last results of our humanity’s behavior


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Analysing Social Policy Concepts and Language, Comparative and transnational perspectives, by Daniel Béland and Klaus Petersen (eds) – a review, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Citizens Income Trust, Sept 4, 2015;

Jim Messina: Obama Insider To Help Social Democrats Challenge Merkel, on Spiegel Online International, by Veit Medick in Washington, Sept 4, 2015: Campaign strategist and Obama insider Jim Messina wants to help the German Social Democrats beat Angela Merkel. His next stop is Berlin and he will make his first appearance on Saturday. Does the Washington insider know what he’s in for;

The gravest threat to world peace, on Al-Ahram weekly online, Noam Chomsky, Sept 3, 2015: despite the current campaign against Iran, leading Western polling agencies unanimously award the prize for greatest threat to world peace to the United States;

Egypt: mystery grade – the zero student, on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Reem Leila, Sept 3, 2015: the student who got a zero in all her final exams insists that her papers were exchanged, while the Forensic Medicine Authority says the handwriting in the exam papers matches hers;

US: It’s time to move – Federal judge eager to challenge NSA bulk snooping again, on Russia Today RT, Sept 3, 2015;

Egypt: Al-Jazeera case to end? on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Khaled Dawoud, Sept 3, 2015: International condemnation of jail sentences handed to three Al-Jazeera journalists adds to domestic pressure to end the case once and for all;

Canadians Get Whacked by Taxes, beyond All Basic Necessities, on PanAmPost, Sept 1, 2015;

France – Baisses d’impôts: l’impôt sur le revenu risque de perdre de son sens, dans Le Figaro, par Damien Durand, le 1er sept 2015;

Elections Suisses: Méditons et prions (mais pas trop), dans Le Temps, par Fathi Derder, 1er sept 2015: Chaque mardi, le conseiller national décrypte la campagne, vue du Palais fédéral, avec les élus sortants;

ALASKA, USA: New poll shows declining support for the Alaska Dividend, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Karl Widerquist, Sept 1, 2015;

Lebanon – What if it Fell? on Axis of Logic (first on Counterpunch), by Andre Vltchek, Aug 30, 2015;

Filmpremiere: Ukrainian Agony – Der verschwiegene Krieg …, 40.43 min, von Quer-Denken TV am 23. Juli 2015 hochgeladen;

Wieso erhalten wir diese Informationen nicht – Andreas Popp, 79.54 min, von Andreas Popp am 17. Juli 2015 hochgeladen … die sogenannte Finanzkrise prognostizierte der unabhängige Forscher lange Jahre vor der Lehmann-Brother-Pleite;

Leben im kanadischen Neuschottland – Herman, Popp, Vogt, 35.31 min, von Quer-Denken TV am 13. Juli 2015 hochgeladen;

DON’T PANIC — Hans Rosling showing the facts about population, 58.50 min, uploaded by Gapminder Foundation, Dec 15, 2014 … website:; on en.wikipedia;

Website: Legislating Discrimination in Canadian Immigration.

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