Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update

Global Capitalism: September 2015 Monthly Update, 91.53 min, uploaded by Richar D. Wolff, Sept 9, 2015 … website: Democracy at Work.


14th–20th September, 2015 – EUROPE, CANADA, CHINA: International Basic Income Week, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Albert Joerimann, Sept 2015;

The Syrian exodus: Germany, Germany, on The Economist, Sept 12, 2015: Ordinary Germans, not their politicians, have taken the lead in welcoming Syria’s refugees;

GERMANY: Ralph Boes’ Sanction Starvation, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Barrett Young, Sept 11, 2015;

Machine Labor Day, on HuggPost/Politics, by Scott Santens, Sept 10, 2015;

L’utopie lieu de tous nos rêves, on Medoaè, par OLID, Sept 9, 2015;

CANADA: Green Party platform promises to expand rail, eliminate tuition, on CBCnews, Sept 9, 2015: Elizabeth May wants to grow green jobs, tackle climate change and wean Canada’s economy off oilsands;

HOW TO PLAN NOW FOR TOMORROW’S ROBOTIC WORKFORCE, on Fast Company, by Ryan Holmes, Sept 9, 2015;

Canada: Les citoyens invités à participer à une ciné-causerie, dans Courrier Frontenac, le 8 sept 2015;

Canada: Saskatchewan NDP call for guaranteed income pilot, on The Star Phoenix, by Charles Hamilton, Sept 8, 2015;

The New Redistribution: 5 Radical Ideas For Reversing Income Inequality, on Fast Co Exist, by BEN SCHILLER, Sept 8, 2015;

Big Problems with Anthony Atkinson’s “Inequality: What Can Be Done?”, on CATO Institute, by Alan Reynolds, Sept 8, 2015;

… verarscht die Welt (2015) – Volker Pispers, 34.16 min, von Bernd Wollenwills am 21, Juli 2015 hochgeladen … wie lange gucken wir uns das noch an? Es ist Zeit für einen Gesellschaftsumbruch sagt auch Volker Pispers in seinem Comedy & Satire Live Auftritt 2015;

What the 1% Don’t Want You to Know, 24.30 min, uploaded by Moyers & Company, April 18, 2014 … Economist Paul Krugman explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy – the very system our founders revolted against.

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