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2012-01-01: Where are the world’s labourers migrating for jobs? Think China?
2012-01-02: Occupy USA Democracy is Coming Lyrics by Leonard Cohen;
2012-01-03: … Things we forgot to write about last year …;
2012-01-04: Between a rock and a hard place;
2012-01-05: Inverted Under the Ice;
2012-01-06: Why is the (UK) government trying to destroy a nascent solar industry?
2012-01-07: How can the UN get its act together on food and agriculture?
2012-01-08: SAKENA YACOOBI – Woman of Afghanistan 2011;
2012-01-09: Imperialism and the Anti-Imperialism of the Fools;
2012-01-10: Grundeinkommen – DER FILM;
2012-01-11: China and India: Rival Middle East strategies;
2012-01-12: Wreck divings: Thistlegorm;
2012-01-12: World Puja Network Show – Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer;
2012-01-13: India: Land of Energy Opportunity;
2012-01-14: US tribunal urges trial of WikiLeaks suspect;
2012-01-15: 1942 – Geopolitical considerations have priority over ideology and the presently ruling system;
2012-01-16: Money As Debt;
2012-01-16: Ueli Gurtner – Revolutionär wider Willen;
2012-01-17: Occupy Together: #F29 Shut Down the Corporations;
2012-01-17: Nestlé vor Gericht wegen Überwachung von Attac;
2012-01-18: Syrian legislators join anti-Assad uprising;
2012-01-19: NEWS AND REPORTING: A Financial Nest-Egg for Every American Baby?
2012-01-20: Sergey Rachmaninoff on YouTube;
2012-01-21: The Afghan Dust is Settling;
2012-01-22: Bangladeshi man bears scars of torture;
2012-01-23: The Quiet Revolution;
2012-01-24: Collapse of the Celtic Tiger;
2012-01-25: The World War on Democracy;
2012-01-26: Julian Assange starts Wikileaks TV show;
2012-01-27: Ahmadinejad offers nuclear talks;
2012-01-28: More Wreck divings;
2012-01-29: Wall Street, Small Business, and the Limits of Corporate Personhood;
2012-01-30: MILITARY JUSTICE: The Bradley Manning Article 32 Hearing;
2012-01-30: Lettre d’information proPhilo Janvier 2012;
2012-01-31: Neo-liberalism and the ongoing economic assault on ordinary Canadians;
2012-01-31: DEUTER in YouTube’s autoplay;
2012-02-01: A Bluffing Game, Part 1: European Politicians in Denial as Greece Unravels;
2012-02-01: Récital pour soutenir proPhilo;
2012-02-02: WikiLeaks founder fights extradition;
2012-02-02: le Dr Mourad Dhina polarise le monde – réaction humanitaire;
2012-02-03: Diminishment of Sovereignty and More Fed Manipulations;
2012-02-03: Divings in Raja Ampat /Indonesia on YouTube;
2012-02-04: The World According To Noam Chomsky;
2012-02-05: China: Slipping through the cracks;
2012-02-06: SPACE on YouTube;
2012-02-07: CAPITALISM and BRAIN – 2 videos;
2012-02-08: Are you eating antibiotics without knowing it? Probably;
2012-02-09: Independent Report Contradicts Western Portrait of Syria;
2012-02-10: Occupy DC Forcefully Evicted, Protesters Injured, Arrested, Under Pressure from Congress’s Richest Member;
2012-02-11: Putin’s Unruly Children: A New Generation Aims to Revitalize Russia;
2012-02-11: L’excision, une affaire de femmes?
2012-02-12: Anugama on YouTube in autoplay;
2012-02-12: Un cri contre les mutilations génitales féminines – Exposition des artistes africains;
2012-02-13: Egypt: twin crises in parliament;
2012-02-14: NSArchive’s Kate Doyle and Fredy Peccerelli win Prestigious ALBA/Puffin Award;
2012-02-15: On the Fetishization of Expression;
2012-02-16: Frölein Da Capo’s songs;
2012-02-16: Greece in Flames: the Prelude of the European Revolution;
2012-02-17: Prohibition Debate: The Far-Right Threat to Germany’s Democracy;
2012-02-18: Eugen Drewermann auf YouTube;
2012-02-18: black wealth white wealth;
2012-02-19: Egypt one year on;
2012-02-20: Occupy Toronto and Steelworker flash mob;
2012-02-20: FREE ROBERT GREEN;
2012-02-21: Middle class among predators – looting the self-employed;
2012-02-22: Occupy sanity;
2012-02-23: Megaupload founder released on bail;
2012-02-23: 200.000 Selbstmorde in Indien: Die verheerenden Folgen durch Monsanto;
2012-02-24: Campaign Against FGM – on en.wikipedia;
2012-02-25: What Iranian Elites Think;
2012-02-26: Cash of the Titans: Against the noxious fantasy of limitless growth;
2012-02-27: How to change the world?
2012-02-28: The birth control bishops;
2012-02-29: again Psychotropic Drugs;
2012-03-01: A Letter To Other Occupiers;
2012-03-02: Internet pirates! Unite! You’ve nothing to lose;
2012-03-03: Diabetes: An Entirely Preventable & Reversible Condition;
2012-03-04: Five demands the left can unite around?
2012-03-05: snooped on YouTube;
2012-03-06: Veterans for Peace Suppors Occupy Oakland;
2012-03-07: Poverty in England;
2012-03-07: Sami Aldeeb et le coran;
2012-03-08: Ireland and it’s Celtic music on YouTube;
2012-03-09: We are a threatened country;
2012-03-10: On Taxing the Rich, a Top Pol Breaks Ranks;
2012-03-11: German Village Becomes Model for Renewable Energy;
2012-03-12: David Arkenstone on YouTube;
2012-03-13: French Presidential Candidate Hollande – Part 1: They’ll Have to Listen to Me;
2012-03-14: And now what? Greece after its official creditor-led default;
2012-03-15: Lorax 2-minute finale: 99% sing Let it grow, 1% Let it die;
2012-03-16: OCCUPY: Infiltration of Political Movements is the Norm, Not the Exception in the United States – Part II;
2012-03-17: The cooperative principle as the basis of Swiss political culture – past and present;
2012-03-17: inside job;
2012-03-17: Ce rabbin qui dit la vérité – a vidéo que les medias censurent;
2012-03-18: Canada: Drummond report recommendations will be devastating to low income Ontarians;
2012-03-19: Does Labor Have Any Real Friends?
2012-03-20: Asia is world’s top weapons importer;
2012-03-21: SHIP WRECKS on YouTube;
2012-03-22: Monti and the Millionaires: with spring, a new political tenor arrives in Italy;
2012-03-23: One Author Tackles Trayvon Martin and the Deadly Legacy of Vigilantism;
2012-03-24: Occupy: Activist Toolkit weekly roundup;
2012-03-25: MORE CORAL REEFS;
2012-03-26: The Pursuit of Justice in Guatemala;
2012-03-27: Paititi;
2012-03-28: This poll lead is soft – here’s how Labour can harden it;
2012-03-29: Occupy May Day: Not Your Usual General Strike;
2012-03-30: Western policy is ineffective and short-sighted;
2012-04-01: What’s Next for Occupy?
2012-04-02: Egypt: Not yet divorce;
2012-04-03: International Organization for a Participatory Society IOPS;
2012-04-03: Corporations for the 99%;
2012-04-04: History: Persepolis recreated;
2012-04-04: … encore pas fini, Toulouse …;
2012-04-05: Who owns your child’s school? The rise and rise of edu-business;
2012-04-06: Out in the cold?
2012-04-07: Occupy San Francisco Creates Social Center in Vacant Church Building;
2012-04-08: Where are all the women?
2012-04-09: The Fight Against Copyright Enforcement & The Fight For Civil Liberties Are The Same;
2012-04-10: Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer;
2012-04-10: Sir Ken Robinson about learning;
2012-04-11: Flirting with Islamic finance;
2012-04-12: The Black Box: Inside America’s Massive New Surveillance Center;
2012-04-12: Cabaret auf schweizerdeutsch;
2012-04-13: Energy from cash: The power of money;
2012-04-14: Democracy is no panacea for all ills;
2012-04-15: James Cameron: Expedition Bismark;
2012-04-15: As (US)-Congress Eyes Iran Diplomacy, NOW is the Time to Engage;
2012-04-16: Active citizens – the crucial factor of direct democracy;
2012-04-17: The Scorpions;
2012-04-17: Externsteine;
2012-04-18: Occupy Wallstreet: Four Ways to Support Re-Occupation;
2012-04-19: Germany’s economic model: What Germany offers the world;
2012-04-20: The Movement has neither won nor lost in Egypt;
2012-04-21: Robespierre – Bourgeois Revolutionary;
2012-04-21: La France vote demain: par exemple Jean-Luc Mélenchon;
2012-04-22: Justice-as-Truth Legal Argument;
2012-04-23: THE GLOBAL SYSTEMIC CRISIS: France, the Big Republican Earthquake and its Geopolitical Impact;
2012-04-24: The U.S. and Iran are talking, Why is the New York Times peddling Iranophobia?
2012-04-25: Disqualified Islamists: Egypt’s Search for a Leader Plunges into Chaos;
2012-04-26: The stealing of America: The incestuous relationship between government and corporate America;
2012-04-27: a good life for the 99% … videos and texts;
2012-04-28: Massive Student Upsurge Fuels Major Debates in Quebec Society;
2012-04-28: Regierung stellt Bevölkerung unter Generalverdacht;
2012-04-29: Swinging for the Fences;
2012-04-30: European economic crisis-On the Edge;
2012-05-01: Recession has a devastating impact and many of the working poor fall through the cracks;
2012-05-01: Giving Voice to the voiceless;
2012-05-02: The Grand Experiment: German Pirate Party Attempts to Reinvent Politics, Part 1;
2012-05-03: The Big Empty: Eating Cheetos with the hungry ghosts of the corporate state;
2012-05-04: Hollande stands firm in French presidential debate;
2012-05-04: Entscheidendes TV-Duell in Frankreich: Verachtung und Abscheu;
2012-05-05: music for soul and mind;
2012-05-06: Sir Patrick Stewart and Shakespeare;
2012-05-07: Sir Patrick Stewart and Star Trek, Talks, Conventions and Comics;
2012-05-08: WIDESPREAD GMO CONTAMINATION: Did Monsanto Plant GMOs Before USDA Approval?
2012-05-09: Argentina: Que Se Vayan Todos! – They All Must Go!
2012-05-10: Extremists vs. Extremist: Salafists and Right-Wing Populists Battle in Bonn;
2012-05-11: Left Educational Tasks in a Capital-Occupied Nation;
2012-05-12: Why President Hollande will need to embrace Melenchon’s spirit of rebellion;
2012-05-13: Insurance for All: Germans Can’t Fathom US Aversion to Obama’s Healthcare Reform;
2012-05-14: USA: Sideways, surplus, and structural problems;
2012-05-14: Seeds of change;
2012-05-15: austrian folk music;
2012-05-16: Indentured servitude for seniors: Social Security garnished for student debts;
2012-05-17: The case of the missing terrorists;
2012-05-18: Homelessness and Despair in New York City;
2012-05-19: The Summer of Disruption;
2012-05-20: Wallis Bird on YouTube;
2012-05-21: Occupy Wall Street OWS vs. American military might;
2012-05-22: The Framework for suppressing Information;
2012-05-23: The Politics of Language and the Language of Political Regression;
2012-05-24: India-China relations and the media: Blame the messenger;
2012-05-25: Afghan schoolgirls ‘poisoned’ by Taliban;
2012-05-25: Videos and texts about Afghanistan;
2012-05-26: Revolutionary Doctors;
2012-05-27: Piracy as good policy;
2012-05-28: Healing this Humanity;
2012-05-29: When the Respectable Become Extremists;
2012-05-30: Stoned To Death: Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill Again;
2012-05-31: Systemic politics: Donkey dung and elephant manure;
2012-06-01: Divings at Kas,Turkey;
2012-06-01: Mighty Derringer: U.S. Nuclear Terrorism Exercise Leaves Indianapolis in Ruins;
2012-06-02: Imagining the Post-Occupy Social Movement;
2012-06-03: In a global economic system that is too big to fail, does Greece really matter?
2012-06-04: Coca-Cola and the rest of us;
2012-06-05: Anonymous Educational Series;
2012-06-06: Music by Zero Project;
2012-06-07: The Rotten Heart of Europe;
2012-06-08: Report blasts handling of Occupy Berkeley protests;
2012-06-09: Can We Get Along Without Authorities?
2012-06-10: Chris de Burgh;
2012-06-11: Blythe Masters (in french);
2012-06-12: Allegations of Bullying and Backstabbing: Discontent Grows Within Pirate Party Ranks;
2012-06-13: Should Christians be Anarchists?
2012-06-14: Occupy IOPS;
2012-06-15: Islamic Law: Playing God in the Here and Now;
2012-06-15: L’arnaque du Cholesterol;
2012-06-16: U.S. Military Suicides and Palestinian Hunger Strikes;
2012-06-16: Livre: Le Mensonge Universel;
2012-06-17: Jimi Hendrix;
2012-06-18: The other UN;
2012-06-19: VatiLeaks Puts the Pope in Publicity Hell;
2012-06-20: more Divings – Plongées – Tauchen;
2012-06-21: Art 43 Basel: Art Unlimited 2012;
2012-06-22: Greece: The Day After;
2012-06-23: Land grabs: how the law pushes people off their land;
2012-06-24: EU Parliament Sounds Death Knell for ACTA Treaty;
2012-06-25: Opinion: Assange’s appeal to Ecuador is no surprise;
2012-06-26: Preemptive Aggression: Cold War Politics Reinvented;
2012-06-27: No Local;
2012-06-28: Labor: Money, Power, and Politics;
2012-06-29: Alan Grayson: Which Foreigners Got the Fed’s $500,000,000,000? Bernanke: I Don’t Know;
2012-06-30: STAR TREK – Trekies at their own work and fun:
2012-07-01: Can the world survive Washington’s hubris?
2012-07-02: VIDEO: The American People Are Angry;
2012-07-03: Rupert Murdoch May Be A Convenient Demon, But The Media Is A Junta;
2012-07-04: Death of the China Cult;
2012-07-05: Joe Costello: On Republics;
2012-07-06: MORGELLONS;
2012-07-07: Commentary: The bipolarity of politics;
2012-07-08: … more about aliens …;
2012-07-09: Left Party defends the German secret service;
2012-07-10: LIBOR on YouTube;
2012-07-11: There is No Substitute for Organizing: How Unions Might Help Win Future Battles;
2012-07-12: How Class Works – 2012 Conference;
2012-07-13: my forgotten links from anywhere;
2012-07-14: Addressing population growth for a sustainable future;
2012-07-15: Dead Can Dance on YouTube;
2012-07-15: PIRATEN fordern Abbruch der CETA-Verhandlungen;
2012-07-16: Lisa Gerrard’s Videos and Audios on YouTube;
2012-07-17: Hollande promises to fight layoffs;
2012-07-18: Donor Dollars Aiding Political Repression in Ethiopia;
2012-07-19: The Somalia-Somaliland talks and the British co-opted roadmap;
2012-07-20: Identity politics and the second republic in Egypt;
2012-07-21: What Will Change in France?
2012-07-22: Which way ahead?
2012-07-23: Venezuela’s partnership with Russia: An emblematic step;
2012-07-24: The Arab Spring story in a nutshell: Fake springs, post-modern coup d’etat;
2012-07-25: a summit so secret if you knew what they’d talked about, they’d have to kill you;
2012-07-26: 1% hide $21 trillion, US big banks hide $10 trillion – ending world poverty: $3 trillion;
2012-07-27: Australia’s Lost Generation;
2012-07-28: 6 Ways Big Banks Screwed Grandma;
2012-07-29: How the private sector didn’t solve Ghana’s water crisis;
2012-07-30: Open Letter from Chomsky, Shiva, Santos, Pilger, and 40 more;
2012-07-31: Kumari Kandam;
2012-08-01: Migrations to the north;
2012-08-02: Iran and the Time of Last Resort;
2012-08-03: The Corporate Vision for American Education;
2012-08-04: Remembering Gore Vidal;
2012-08-05: Islamists and Arab constitutions;
2012-08-06: A disrupted country;
2012-08-07: UK: Don’t Allow US Extradition of Assange;
2012-08-08: End of Frankfurt Protests: Occupy Will Survive the Camp Clearances;
2012-08-09: UK: Thousands of workers blacklisted over political views;
2012-08-10: Debates about Risks at The St. Gallen Symposium 2012;
2012-08-11: Comment: Olympics sexism still rife amongst tweeters and even journalists;
2012-08-12: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 2011 spread;
2012-08-13: EU May Explode (Soon);
2012-08-14: jail for collecting rainwater;
2012-08-15: The Great American Culture of Cover-up;
2012-08-16: A law unto themselves;
2012-08-16: Kein nukleares Dorf in der Schweiz;
2012-08-16: next in Canada … ;
2012-08-17: Perfecting Illegality;
2012-08-18: some videos on Ancient Aliens;
2012-08-19: sites web positifs;
2012-08-19: Offshore wind farms;
2012-08-20: The Euro is Not in Trouble, the People Are;
2012-08-21: remembering some of my stars;
2012-08-22: Biting the 1% where it hurts;
2012-08-23: Mining, Repression, Rhetoric of Democracy and the Rule of Law in Guatemala;
2012-08-24: some Tibetan realities;
2012-08-25: A Possible Assault On The Ecuadorian Embassy In London Should Not Be Discarded;
2012-08-26: Trillions Stashed in Tax Havens;
2012-08-26: Britain withdraws threat to raid Ecuador’s embassy;
2012-08-27: Undo the maths;
2012-08-28: Francois Gautier’s web telling his India;
2012-08-28: Gericht gibt GEMA im ersten Verfahren Recht;
2012-08-29: The Great Recession and its Implications;
2012-08-30: Invisible Americans get the silent treatment;
2012-08-31: Which hidden agenda serves the euro region Lake of Constance/Basiliensis/Geneva?
2012-09-01: The Pink Floyd (September);
2012-09-02: Putting the Plan into Action;
2012-09-03: Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars;
2012-09-04: Empire Embarrassed: The Anti-Empire Report;
2012-09-05: Constitutional challenges ahead;
2012-09-06: Jiddu Krishnamurti;
2012-09-07: Troubled Seas: Japan’s Pacific and East China Sea Domains (and Claims);
2012-09-08: Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace;
2012-09-09: Petition: Stop Animal Cruelty at MarineLand;
2012-09-10: How LOW Cholesterol Can Harm Your Health;
2012-09-11: The writers’ revolution;
2012-09-12: President of Italy’s Supreme Court to Refer 9/11 Crimes To International Criminal Court;
2012-09-13: European Luminaries Reflect on Euro;
2012-09-14: Education Apartheid: The Racism Behind Chicago’s School Reform;
2012-09-14: 50% des médicaments sont inutiles;
2012-09-15: Progressives Must Move Beyond Occupy;
2012-09-16: various videos remaining on my dashboard;
2012-09-17: Chicago Teachers Union Sellout;
2012-09-18: G. Edward Griffin on YouTube;
2012-09-19: No DNA link to Assange in condom central to sex assault case;
2012-09-20: Unlimited Liability: German Parties Offer Rival Interpretations of Euro Ruling;
2012-09-21: WOLVES;
2012-09-22: The Global Economy Sucked into the Black Hole of World Geopolitics;
2012-09-23: Monsanto – Farm Wars – Genetics – Right to Know Act;
2012-09-23: Une étude choc relance le débat sur la toxicité des OGM;
2012-09-24: Declassified – The Tet Offensive;
2012-09-25: Social Democracy After the Cold War;
2012-09-26: Thousands of Foxconn workers clash with security guards in China;
2012-09-27: Boykinism;
2012-09-29: US Futurologist Michio Kaku: Eternal Life Does Not Violate the Laws of Physics – Part 1;
2012-09-30: The 1% and the 47%;
2012-10-01: We Could Be Heroes;
2012-10-02: Election in Georgia: A Battle between Dictators and Dreamers;
2012-10-03: Peter Levenda: Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011;
2012-10-04: Marx and the Silesian strikers;
2012-10-04: Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012;
2012-10-05: When the terrorists ask the terrorized for their support;
2012-10-06: Lecture at Historians’ Convention: In Defense of Leon Trotsky;
2012-10-07: The Federal Reserve System has been handed police powers, Glocks and patrol cars;
2012-10-08: Free exchange: On the origin of specie;
2012-10-09: more geopolitics … ;
2012-10-10: Capitalism’s Two Step Survival Plan – Austerity and Structural Reform;
2012-10-11: Pakistan court probes bartering of girls;
2012-10-12: Disaster on Autopilot: Overwrought Empire, the discrediting of U.S. military power;
2012-10-13: The power of struggle;
2012-10-15: Towards a politics of consensus;
2012-10-16: On shaky ground;
2012-10-17: diving memories with a leopard shark;
2012-10-17: remembering movies;
2012-10-18: Poverty rises sharply in Illinois;
2012-10-19: Underwater Signposts: Germany Tries to Halt Baltic Shipwreck Plundering;
2012-10-20: Wall Street issues its orders to Obama, Romney;
2012-10-21: California prison crisis foisted onto beleaguered counties;
2012-10-22: Can Progressives Bring Democracy to the USA?
2012-10-23: The Alliance from Hell;
2012-10-24: Noam Chomsky, then and now;
2012-10-25: Euro Crisis Lull: Schäuble Warns Worst Is Yet to Come;
2012-10-26: music goes wonderful;
2012-10-27: The divisive politics of religion;
2012-10-28: Over the edge;
2012-10-28: Geld … oder nicht;
2012-10-29: John Douglass: Embodiment of a Ruined Election System;
2012-10-30: Impact and Legacy of the Special Court for Sierra Leone;
2012-10-30: Der grosse Rausch;
2012-10-31: on Healing;
2012-10-31: Pourquoi et comment détartrer votre glande pinéale;
2012-11-01: Cirque du Soleil;
2012-11-02: Death-Defying Skydiver Felix Baumgartner: It’s Never Been about the Thrills;
2012-11-03: The American Enigma: Berlin Unsure about a Possible President Romney;
2012-11-04: The challenge for Beijing’s new leaders: Chinese no longer bow to autocratic rule;
2012-11-05: Our American endorsement: Which one?
2012-11-06: Corbett Reports … und mehr noch;
2012-11-07: Hot Air Capitalism;
2012-11-07: Wenn wir in Österreich nicht mehr Grüß Gott sagen dürfen …;
2012-11-08: Women In Senate: 2012 Election ushers in historic number of Female Senators;
2012-11-09: the Left, Socialism, Marxism …;
2012-11-10: Preservation in a Petri Dish: Scientists Hope Cloning Will Save Endangered Animals;
2012-11-10: ECOSOC for AEHRF – the end;
2012-11-11: Left Leading;
2012-11-11: Die City of London;
2012-11-12: Persona non grata in South Sudan;
2012-11-12: zur Organspende;
2012-11-13: UK sex abusers surrounded Thatcher era;
2012-11-13: Update / mein Kommentar zur Organspende;
2012-11-14: Virgil Armstrong;
2012-11-15: What is the fiscal cliff?
2012-11-16: What happens when you can’t trust the state;
2012-11-17: Feminism on YouTube;
2012-11-18: Find Alkaline diet;
2012-11-18: statistics;
2012-11-19: Comment: The Living Wage is another small step towards a Responsible Capitalism;
2012-11-20: Uncontacted Tribes;
2012-11-21: Thirst for Revenge Syrian Rebels Have Lost Their Innocence;
2012-11-22: Nikola Tesla’s successors;
2012-11-23: NO WAY OUT: Crime, Punishment and the Limits to Power;
2012-11-24: just take some pleasure;
2012-11-25: Maternity protection: Not just a personal issue;
2012-11-26: Populism in Europe and the Americas: threat or corrective for democracy?
2012-11-27: Vitamin C;
2012-11-28: Senate Set to Introduce Bill for Broad Email Spying;
2012-11-28: Danistakratie;
2012-11-29: This is what the citizens of European countries could demand from the United States;
2012-11-30: 20 teenagers sitting in a room;
2012-12-01: Letter from Berlin: Why Merkel Need Not Fear the Opposition;
2012-12-02: The challenges beyond the crisis;
2012-12-03: The Gates of Hell: Exploring Mexico’s Sacred Caves;
2012-12-04: On WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Cypherpunks, Surveillance State;
2012-12-05: Protesting Morsi: Egypt’s Constitutional Court Closes;
2012-12-05: Das Grundeinkommen für alle;
2012-12-06: How racism lives on in a color-blind society;
2012-12-07: Russia’s dilemma: What to do with Lenin;
2012-12-08: French Muslims: Gay Paris;
2012-12-09: The World from Berlin: The Arab Spring Is Turning into a Hard Winter;
2012-12-09: … et toujours l’excision/MGF;
2012-12-10: Egypt: entry into an exit;
2012-12-10: Geld entsteht – Geld vergeht;
2012-12-11: Leaks from UN telecom conference show Orwellian proposals;
2012-12-12: Switzerland, the Swiss and their Freedom;
2012-12-13: Mozilla rallies for opposition against secret Internet treaty;
2012-12-14: Economic questions;
2012-12-15: Sénégal/Kolda: chefs religieux et coutumiers en croisade contre l’excision;
2012-12-15: Atheists are better for politics than believers. Here’s why;
2012-12-17: The World in 2030;
2012-12-17: Geld regiert die Welt;
2012-12-19: The Visible Government;
2012-12-20: The Geithner Doctrine Not Only Puts Banks Above the Law;
2012-12-21: The laziest generations;
2012-12-21: Deutschland: Plenarsitzung zum Fall Mollath;
2012-12-22: Two Magical Centuries: How the Grimms Cast a Spell on the World;
2012-12-22: Universum, Bewusstsein und wir;
2012-12-23: Mike Rivero;
2012-12-24: Leonard Peltier;
2012-12-25: Video: Interest and Islamic Banking: Contemporary Issues;
2012-12-26: Knocking On Heaven’s Door;
2012-12-27: The Economic Hit Man and International Cruise Ship Victims;
2012-12-28: Los Angeles prepares to fight Fukushima debris;
2012-12-29: Behind the Scenes in Brussels;
2012-12-29: Verschwörungstheorie?
2012-12-30: USA: SSRIs and Guns;
2012-12-31: now what about NDAA;
2012-12-31: our web-statistics;
2013-01-01: Canada’s Maple Spring: From the Quebec Student Strike to the Movement Against Neoliberalism;
2013-01-02: how will we move?
2013-01-03: Evolution and revolution: RT’s experts look to 2013;
2013-01-04: From Jan 1, Indian Launches Direct Cash Transfer Of Subsidies;
2013-01-05: Camels in the Outback;
2013-01-06: Terrorism with a Human Face;
2013-01-07: Strategies for using the UNDHRET as a tool for HRE advocacy and implementation;
2013-01-08: Ken Robinson: RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms;
2013-01-09: The People Speak;
2013-01-10: Preventing the coming U.S. disaster in the Caucasus;
2013-01-11: A Future that Works … with or without god;
2013-01-12: Lenin on the Need for Political Compromise;
2013-01-13: Longshore Struggle Brews on Both Coasts, Part 2;
2013-01-14: Better than Buying: Barter Economy Matures from Niche to Trend;
2013-01-15: Lengthy Prison Terms Grow More Likely for Peace Activists;
2013-01-16: No end in sight for Syrian battleground;
2013-01-17: Aaron Swartz at Risk;
2013-01-18: What Does The SWP’s Way Of Dealing With Sex Assault Allegations Tell Us About The Left?
2013-01-19: Parcel for Julian Assange is geo-tracked by artists;
2013-01-20: Neo Marxism and Crime Project 0001;
2013-01-21: Hacktivism: Civil Disobedience or Cyber Crime?
2013-01-22: Fish Invasion: Monster Catfish Taking Over German Rivers;
2013-01-23: Thailand Diving;
2013-01-24: a bit of Millenium on YouTube, with Lisbeth Salander;
2013-01-25: about econmic collapse;
2013-01-26: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb: Who’s Who?
2013-01-27: War Crimes: How Nazis Escaped Justice in South America;
2013-01-28: Those guilty of blacklisting should be barred from public contracts;
2013-01-29: US should realize that world has changed: Venezuelan VP (RT Exclusive);
2013-01-30: Keeping the Internet free;
2013-01-31: some about Fed, dollars, fiscal cliff;
2013-02-01: Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?
2013-02-02: Fear of Contagion: Merkel Steps Back from Coalition Partner FDP;
2013-02-03: Suez Canal Where is the truth?
2013-02-04: The Human Brain Project HBP;
2013-02-04: Human Brain Project HBP: Grossforschungsprojekte, ein Klumpenrisiko?
2013-02-05: Global Leadership Vacuum: Europe Incapable, America Unwilling;
2013-02-06: White supremacy and mass incarceration;
2013-02-07: Red Obsessions: Film Business Moves from Hollywood to Asia;
2013-02-08: Big Brother takes over from Uncle Sam;
2013-02-09: Bailout Doubts: Merkel Opponent Sets Conditions for Cyprus Aid;
2013-02-10: 10 Questions to Ask John Brennan at his CIA Confirmation Hearing;
2013-02-11: Living in a Constitution-Free Zone;
2013-02-12: Catalonia: Fight over right to decide political future intensifies;
2013-02-13: A Mere Breeze: Era of Fast Growth Ends for Wind Energy in Europe;
2013-02-14: Public Education and The Common Good;
2013-02-15: The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State;
2013-02-16: Imperialism: The Hegemony of the Military-Industrial Complex;
2013-02-17: The SWP Crisis, Is Leninism Relevant, How Should Radicals Organize? 2013;
2013-02-18: American foreign policy: Have our war lovers learned anything?
2013-02-19: Too Big Not To Fail?
2013-02-20: Forced Out: A Berlin Family’s Eviction Sparks Violent Protest;
2013-02-21: Photographing Tragedy: What Victims Actually Want;
2013-02-22: FaceLeft’s Aims;
2013-02-23: When will his nightmare end?
2013-02-24: Recent rulings in Bradley’s pre-trial hearings–Trial delayed until June;
2013-02-25: Too Fat to Vote;
2013-02-26: Corals, Fishes, Nature’s Wonders;
2013-02-27: US Internet providers start spy program to stop file-sharing;
2013-02-28: Austerity USA Begins March 1st: Bipartisan Project to Impoverish the American People:
2013-03-01: The Lateral State of America;
2013-03-02: Swimming techniques: Front crawl;
2013-03-03: NYPD lied under oath to prosecute Occupy activist;
2013-03-04: The Afghan People Are Fed Up: An Interview with Malalai Joya;
2013-03-04: Burkina Faso: Chantal Compaoré à Rome pour la lutte contre l’excision;
2013-03-05: Egypt’s politician skewer, testing the limits of post-revolution satire;
2013-03-06: Italian Elections: Europe’s Lost Generation Finds Its Voice;
2013-03-07: Big Energy Battle: An Unlikely Effort to Buy Berlin’s Grid;
2013-03-08: Ignoring Genocide: Rohingya People Deserve to Live;
2013-03-09: QE for the People: Comedian Grillo’s Populist Plan for Italy;
2013-03-09: Links for basic income;
2013-03-10: Pussy Riot sentence unlawful, must be canceled says HR ombudsman Lukin;
2013-03-11: James Cameron-Expedition Bismark (depth: 4.700 meters);
2013-03-12: Enemy of the Revolution: Monopoly Media;
2013-03-12: Excision / MGF dans le net;
2013-03-13: Fox News guest Zerlina Maxwell: I refuse to be silenced by rape threats;
2013-03-14: 50 Truths about Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution;
2013-03-15: American Smoke and Mirrors: The Politics of Imagined Opinion;
2013-03-16: Europe’s Crisis: An Explanation and an Internationalist Alternative;
2013-03-17: more diving videos;
2013-03-17: Volker Pispers in Topform;
2013-03-18: Hitting the Savers: Euro Zone Reaches Deal on Cyprus Bailout;
2013-03-19: KEN LOACH’S THE SPIRIT OF 45;
2013-03-20: Ned Lebow on Drivers of War, Cultural Theory, and IR of Foxes and Hedgehogs;
2013-03-21: Little reaction from human rights watchdogs as Gitmo hunger strike continues;
2013-03-22: UK – Budget 2013: little hope for aspirations of the country’s poorest;
2013-03-23: Making Connections: From Shock and Awe to Wall Street;
2013-03-24: free energy research, it’s sorrows and the rest …;
2013-03-24: innerste Alpträume & co / forbidden Archeology;
2013-03-25: Search for a Solution: Troika Reportedly Rejects Plan B in Cyprus;
2013-03-26: Eric Whitacre and others;
2013-03-27: A plan for libraries to aggregate metadata into one central portal;
2013-03-28: Mursi, army debate imposing martial law as strike wave shakes Egypt;
2013-03-29: Elon Musk: the mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity;
2013-03-30: Bradley Manning;
2013-03-31: American Anniversaries from Hell;
2013-04-01: Solving the Syrian riddle;
2013-04-02: Occupy Sandy builds worker power in Far Rockaway;
2013-04-03: Occupy Vision – Chapter 3: Parpolity;
2013-04-04: Abattoir Alternative: Are Guns More Humane than Slaughterhouses?
2013-04-05: listening Euphonium;
2013-04-06: Video: The Max Keiser Report no 427;
2013-04-07: Darker days ahead?
2013-04-07: UDO POLLMER;
2013-04-08: Videos von NuoVisoProductions;
2013-04-08: Anonymous launches massive cyber assault on Israel;
2013-04-09: France: Parti de Gauche launches ecosocialism;
2013-04-10: videos about finance and money;
2013-04-11: Will Wikileaks survive for more leaks?
2013-04-12: Offshore Leaks – an internet video collection;
2013-04-13: The Super-priority Status of Derivatives, Winner Takes All;
2013-04-14: Capitalism is way to nowhere: with Immortal Technique;
2013-04-14: notre pouvoir est dans nos achats;
2013-04-14: Gedanken zur Memetik;
2013-04-15: Re-Opening the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam;
2013-04-16: How wealth is really distributed;
2013-04-17: Meltdown: Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood;
2013-04-18: twice Noam Chomsky;
2013-04-19: Funerals and their Crowds;
2013-04-20: ECB study shows German households poorer than Cyprus’;
2013-04-21: Creating a New World of Shared Values, Compassion and Cooperation;
2013-04-22: Setting History Free;
2013-04-23: Videos on The Real News Network TRNN;
2013-04-23: L’autonomie de la personne âgée et la société;
2013-04-24: Is full employment possible under capitalism?
2013-04-25: Witch Hunt in middle Ages and today;
2013-04-26: WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor ordered to pay ‘$204k per month if blockade not lifted’;
2013-04-27: Posthuman Politics Under Biocapitalism;
2013-04-28: Can Co-ops Save Unions?
2013-04-29: US: Fighting Foreclosures, Making The Banks Pay;
2013-04-30: RE: SLAVES;
2013-05-01: Europe’s Moral Quandary: The High Human Price of Cheap T-Shirts;
2013-05-02: The death of innovation, the end of growth;
2013-05-03: Terrorists and money junkies: Who are the bigger threats?2013-05-04: Wolves;
2013-05-05: Anti-Plutocracy is as American as Apple Pie: a short of history of American populist anger;
2013-05-06: What the FBI Doesn’t Want You To See;
2013-05-07: A new Europe can only come from the bottom up;
2013-05-07: Neues mit Andreas Popp;
2013-05-08: Subject of Envy: Britain Discovers Germany as a Model;
2013-05-09: Money Laundering and The Drug Trade: The Role of the Banks;
2013-05-09: ZDF Nachtstudio: Ich und die Welt;
2013-05-10: THRIVE;
2013-05-10: Top Info Forum 2012;
2013-05-11: German Euro-Skeptic Party Gaining Ground;
2013-05-11: 2013 International Mufon Symposium;
2013-05-12: Why aren’t we talking about public goods? A proposed research agenda;
2013-05-12: new on my health blog /nouveautés pour la santé;
2013-05-13: Art links on my dashboard;
2013-05-14: Divisions between major powers dominate G-7 meeting;
2013-05-15: German Election: Embattled Pirates Looking for Rapid Reboot;
2013-05-16: Gangster State America;
2013-05-17: Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, April 29 – May 3, 2013;
2013-05-18: Where Has All the Money Gone?
2013-05-19: OpGTMO: Anonymous launches global anti-Gitmo action;
2013-05-19: Die neue Energiequelle aus dem Quantenvakuum;
2013-05-20: ancient Cities Discovered in Africa, Enoch, and more …;
2013-05-21: Pluralistic Ignorance / Pluralistische Ignoranz;
2013-05-21: Wirtschaft ohne Zins: von FMF Zinsfreie Finanzen;
2013-05-22: Beyond Diversity: The Hidden Curriculum of Privilege;
2013-05-23: Corporate Tricks: EU Faces Tough Battle to Close Tax Loopholes;
2013-05-24: Everybody must get … straight!
2013-05-25: Noam Chomsky Breaks the Set on War, Imperialism, and Propaganda;
2013-05-26: The World Against Monsanto: Holding the Corrupt Accountable;
2013-05-27: Death By a Thousand Cuts’: Coal Boom Could Destroy Great Barrier Reef, Part 1;
2013-05-28: Viome: A Workers’ Experiment With Global Appeal;
2013-05-29: UK moves to gag radical preachers;
2013-05-30: UK security services completely out of control;
2013-05-31: FUTURE;
2013-06-01: Some videos with Julian Assange;
2013-06-02: Gregg Braden;
2013-06-03: … developming this humanity …;
2013-06-03: Russia Today RT reports on Bradley Manning;
2013-06-04: Engineering Empire;
2013-06-05: Lost Opportunity;
2013-06-06: hidden human history … forbidden archeology;
2013-06-07: Labour must not forget the economic costs of child poverty;
2013-06-08: Fifth World Human Rights Moot Court Competition;
2013-06-09: As Nation-States Falter, Capitalism Shines;
2013-06-10: Alter Summit: A People’s Manifesto;
2013-06-11: again remaining Links on my dashboard;
2013-06-12: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says …;
2013-06-13: Undercounting the Poor;
2013-06-14: Incredible India: Home to Modern Slavery;
2013-06-15: Unlikely Alliances;
2013-06-16: The Party is Over;
2013-06-17: A Brave New World: Preparing Our Children for a National Emergency;
2013-06-18: Turkish PM Erdogan mobilizes supporters and violently clears Gezi Park;
2013-06-19: Inside Bilderberg;
2013-06-20: Left or Not Left;
2013-06-21: You’ve Heard that the Government and Big Corporations Are Spying;
2013-06-22: Understanding The Latest Leaks Is Understanding The Rise Of A New Fascism;
2013-06-23: Another shameful day for Europe as EMU creditor states betray South;
2013-06-24: Elite’s Schools vs Main Street’s Schools;
2013-06-25: Democratic Practise and Form on the Left;
2013-06-26: Some Problems with the People’s Assembly;
2013-06-27: Tired and Defeated;
2013-06-28: the West – Syria – Mainstream Medias … about War;
2013-06-29: Do What? Eliminate the High Chair;
2013-06-30: some videos on Russian Today RT;
2013-07-01: Good Journalism Is Measured By How Angry You Make The People You’re Covering;
2013-07-02: again about the rainmakers;
2013-07-03: Collective Stockholm Syndrome: We Love, Respect, Protect Our Abusers;
2013-07-03: John Pilger about the Invisible Government;
2013-07-04: Mohammad Mursi’s opponents have won the numbers game, but what next?
2013-07-05: Definitions for a New Age: The Dictionary of the Global War on You GWOY;
2013-07-06: French PRISM revealed: All communications tracked, metadata collected;
2013-07-07: Tear gas as a dangerous weapon;
2013-07-08: Convulsions in Egypt signal new era of world revolution;
2013-07-08: Geist und Gehirn;
2013-07-09: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine;
2013-07-10: Hoping for the Worst;
2013-07-11: A Toxic System: Why Austerity Still Isn’t Working in Greece;
2013-07-11: Grundlagen lebendiger Entfaltung;
2013-07-12: Two Sentences that Explain the Crisis and How Easy it Was to Avoid;
2013-07-13: Masala Dosa and Bread Rolls, Gujarati Thepla, Osmania biscuit, Street food;
2013-07-14: The democracy of the streets;
2013-07-15: Less Policy, More Culture: Doing Radical Things With Food;
2013-07-16: Sinead O’Connor;
2013-07-17: Some Thoughts on Renata Salecl’s The Paradox of Choice;
2013-07-18: Snowden in Russia;
2013-07-19: Neighborhood Watch Groups like Zimmerman’s;
2013-07-20: Detroit files for biggest US city bankruptcy;
2013-07-21: NSA Blackmailing Obama?
2013-07-22: Global systemic crisis II;
2013-07-23: Não Nos Representam: A Left Beyond the Workers Party?
2013-07-24: Putting people over profits: The fight against fracking;
2013-07-25: Russia Will Not Hand Him Over;
2013-07-25: Dr. Greer in Australia, 16 – 18 August 2013;
2013-07-26: Growing threat of radical rebels infiltrating ranks of Syrian rebels;
2013-07-27: How We Are Impoverished, Gentrified And Silenced – And What To Do About It;
2013-07-28: The Asch Conformity Experiments;
2013-07-29: Defense rests in Manning court-martial;
2013-07-30: The Cost of Hunger in Egypt;
2013-07-31: US: Glenn Greenwald Explains What Capability LOW Level NSA Analysts Have To Spy On YOU;
2013-08-01: Bradley Manning Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy;
2013-08-02: Detroit Firefighters speak out on Bankruptcy;
2013-08-03: XKeyscore: Instrument of Mass Surveillance;
2013-08-04: When we were Woodstock (4);
2013-08-05: The death penalty: Strike less hard;
2013-08-05: Geld – Wasser – Zukunft;
2013-08-06: Remembering Iraq: The Sanctions Genocide;
2013-08-06: HARTZ IV;
2013-08-07: Ergenekon Verdicts: Erdogan Silences Dissent in Divided Turkey;
2013-08-08: Greenwald claims up to 20,000 Snowden documents are in his possession;
2013-08-09: Crop Circles;
2013-08-10: THRIVE;
2013-08-11: Get to Work;
2013-08-12: found on YouTube by key words Vatikan Mafia;
2013-08-13: Reality Asserts Itself;
2013-08-14: Women’s Lives in a Changing Delhi;
2013-08-15: Dayamani Barla In Her Own Words;
2013-08-16: Egypt: Operation Anti Sexual Harassment OpAntiSh;
2013-08-17: Bruno Mars;
2013-08-18: M, F or Blank: ‘Third Gender’ Official in Germany from November;
2013-08-19: Noam Chomsky;
2013-08-20: Namibia and the Economic Partnership Agreement;
2013-08-21: Bruce Fein: A bad penny that is always turning up;
2013-08-22: economy, investors, money …;
2013-08-23: Manning refused to plead guilty in exchange for lesser sentence;
2013-08-23: Kein Knebelgesetz für Afghanistans Frauen;
2013-08-24: Larry Summers and the Secret End-Game Memo;
2013-08-25: Photo Gallery: Christian churches in Egypt under worst attack in years;
2013-08-26: The Greatest Truth Never Told;
2013-08-27: U.S. spied on UN – German weekly;
2013-08-28: A Black, Working Class March on Washington;
2013-08-29: Public Intellectual Project;
2013-08-30: Lebanon’s angst (anxiety) as war against Syria looms;
2013-08-31: Video: Trade & Investment Rules Facilitating What, For Whom?
2013-09-01: MUSE (the band);
2013-09-02: The Crisis and Socialist Strategy;
2013-09-03: Some Links about Syria;
2013-09-04: German Elections: Find on Spiegel Online International;
2013-09-05: politics here and there;
2013-09-06: again on politics;
2013-09-07: Al Bano Carrisi;
2013-09-08: Work: 3 Typical Pieces of Financial Expert Advice – Debunked;
2013-09-09: just music;
2013-09-10: vaccines … seeds … our decisions;
2013-09-11: Hydraulic Fracturing;
2013-09-12: Freedom of expression must include the license to offend;
2013-09-13: the ancient Christian village of Maaloula;
2013-09-13: Geld – Finanzen – Kollaps;
2013-09-14: links on my dashboard;
2013-09-15: in the northern Mali;
2013-09-16: Here Are The Key Points Of The US-Russia Deal;
2013-09-17: Brian Terrell;
2013-09-18: Truth or falsehood;
2013-09-19: Rupert Sheldrake;
2013-09-20: touching, funny, inspiring;
2013-09-21: Native American music;
2013-09-22: Francis Boyle;
2013-09-23: LARA FABIAN;
2013-09-24: music for peace and relaxation;
2013-09-25: What about the future;
2013-09-26: Videos about System Change – Framing the Crisis;
2013-09-27: Klezmer music;
2013-09-28: Geneva – Genève – Genf;
2013-09-29: NCIS season 10+;
2013-09-29: some economic and environmental Links;
2013-09-30: Les Marins d’Iroise … and some other songs;
2013-10-01: Medieval music;
2013-10-02: songs for love and life;
2013-10-03: Pink Floyd – some albums;
2013-10-04: Rod Stewart;
2013-10-05: David Gilmour;
2013-10-06: ZDF Terra X: Germany from above / Deutschland von oben;
2013-10-07: Slave Songs;
2013-10-08: Audios with Klaus Schulze;
2013-10-09: hot air balloons … mongolfières;
2013-10-10: US soldiers: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD;
2013-10-11: TED talks;
2013-10-12: Frederic Chopin;
2013-10-13: Tangerine Dream;
2013-10-14: Kitaro;
2013-10-15: Jean Michel Jarre;
2013-10-16: Vangelis;
2013-10-17: a funny bit of NCIS;
2013-10-18: from the SouthSomewhere channel;
2013-10-19: Native American music;
2013-10-20: LOVE SONGS;
2013-10-21: LARA FABIAN;
2013-10-22: Ofra Haza;
2013-10-23: Dubai;
2013-10-24: young germans in love: Joel Brandenstein and Tim Bendzko;
2013-10-25: in and above Switzerland;
2013-10-26: Spirits of nature;
2013-10-27: less work,
.mes dessins - moyen grands0001 (29) 30p;
2013-11-09: Great Continental Railway Journeys;
2013-11-15: Der überflüssige Mensch;
2013-11-20: Emilia Fox;
2013-11-21: Lost in Austen;
2013-11-24: Beautiful Chinese Music, Traditional;
2013-11-29: Cartoons;
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