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Index July 2015

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2015-07-01: Syriza, the Troika and the ironies;
2015-07-02: Interview: Greek Bailout Saved Bankers, But Punished the People;
2015-07-03: announcing Greece’s referendum on July 5;
2015-07-04: Germany from above – Deutschland von oben;
2015-07-05: A Revolutionary Pope Calls for Rethinking the Outdated Criteria That Rule the World;
2015-07-06: Famous Google Images – Hunderwasser;
2015-07-07: Neither Greater Asia nor Greater Europe: America’s Chaos versus a Silk World Order;
2015-07-08: Greeks Vote NO – a rebuke to EU-imposed austerity;
2015-07-09: America’s Greece, fixing Puerto Rico could provide answers for Europe;
2015-07-10: real post card visions of Europe;
2015-07-11: Is Neoliberalism Finally Running Out of Tricks?
2015-07-12: Nigel Farage is gutted …;
2015-07-13: Vangelis and Irene Papas;
2015-07-14: Challenging Ideologies and Institutions;
2015-07-15: Progressives, Neoliberalism, and Austerity – beyond the Polanyian Impasse;
2015-07-16: USA – Jade Helm 15;
2015-07-17: Understanding the Defeat, Means Preparing a Victory – the Greek Dilemma and Us;
2015-07-18: the bankruptcy of the planet accelerates;
2015-07-19: Greece’s Lesson For Russia;
2015-07-20: the end of capitalism has begun …;
2015-07-21: Rasmin Banedj-Schafii;
2015-07-21: We’re part of this city;
2015-07-22: sharing the One Percent’s fantasmes – not seeing the corruption in it;
2015-07-23: Casualties in the War – New Research Confirms Vaccines Do Have a Dark Side;
2015-07-24: no grounds to keep Russia sanctions in place – French MPs visiting Crimea;
2015-07-24: Medikamenten Nothilfe Griechenland – Spendenaufruf;
2015-07-25: Education – Time for a New Purpose;
2015-07-26: Diary: The Great Unbinding;
2015-07-27: some divings in HD;
2015-07-27: Das Schuldenproblem Griechenland 2015;
2015-07-28: Greece and the European Union;
2015-07-29: Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons – Marc Abela;
2015-07-30: Even if we scrap the Human Rights Act, we’ll still be beholden to EU laws – David Cameron;
2015-07-31: YouTube’s Mix for Joan Baez;
2015-07-31: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, JULY 1-31, 2015.
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Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, JULY 1-31, 2015

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related articles published during July 2015 (continuously updated …)   Continue Reading…

YouTube’s Mix for Joan Baez

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many videos, all ages, endless – in autoplay.

Even if we scrap the Human Rights Act, we’ll still be beholden to EU laws – David Cameron

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Published on The, by Matthew Scott, July 28, 2015: His plan for a British Bill of Rights will do nothing to reclaim our sovereignty – while his EU renegotiation ignores the real problem.

One thing that unites the vast majority of Conservative MPs is surely the belief that Parliament should be sovereign and the British Supreme Court should be supreme.   Continue Reading…

Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons – Marc Abela

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  • Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons – Marc Abela, 20.14 min, uploaded by misesmedia, Aug 15, 2014 … Jeff Deist and Marc Abela discuss the Bank of Japan’s failed twenty-five year program of monetary stimulus, the resulting creation of insolvent zombie banks, and the impossibility of Abenomics …;
  • The Social Economic Enslavement Of Japan, 11.51 min, uploaded by WeAreChange, July 20, 2015 … in this video Luke Rudkowski interviews economist Marc Abela in Tokyo Japan. Marc has lived in Tokyo for over 25 years and gives an amazing interview about the hidden true social economic in Japan. We go from cultural norms to the TPP and U.S military involvement in the region …;   Continue Reading…

Greece and the European Union

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Published on Dissident Voice, by James Petras, July 26th, 2015.

The Greek people’s efforts to end the economic depression, recover their sovereignty and reverse the regressive socio-economic policies, which have drastically reduced living standards, have been thrice denied … //

… Colonialism by Invitation:   Continue Reading…

Das Schuldenproblem Griechenland 2015

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Griechenland – Volker Pispers Kabarett komplett, neu in HD, 159.30 min, von Entertainment Babe am 7. Juli 2015 hochgeladen … zu den Themen Kapitalismus, Merkel, Schuldenabbau und mehr, passend zur aktuellen Griechenland Debatte.

some divings in HD

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Diary: The Great Unbinding

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Published on OpEdNews, by Derryl Hermanutz, July 2015:

Part 1, July 12, 2015: Private commercial banks exercise a near absolute monopoly on the primary issuance and allocation of money. Virtually all money is created out of nothing by banks and loaned into existence as government and private debt. Debt binds the nations in compliant submission while money buys the world at destitution prices. It doesn’t have to be this way. Monetary reform — breaking the bank debt-money monopoly — is the first step toward the solution … // Continue Reading…

Education: Time for a New Purpose

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Graham Peebles, July 23, 2015.

Given the catalogue of calamities raging round the world, one could be forgiven for concluding that we are a civilisation in terminal decline. The socio-economic system, which promotes negative divisive ideals, dominates all areas of life and is the cause of much of our difficulties. It is an outworn, unjust way of organising society; does not serve the majority of people – the 99.9%; and is causing far-reaching damage to the planet that, unless radical action is taken, may well prove irreparable … // Continue Reading…

Medikamenten Nothilfe Griechenland – Spendenaufruf

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Prof. Dr. Athanassios Giannis gab dem deutschen Journalismus-Portal KenFM ein Telefoninterview und verdeutlichte die aktuelle Situation in seinem Heimatland:

Stell Dir vor, Du bist ein griechisches Kind in Athen, wurdest von einem Auto angefahren und benötigst dringend medizinische Hilfe. Deine Mutter ist wie drei Millionen andere Griechen nicht mehr im Besitz einer Krankenversicherung. Sie kann sich die Policen nicht mehr leisten. Jetzt einen Krankenwagen zu rufen ist zudem ein Glücksspiel, denn ein Großteil der Infrastruktur wurde aus Kostengründen stillgelegt. Aber auch wenn es die Mutter mit ihrem Kind in ein Klinikum schaffen würde, selbst das wie am Spieß schreiende Kind müsste Wartezeiten von bis zu zwölf Stunden in Kauf nehmen, würde dann aber nur behandelt, wenn die Mutter das Geld für die Not-Operation vorab bar bezahlt. Continue Reading…

no grounds to keep Russia sanctions in place – French MPs visiting Crimea

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Published on Russia Today RT, July 23, 2015 (incl. two videos).

… “As the US is lifting Cuba blockades, I see no reasons for Europe to keep Russia sanctions in place,” Mariani told reporters after speaking at the Crimean Parliament in Simferopol on Thursday. He added that he felt the effect of sanctions as the delegation’s mobile phones stopped operating because European companies refuse to provide service in the area.   Continue Reading…

Casualties in the War: New Research Confirms Vaccines Do Have a Dark Side

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Published on Global (first on GreeenMedInfo), by Celeste McGovern, July 22, 2015.

… Vaccine Lottery:

  • But the thing about the Great Vaccine Blitz is most people have no idea what is on the line. Not public health. Not the doctors. Not even Shoenfeld and his band of specialists can tell you that your kid is going to be 100% fine when you pump him full of 49 vaccines or if there will be any long-term effects. Vaccines were invented when they didn’t know an immune system even existed and researchers have barely begun to unravel the mysteries of that microscopic universe. They don’t know which kids are going to react or why. They don’t even know the odds. The Greater Good is all well and fine so long as it’s not your kid that gets the Lesser Evil. Continue Reading…

sharing the One Percent’s fantasmes – not seeing the corruption in it

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AGAIN this article: The Class Logic Behind Austerity Policies In the Euro-Area, Can SYRIZA Put Forward a Progressive Alternative? – Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1124, by John Milios, June 1, 2015:
we go directly to
… 2. The Greek Case: Can SYRIZA Challenge Neoliberalism?
2.1 The financial gap of the Greek public sector: … // Continue Reading…

We’re part of this city

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… cast of ‘The Wire’ used real Baltimoreans to shed light on unrest – Published on Russia Today RT, July 21, 2015.

Cast members from the acclaimed Baltimore-based series ‘The Wire’ have reunited this past weekend to tell the stories of real people in the city in the wake of unrest caused by the death of Freddie Gray. Continue Reading…

Rasmin Banedj-Schafii

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Ende der Manipulation – Geheimnisse der Menschheit aufgedeckt, 60.09 min, von Querdenken TV am 30. Mai 2015 hochgeladen: Rasmin Banedj-Schafii im Gespräch mit Michael Friedrich Vogt. Seit Anbeginn der Menschheit tobt ein Kampf um den Umgang mit den Erdenbewohnern. Nach dem das atlantische Reich unterging und die Hochtechnologie in Form der Hochkulturen neue Blüten hervorgebracht hatten ging das Spiel der Dualität in die nächste Runde. Continue Reading…

the end of capitalism has begun …

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… instead over the past 25 years it has been the left’s project that has collapsed – Published on The Guardian, by Paul Mason, July 17, 2015.
(my comment: maybe capitalism ends, but it was only the tool to submit us … ending a tool is NOT ending automatically any submission, it may become even worse – Heidi).

… If you lived through all this, and disliked capitalism, it was traumatic. But in the process technology has created a new route out, which the remnants of the old left – and all other forces influenced by it – have either to embrace or die. Capitalism, it turns out, will not be abolished by forced-march techniques. It will be abolished by creating something more dynamic that exists, at first, almost unseen within the old system, but which will break through, reshaping the economy around new values and behaviours. I call this postcapitalism.   Continue Reading…

Greece’s Lesson For Russia

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Craig Roberts, July 17, 2015.

Greece’s lesson for Russia, and for China and Iran, is to avoid all financial relationships with the West. The West simply cannot be trusted. Washington is committed to economic and political hegemony over every other country and uses the Western financial system for asset freezes, confiscations, and sanctions. Countries that have independent foreign policies and also have assets in the West cannot expect Washington to respect their property rights or their ownership. Washington freezes or steals countries’ assets, or in the case of France imposes multi-billion dollar fines, in order to force compliance with Washington’s policies. Iran, for example, lost the use of $100 billion, approximately one-fourth of the Iranian GDP, for years simply because Iran insisted on its rights under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.   Continue Reading…

the bankruptcy of the planet accelerates

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… 24 nations are currently facing a debt crisis – Published on Activist Post (first on Economic Collapse, May 17), by Michael Snyder, July 16, 2015.

There has been so much attention on Greece in recent weeks, but the truth is that Greece represents only a very tiny fraction of an unprecedented global debt bomb which threatens to explode at any moment.

As you are about to see, there are 24 nations that are currently facing a full-blown debt crisis, and there are 14 more that are rapidly heading toward one.   Continue Reading…

zur möglichen ökonomischen Zukunft Europas

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(zuerst mein Kommentar: alle Sprecher machen den gleichen Fehler, sie diskutieren innerhalb von rechtlich abgesicherten Abläufen. Aber spätestens seit diesem Interview, Yanis Varoufakis full transcript: our battle to save Greece, on New Statesman, by Harry Lambert, July 13, 2015, kann jeder wissen, dass sich die Gesprächpartner der Griechen überhaupt nicht um bestehende rechtliche Absicherung kümmern – während alle linken und sonstigen ‘Gutmenschen’ sich noch innerhalb von ‘Recht’ definieren und damit Handlungsspielraum abgeben – Heidi).

KenFM am Telefon mit Peter König, 51.38 min, von wwwKenFMde am 8. Juli 2015 hochgeladen … Peter König hat über zwanzig Jahre für die Weltbank gearbeitet und vor allem Wasserprojekte im Raum Afrika organisiert. Heute gehört der Schweizer zu den härtesten Kritikern der Weltbank, die Staaten weniger aufbaut, denn sie in den finanziellen Ruin treibt. Webseite: Delphi Initiative … mit weiteren Videos in autoplay.

Understanding the Defeat, Means Preparing a Victory – the Greek Dilemma and Us

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Understanding the Defeat, Means Preparing a Victory – The Greek Dilemma and Us – Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1144, by Blockupy Goes Athens, July 16, 2015 (first appeared in German in the blog Blockup goes Athens/12. July 2015 - die Niederlage verstehen heisst den Sieg vorbereiten, das griechische Dilemma und wir … neun provisorische Überlegungen).

Nine provisional considerations after both the popular Oxi and Syriza’s Yes to the Memorandum. This is being written after the vote in the Greek parliament and before the final decision of the Eurogroup (12 July). At the moment, everything is open, and we are certain of only a couple of things. Almost everything can change, but some things will remain true.

1. From Blackmail to Coup:   Continue Reading…

USA – Jade Helm 15

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Progressives, Neoliberalism, and Austerity – beyond the Polanyian Impasse

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Published on The Bullet, Socialist Project’s E-Bulletin No. 1141, by Martijn Konings, July 14, 2015.

It is now sometimes hard to remember – and for the generation that is now in college and wasn’t necessarily reading the opinion pages at the time, it may seem nothing short of perverse – but there was a period following the onset of the crisis when progressive commentary on economic and financial life was pervaded by intense optimism about the future. As overleveraged financial structures crumbled, progressive intelligentsia rang the death knell for the neoliberal principles that were so obviously responsible for the problems.   Continue Reading…

Challenging Ideologies and Institutions

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… reflections on Nationalism – Published on theleSUR english, by Vincent Emanuele, July 11, 2015.

… Today, the scourge of nationalism continues to infect the human species. Without doubt, in some circles, people hotly debate the topic. For most people, however, the concept of nationalism is rarely questioned. In fact, it’s a foregone conclusion that people should love the nation in which they reside. Some people even take great pride in the fact that they were arbitrarily born in a specific geographical location. Unfortunately, like religion or capitalism, nationalism is alive and well in the 21st century.   Continue Reading…

Vangelis and Irene Papas

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Menousis, 6.36 min, subtítulos español – uploaded by Charly Gehena, June 10, 2011 … and many other videos in autoplay.

Find on en.wikipedia;

  • Irene Papas … born 3 September 1926, is a retired Greek actress and occasional singer, who has starred in over seventy films in a career spanning more than fifty years …;
  • Vangelis … born 29 March 1943), professionally known as Vangelis … is a Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music. He is best known for his Academy Award–winning score for the film Chariots of Fire, composing scores for the films Antarctica, Blade Runner, Missing, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, and Alexander, and the use of his music in the PBS documentary Cosmos: A Personal Voyage by Carl Sagan …;