you who have smoked cannabis – you know, grass, marijuana, or, as the cool kids might say, weed. And while I’m not personally smoking the stuff, I get the same feeling when talking about marijuana polling.

It was big news Tuesday when Gallup released a poll showing that a record high 58% of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. But the proof that a majority of Americans are in favor of cannabis legalization is, as I wrote earlier this year, simply not there yet. Take the Gallup poll, and the trend in it over the past few years.  Continue Reading…

Why Washington Can’t Stop

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The Coming Era of Tiny Wars and Micro-Conflicts – Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch), by Tom Engelhardt, Oct 23, 2013.

In terms of pure projectable power, there’s never been anything like it … //

… Despite this stunning global power equation, for more than a decade we have been given a lesson in what a military, no matter how overwhelming, can and (mostly) can’t do in the twenty-first century, in what a military, no matter how staggeringly advanced, does and (mostly) does not translate into on the current version of planet Earth.   Continue Reading…

Reports document US slaughter of civilians in drone strikes

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Published on World Socialist Web Site WSWS, by Barry Grey, Oct 23, 2013.

A series of reports released over the past several days document the killing of thousands of people, including hundreds of non-combatant civilians, in US drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and other countries. The reports, issued by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, 105 pages, on Tuesday and the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions last Friday, expose as lies the claims of President Obama and administration officials that the drone strikes are “surgical” attacks that kill few civilians.  Continue Reading…

Let’s Get This Class War Started

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Published on truthdig, by Chris Hedges, Oct 20, 2013.

“The rich are different from us,” F. Scott Fitzgerald is said to have remarked to Ernest Hemingway, to which Hemingway allegedly replied, “Yes, they have more money.”

The exchange, although it never actually took place, sums up a wisdom Fitzgerald had that eluded Hemingway. The rich are different. The cocoon of wealth and privilege permits the rich to turn those around them into compliant workers, hangers-on, servants, flatterers and sycophants. Wealth breeds, as Fitzgerald illustrated in “The Great Gatsby” and his short story “The Rich Boy,” a class of people for whom human beings are disposable commodities.   Continue Reading…

Economic uncertainty and the effectiveness of monetary policy

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Published on, by Knut Are Aastveit, Gisle James Natvik, Sergio Sola, October 19, 2013.

Many analysts blame uncertainty for at least part of advance nations’ poor economic performance since the crisis. This column discusses new research showing that the economic impact of monetary policy is dampened when uncertainty is high. This means that high uncertainty forces monetary policymakers into a trade-off between acting decisively and acting correctly as policy must be more aggressive than otherwise in order to stabilise economic activity. The finding is particularly stark when uncertainty measures from financial markets are utilised.   Continue Reading…

Patrick Henningsen

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USA: This Land is Our Land?

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Published on Civil Eats, by Bob St Peter and Raj Patel, October 18, 2013.

Imagine a country where ideologues bent on land reform turn agriculture into the plaything of the world’s richest investors, and poor local farmers are locked out of millions of acres prime agricultural land. Then stop imagining some African country run by a despot and his friends and start picturing the United States. Rural America is on the cusp of one of the greatest transfers of land in its history and no one’s talking about it.   Continue Reading…

How the FBI Manipulates Grand Juries to Intimidate Political Dissidents and Radicals

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Published on Dissident Voice (first on AlterNet), by Anna Simonton, October 18, 2013.

From the narrow windows of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, 24-year-old anarchist Jerry Koch can see the last place he stood as a free person.  Continue Reading…

Emerging Challenges: What’s In Store for the New Global Powers, Part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, an essay by Erich Follath, October 16, 2013.

China, India and Brazil are taking the global economy by storm, becoming more politically confident on their way. But even as they form a front against the West, they will have to tackle slower growth and major domestic problems that their newly prosperous citizens are no longer willing to tolerate … //

… Getting in on Western Commerce:   Continue Reading…

German filmmaker imprisoned for exposing dire Qatar World Cup worker conditions

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Published on Russia Today, Oct 16, 2013.

Toiling in terrible conditions, no salaries for months, passports confiscated by employers – that’s the horrendous reality for migrant workers helping with preparations for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, as revealed by German filmmaker, Peter Giesel.

He and his cameraman were detained and imprisoned after they tried to investigate the story. The two went to Qatar following the publication of a report in the Guardian, claiming that workers are enduring appalling labor abuses.   Continue Reading…

Commentary: U.S. fiscal failure warrants a de-Americanized world

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Published on Xinhuanet News, by Liu Chang, Oct 13, 2013.

As U.S. politicians of both political parties are still shuffling back and forth between the White House and the Capitol Hill without striking a viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world.   Continue Reading…

a new economy is growing under the radar of the corporate media

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as Washington stalls … join it and celebrate it – Published on ZNet (first on AlterNet), by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, October 14, 2013.

… In fact, change takes time and is not linear; it is not an ever-rising crescendo but in fact comes in stages. Lakey describes this as a “Living Revolution” and sees five stages: Continue Reading…

China calls for new reserve currency, and new world order

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Published on Global (first on Zero Hedge), by Tyler Durden, Oct 14, 2013.

We assume it is a coincidence that on the day in which we demonstrate China’s relentless appetite for gold, driven by what we and many others believe is the country’s desire to have a call option on a gold-backed reserve currency when the time comes, just posted in China’s official press agency, Xinhua, is an op-ed by writer Liu Chang in which he decries the “US fiscal failure which warrants a de-Americanized world” Continue Reading…

Talk to AlJazeera with Viviane Reding: Data protection is a right

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Watch the video, 25.00 min, published on AlJazeera, Oct 12, 2013.

(Europeans are very keen on data protection, maybe because of their history. The trust in what is done with your personal data is not very high, and that might be the reason why data protection as a must, as an obligation, is inscribed in our fundamental laws, in our treaties, in our charter of fundamental rights. So for Europeans it is a basic value and a fundamental right).

Millions of emails and phone calls have been registered, in secret, by US intelligence agencies. It seems the US government is now keeping an eye on all of us – regardless of our citizenship.  Continue Reading…

Google: Doing Evil with ALEC

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Google Inc. is now aligned with the notorious ALEC – Published on ZNet, by Norman Solomon, October 10, 2013.

… In the process, Google has signed onto an organization that promotes such regressive measures as tax cuts for tobacco companies, school privatization to help for-profit education firms, repeal of state taxes for the wealthy and opposition to renewable energy disliked by oil companies.   Continue Reading…

Corporate Child Abuse: The Unseen Global Epidemic

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Published on Global, by Prof. John McMurtry, October 04, 2013.

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul”, Nelson Mandela says, “than the way in which it treats its children”. Who would disagree? Yet today children may be assaulted, diseased, or killed by pervasive corporate drugs, junk-foods and beverages, perverted by mindless violence in multiple modes, deployed as dead-end labour with no benefits, and then dumped into a corporate future of debt enslavement and meaningless work. How could this increasing systematic abuse be publicly licensed at every level? What kind of society could turn a blind eye to its dominant institutions laying waste the lives of the young and humanity’s future itself?

The abuse is built into the system. All rights of child care-givers themselves – from parent workers to social life support systems – are written out of corporate ‘trade’ treaties which override legislatures to guarantee “investor profits” as their sole ruling goal.  Children are at the bottom, and most dispossessed by the life-blind global system. Continue Reading…

Links on my dashboard

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All superpowers feel exceptional

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… and inflate security myth for frightened population – Interview with Noam Chomsky, 19.05 min, published on Russia Today RT, Oct 10, 2013.

The United States is not the first superpower to act as if it’s exceptional and will likely not be the last, although US leaders could be squandering a fruitful opportunity for improved international relations, Noam Chomsky said in an interview with RT … //

… (transcript excerpt): ‘Exceptional in its right to use force and violence‘    Continue Reading…

Artificial Intelligence

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Video-Links in French / Liens pour videos en français:

Connexion Age, un website interessant: Continue Reading…