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scoll down for english translation by Google Continue Reading…

Turkey refuses to join US-led offensive on ISIS-held Raqqa if Kurds involved

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… [VIDEO 2.37 min] – Published on RT, March 23, 2017.

A rift has opened up between NATO allies US and Turkey over the part Syrian Kurdish forces should play in the liberation of Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists as Ankara has openly rejected taking part in any operation that would involve the Kurds … // Continue Reading…

The Power of Le Pen

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Published on TIME, by Vivienne Walt, March 16, 2017.

… As the French get ready to pick their next President in two rounds of voting in April and May, millions of voters exasperated by the failures of those two parties seem willing to back an insurgent to run the country. The candidacy of far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen has been nourished by a groundswell of support in hard-hit towns across France. Now, with just weeks to go before voting begins, Le Pen is a favorite to clinch the first round against a raft of seasoned insiders, and could yet seize the presidency itself in the final round on May 7 … // Continue Reading…

Homeless Villages

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FOOD: it’s time to put food policy back on the table

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… one that benefits farmers, and not Monsanto – Published on Alternet, by Jim Hightower, Feb 14, 2017.

During the farm crisis of the 1980s, an Iowa farmer asked if I knew the difference between a family farmer and a pigeon. When I said no, he delighted in explaining: “A pigeon can still make a deposit on a new John Deere.”   Continue Reading…

Western Interests Aim To Flummox Russia

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Published on Paul Craig Roberts, by blog owner and Michael Hudson, Feb 14, 2017.

An article by Robert Berke in, which describes itself as “The No. 1 Source for Oil & Energy News,” illustrates how interest groups control outcomes by how they shape policy choices. Continue Reading…

This endless Trump bashing

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Only one fact: report that Trump hung up on Australian PM is Fake News – Published on Paul Craig, by blog owner, Feb 3, 2017.
Everywhere it is taken for granted that President Trump was rude on the telephone to Australia’s prime minister and hung up on him. The low grade morons at CNN repeat this endlessly as a fact, and even David Stockman, several levels higher than CNN in intelligence, assumes that this fake news report is true. But the Prime Minister of Australia says NOT CORRECT, the call ended courteously … (full text).   Continue Reading…

The Left Is Self-Destructing

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 30, 2017.

The mindlessness is unbearable. Amnesty International tells us that we must “fight the Muslim ban” because Trump’s bigotry is wrecking lives. Anthony Dimaggio at CounterPunch says Trump should be impeached because his Islamophobia is a threat to the Constitution. This is not to single out these two as the mindlessness is everywhere among those whose worldview is defined by Identity Politics. Continue Reading…

Women’s March on Washington

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… many articles – published out of Google News-search;

(my comment: yes, what Trump said was ugly for women, but my father also spoke with much contempt about us as second class, and so did the whole generation of males when I was young. This made him not a bad guy, it only made me feminist.
This said, all these women now in America’s street have nothing to f… that Trump will stop war with Russia, a war we the European women would have had to suffer if this ugly Clinton were in power? For sure I prefer some bad jokes.
You American women are blind about that? Would you prefer Washington’s Gangster-Elite in power and put Europe into war with Russia? Really?
Yes, I fear that you could succeed, Trump could be assassinated and war with Russia would become reality again.
If you insist this will happen, you certainly not get world’s most urgent threats, and for me you would have no more anything to say
– Heidi). Continue Reading…

We Must Not Demonize and Threaten Russia

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… Nuclear War by Accident or Miscalculation? – Published on, by John Scales Avery, Jan 15, 2017.

In his famous farwell address, US President Dwight Eisenhower eloquently described the terrible effects of an overgrown military-industrial complex. Here are his words:   Continue Reading…

Life Without Money in Detroit’s Survival Economy

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How the city’s neglected poor rely on time banking, skill-sharing, and giveaways to get – Published on Bloomberg, by Valerie Vande Panne, January 12, 2017.

When her car broke down, Halima Cassells didn’t have $400 to fix it. But she had logged hours in her Detroit neighborhood time bank by babysitting, and that time yielded a repair. When she was pregnant in 2012, she couldn’t afford baby clothes, a stroller, or a car seat. But she could throw a potluck barbecue, and her friends could afford to bring their old baby supplies. “When people come together to share, it’s not transactional,” says Cassells. “Everyone assumes an amount of responsibility with everybody. It’s a different way of knowing your needs are being met.”   Continue Reading…

Obama, the War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 12, 2017.

There is no doubt that US President Barak Obama is a war criminal as are his military and intelligence officials and most of the House and Senate.   Continue Reading…

Split widens between Trump, CIA over Russian hacking allegations

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Published on World Socialist Web Site, by Andre Damon, Jan 5, 2017.

Divisions within the US state over allegations of Russian hacking of Democratic Party emails grew more embittered and public Wednesday following statements by Donald Trump that further distanced the president-elect from the CIA and other US intelligence agencies.   Continue Reading…

… wir sind noch lange nicht frei und selbstbestimmt …

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… da müssen wir noch viel früher aufstehen … Continue Reading…

Reflections from the Center of the Universe

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Published on, by Mrill Ingram, Dec 12, 2016.

In the middle of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, more than fifty miles of backcountry roads from the closest town of Moab, I stumble across a dance floor. It lies only a few hundred yards from the Green River, and although large parts of the cement floor are covered by reddish alluvial dirt, it looks to be some 500 square feet. That’s a big dance for the middle of nowhere … // Continue Reading…

about survival of this humanity … for real

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Secret US Bunkers Being Destroyed for Humanity, 4.32 min, uploaded by Mind Body Spirit, Nov 27, 2016 … maybe related with this: #8 Secret Underground Complex, on Elohim Leaks.
(my comment: I would be really happy if we could get a proof that this is the complex mentionned in Elohim Leaks (there it is speculated about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault financed by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller family, Monsanto and others). Hopefully it is not like in this Star Trek Voyager’s episode where the ship was inside a big stomach wanting digest it … they had all signals to be out but this was a dream … they were still in … so, please bring us all the real proof there is no more escape for our biggest gangsters – Heidi).   Continue Reading…

Cyber-warfare: Five Major Russian Banks Repel Massive DDoS Attack

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Published on Global, by RT News, Nov 10, 2016.

At least five Russian major banks came under a continuous hacker attack, although online client services were not disrupted. The attack came from a wide-scale botnet involving at least 24,000 computers, located in 30 countries.   Continue Reading…

A new world is born with Trump’s foreign policy and the UK is left behind

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Published on The, by Kim Sengupta, Nov 9, 2016.

On some areas of geopolitics the UK is now out of step with the new White House, particularly when it comes to Russia’s role in Syria.

It has been a paradox of the US election that Donald Trump, the right-wing populist, was seen as a dove on foreign and defence policy while Hillary Clinton, the liberal sophisticate, was regarded as a hawk … (no, it’s not a paradox, this chaos is wanted, so people may be better misleaded … and the UK goes it’s own way with Brexit, but mainstream media and the establishment are unable to recognize it … because it’s the people who decide (called populism) and not the elites – Heidi). Continue Reading…

Trump’s victory speech

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I will not let you down, 19.43 min, uploaded by RT, Nov 9, 2016.

(My comment: now I want Trump make peace with Russia. The gurus of the US-establishment were beginning to push us Europeans into a war with Russia, possibly ending in an atomic war, having nothing to f… about our lifes here (like in Ukraine). Clinton and all our mainstream media here were totally devoted to their lies. I hope this tendency begins to be reversed. For the rest, once this humanity will survive for the moment, let’s make the best with the reality – Heidi).

Hürden für Sozialisten an der Macht

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… ein paar Ueberlegungen: Continue Reading…

Ritueller Missbrauch

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UPDATE 27.4.2020:
Inzwischen lernten wir, via Alternativ-Kanäle, dass nicht nur ritueller Sex-Missbrauch gelaufen ist, sondern ein Zu-Tode-Folfern von Kleinkindern, weil in dieser Situation sein Körper eine Substanz in die Blutbahnen ausschüttet, was einem Verjüngungs- resp. Heilversuch des Körpers entspricht.
Die höchste Stufe einer sogenannten Geheimen Weltregierung würde sich durch das sofortige Verzehren dieser gequählten Körper regelmässig massive Verjüngungskuren gestatten.

(Mein Kommentar zu meinem real erlebten Ereignis Mitte der 60er-Jahre:   Continue Reading…

The Anarchist Aspects of Nietzsche’s Philosophy – Presentation

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Published on Loughborough Research Group/Seminar Papers, by Chris Iliopoulos, Dec 6, 2010.

The core of my hypothesis is that Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy promotes basic anarchist notions. Hence, what I am intending to show is the existence of a bond between the anarchist tradition and the German philosopher. My main idea is to review Nietzsche’s work from an anarchist angle. Continue Reading…

Lessons For A World In Dire Need Of Sustainable Social Change And Economic Development

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… Revisiting The New Deal – Published on Rozenberg Quarterly, by C.J. Polychroniou, 2016.

Few policies and programs designed to promote economic recovery and social reform have attracted as much attention as those associated with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal during the 1930s when the U.S. economy had plunged into its worst economic crisis in its history … // Continue Reading…

Passions About Migrants

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Published on Immanuel Wallerstein, by blog owner, Sept 15, 2016.

… The basic argument in European public debate has been one between the advocates of compassion and morality who wish to welcome additional migrants and the advocates of self-protection and cultural preservation who wish to close the door against the entry of any more. Europe is in the spotlight for the moment, but parallel debates have long been going on across the world – from the United States and Canada to South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, and Japan.   Continue Reading…

10 biggest corporations make more money than most of world combined

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Published on RT, Sept 13, 2016.

The EU has ceased to satisfy its citizens’ needs and aspirations, George Soros said calling on people to band together to save it. The billionaire warned the disintegration of the bloc will be almost impossible to avoid. Continue Reading…