The Case of Greece

Published on ZNet, by Nikos Raptis, Sept 19, 2015.

The problem:

More than seventy years ago the US elites, as leaders of the West, decided that there should never be a leftist government in any European country. Especially in countries like Greece with its geopolitical importance. Also, if successful, a leftist government in a ‘poor’ country like Greece could be a deleterious example for the other countries of Europe.  

* In 1944 the Greek left, numbering close to half of the Greek population, following the Resistance against the German Nazis, was armed and could establish a leftist government in a few hours. This never happened as the US napalmed the Greeks to submission. Thus by 1950 the Greek left, decimated in numbers, entered a period of suffering in silence.

[Note: The seeds for this development were, possibly, planted by Allen Dulles, of the Dulles Brothers, in 1943, two years, before the death of Hitler, during his infamous meeting with the German Nazis.]

Meanwhile, the US ‘created’ a stratum of ‘collaborators’ out of the ‘conservatives’, i.e. right-wingers, of the Greek upper middleclass, who were educated in US universities and who and their progeny became the instruments for the control of Greece by the US, to this day: … //

… The Solution:

In my ZNet article “Greece: The Beginning”, of July 22, 2015, I described a possible solution to the present Greek problem by a reaction of the Greeks from below, based on the vision of Chomsky, Bookchin, Hahnel, and Mike Albert for a participatory society. This description is still valid. However the urgency of the present situation demands an examination of the developments, literally, of the next hours. After two days, on September 20, parliamentary elections are going to be held in Greece.

Here is a possible solution:

SYRIZA of Tsipras will get about 30 % of the vote. The Communists [KKE] will get around 6 %. Lafazanis will get around 5 % and even much more than that. Therefore the ‘united’ Greek left will get around 41 % of the vote and even more than that. A coalition government of the three could last for more than a decade and be an example for the rest of Europe.

Is this good for Greece?

– Whatever happened with SYRIZA of Tsipras does not erase the ‘leftism” of SYRIZA and of Tsipras. The personal problems will, hopefully, be solved finally through the pressure from below by the suffering population.

– Historically the base of the Greek Communist Party (KKE), the ordinary men and women, were and are the most conscientious, potent, and heroic part of the European left. However, its leadership, as expected, was and is the plague that has devastated an honest effort by humanity to live in justice. In the Greek case the acts of the KKE leadership for the last two decades point to a penetration by the Emperor into the party. Again, Philip Agee tells us that in Ecuador he managed to have as agents three members of the eight-member Central Committee of the local Communist Party.

– Lafazanis is a level-headed and honest individual who will apply a democratic behavior of his party, which carries the name: “Popular Unity” or LA.E, in its Greek acronym. But what is equally important is that Zoe Konstantopoulou will be part of the Lafazanis movement as an independent ‘associate’ … //

… The millions of tourists who will visit Delphi in Greece, as they gaze from the mountain of Parnassus towards the sea on the left edge of the sea shore they will spot a small village, named Kirra, which is considered the oldest place in Greece since thousands of years ago. Through the ages all kinds of races have left their mark in that place. For example, even today the locals exclaim the shout “Cochran! Ora Cochran!”, which means “Cochran where are you?” Cochran was a British gentleman abducted by local bandits in the middle of the 19th century at Kirra. I was impressed when years ago I heard the local people use the name “Hugr’s” [Hungarian] to denote that a person is “mean” and “evil”. Who knows what kind of Hungarians passed through Kirra many centuries, ago? Given that all men are born rather kind all over the planet, my opinion is that the Hungarian elites are the descendents of the Kirra “Hugr’s”, considering what happens this very minute at the Hungarian fences. Also, we should not forget the Hungarian Nazis.

To close this, I have to describe the ‘conservative’ individual the unfortunate Emperor is left to have as a leader of the opposition against Tsipras in the present election. His name is Maymar-akis [?] a violent person who as a right-wing student, called at the time a ‘Centaurus’ or a ‘Ranger’, used to beat up his leftist fellow-students and whose single talent is to talk the way a Greek smart-ass rough talks.

… (full text).


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