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Index December 2014

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2014-12-01: Britain: The fight against war and the political tasks of the Socialist Equality Party;
2014-12-02: The vital lessons we have learned from Ferguson;
2014-12-03: War on Whistleblowers: Berlin Gets Serious in the Search for Moles;
2014-12-04: Opinion: Stop Talking about NATO Membership for Ukraine;
2014-12-05: Eric Garner: WHAT IS THIS PROTEST ABOUT?
2014-12-06: what happens?
2014-12-07: On the Republicans and the 1% – Noam Chomsky;
2014-12-08: War by media and the triumph of propaganda;
2014-12-09: Congress Gives Native American Lands to Foreign Mining Company With New NDAA;
2014-12-10: Prominent Germans urge West to stop sabre rattling toward Russia;
2014-12-11: Generations of Victims: Bhopal’s Unending Catrastrophe – part 1;
2014-12-12: Efficiency no justification for criminal activity – Snowden on CIA torture report;
2014-12-13: today just music;
2014-12-14: Bail-In and the Financial Stability Board: The Global Bankers’ Coup;
2014-12-15: Stripped naked, kept in solitary: Manning tortured like terrorist – Welsh relatives say;
2014-12-16: Reflections – Réflexions – Betrachtungen;
2014-12-17: a bunch of concerns;
2014-12-18: How China’s Eurasia Maneuvers Beat Obama’s Pivot to Asia – Pepe Escobar;
2014-12-19: Fascism and War: Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent;
2014-12-20: about Gender and Education;
2014-12-21: one hour relaxing good music;
2014-12-22: Maintaining the supremacy of the financial oligarchy;
2014-12-23: more music;
2014-12-24: still music;
2014-12-25: still let’s go with music;
2014-12-26: Karunesh;
2014-12-27: KITARO;
2014-12-28: Medieval Camelot;
2014-12-29: Celtic Music;
2014-12-30: Anne Sylvestre;
2014-12-31: les enfoirés.

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Les enfoirés

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Tournée des enfoirés 1989, 99.14 min, uploaded by maiseuhdisdonc, Nov 23, 2014.

Sorry, our famous Swiss efficiency is crashing, when you are ordered to change the Internet provider, what happens to me:

My actual provider announces rather too late his sudden retirement from Switzerland, my next, the big Swiss company, cannot solve connection problems before the first days next year … if really. So I am still out of my own internet access, telephone fix and numeric TV …

… ok, for me a possibility for less work and desintoxicate as workaholic, with the hope you enjoy the music you may find meanwhile every day. As soon as our Swiss efficiency finishes his winter sleep we will meet again with longer articles and links.

Meanwhile all the best wishes for 2015!

.25p IMG_3286.

Anne Sylvestre

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Uploaded by Flora Sholem, different dates:

Celtic Music

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Best Celtic Music, 159.14 min, uploaded by Relax Night and Day, June 29, 2014.

Medieval Camelot

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Medieval Instrumental Music, 61.40 min, uploadede by Derek & Brandon Fiechter, August 13, 2014.


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Kitaro: Matsuri, 8.03 min, uploaded by San Bass, May 31, 2006 … and many other videos in autoplay.


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Música New Age, 104.56 min, uploaded by Camino al Despertar, August 30, 2014.

Sorry, I have still not my own Internet-access!

still let’s go on with music

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Vangeli’s YouTube Mix … in autoplay, uploaded by Oneil1969, Jan 22, 2008 … wish you have a good time.

still music

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Thomaschi’s YouTube Mix, Rock & Soul Music, live at Woodstock HD … in autoplay, uploaded by Thomasci, Oct 23, 2011 … I whish you a peaceful Christmas eve.

more music

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Das große Fest der Besten (the best) 191.52 min, von MusicZentrale am 22. Januar 2014 hochgeladen … relax, while I resolve computer problems.

Maintaining the supremacy of the financial oligarchy

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Published on Real-World Economics Review Blog, by Editor, Dec 20, 2014.

Let’s assume that there is a financial oligarchy which exerts strong political influence due to the vast amounts of money it controls. Let’s further assume that this financial oligarchy has succeeded in having financial markets deregulated and that this has enabled the financial industry to expand their business massively. Then, in some near or far future, their artfully constructed financial edifice breaks down, because it cannot be hidden any more that the accumulated claims cannot be serviced by the real economy. That might be due, for example, to millions of people having bought overly expensive houses on credit without having the income necessary to service this debt. This is the kind of situation we are interested in … // Continue Reading…

one hour relaxing good music

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PINK FLOYD THE ENDLESS RIVER Full, 57.30 min, uploaded by magiccdweezel, Oct 30, 2014.

about Gender and Education

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Fascism and War: Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent

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Published on Global, by Julie Lévesque, Dec 17, 2014.

… The myth of the Good War:

Every time Westerners’ approval for war is required, the myth of the good war surfaces: the Second World War was a good war, a necessity to quench Hitler’s blood thirst. Pauwels tears this myth apart, uncovering the vicious nature of the western elite.   Continue Reading…

How China’s Eurasia Maneuvers Beat Obama’s Pivot to Asia – Pepe Escobar

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Published on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Dec 17, 2014.

… This article by Pepe Escobar gives a fine overview of the measures China is taking to create greater economic integration with its Eurasian and European trade partners, to the detriment of US influence. And Washington appears to have been caught flat-footed:

By Pepe Escobar, the roving correspondent for Asia Times/Hong Kong and an analyst for RT.. His latest book is Empire of Chaos (Nimble Books). Follow him on Facebook.Originally published at TomDispatch:

  • November 18, 2014: it’s a day that should live forever in history. On that day, in the city of Yiwu in China’s Zhejiang province, 300 kilometers south of Shanghai, the first train carrying 82 containers of export goods weighing more than 1,000 tons left a massive warehouse complex heading for Madrid. It arrived on December 9th.   Continue Reading…

a bunch of concerns

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Reflections – Réflexions – Betrachtungen

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in english:

Stripped naked, kept in solitary: Manning tortured like terrorist – Welsh relatives say

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Published on Russia Today RT, Dec 14, 2014.

US authorities tortured Chelsea Manning with barbaric CIA techniques, which posed a threat to her psychological health, the Welsh aunt of the jailed whistleblower revealed to local media.

Before her trial for providing WikiLeaks with the largest cache of classified information in US history, Chelsea Manning was humiliated in a similar way that terrorist suspects were, her Welsh relatives told WalesOnline on Sunday.   Continue Reading…

Bail-In and the Financial Stability Board: The Global Bankers’ Coup

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Published on Dissident Voice, by Ellen Hodgson Brown, December 12, 2014.

On December 11, 2014, the US House passed a bill repealing the Dodd-Frank requirement that risky derivatives be pushed into big-bank subsidiaries, leaving our deposits and pensions exposed to massive derivatives losses. The bill was vigorously challenged by Senator Elizabeth Warren; but the tide turned when Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorganChase, stepped into the ring. Perhaps what prompted his intervention was the unanticipated $40 drop in the price of oil. As financial blogger Michael Snyder points out, that drop could trigger a derivatives payout that could bankrupt the biggest banks. And if the G20’s new “bail-in” rules are formalized, depositors and pensioners could be on the hook.   Continue Reading…

today just music

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hi, no time for any search today, just relax and have a fine time:

Ambient Soundscapes Relaxation Sleep Mix, 10 Hours, uploaded by austinstrunk, Aug 24, 2012..

Efficiency no justification for criminal activity – Snowden on CIA torture report

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VIDEO, 30.01 min, published on Russia Today RT, Dec 10, 2014 (download video, 236.86 MB).

The world cannot accept efficiency as an excuse for what is essentially “criminal behavior” on the part of the CIA, former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden told Amnesty International via a Paris-Moscow video link.

Snowden, who still resides in Russia under an asylum request, told Amnesty International that morality cannot be tossed aside for the sake of so-called “efficiency” when it comes to the activities of the CIA.   Continue Reading…

Generations of Victims: Bhopal’s Unending Catrastrophe – part 1

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Published on Spiegel Online International, by Anne Backhaus and Simone Salden in Bhopal, India, Dec 9, 2014.

Thirty years after the worst chemical accident in history, the disaster is hitting a new generation. The victims have received little help, professional clean-up has not happened and there are no signs the ongoing environmental catastrophe will end.

When the monsoon washes away the dust of the Indian summer from the landscape, huts and people of Bhopal, the dry basin behind the slum of J.P. Nagar turns into a lake. Laughing children swim in it, fishermen wait for the telltale tug on their lines to signal a catch, and buffalos greedily devour the succulent stems of water lilies … // Continue Reading…

Prominent Germans urge West to stop sabre rattling toward Russia

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Published on Russia Today RT (first in german on DIE ZEIT) *, Dec 8, 2014.

A group of prominent Germans are urging their country and the West to open dialogue with Russia. They believe this is essential to ensure peace in Europe, rather than further isolate Moscow, which they say would be “dangerous for the world.”

The petition named ‘New war in Europe? Not in our name!’ was signed by 60 people from Germany’s politics, economy, culture and media sectors – among them former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and film director Wim Wenders.   Continue Reading…

Congress Gives Native American Lands to Foreign Mining Company With New NDAA

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Published on Global, by RT, Dec 8, 2014.

(The 113th US-) Congress is poised to give a foreign mining company 2,400 acres of national forest in Arizona that is cherished ancestral homeland to Apache natives. Controversially, the measure is attached to annual legislation that funds the US Defense Department//

… Arizona Sen. John McCain was instrumental in adding to the NDAA the land deal that had been pursued by Rio Tinto for a decade, according to HuffPo. Some in Congress were reportedly concerned with the deal, but it ultimately materialized thanks to economic assurances. Rio Tinto claims mining in Tonto will generate $61 billion in economic activity and 3,700 direct and indirect jobs over 40 years.   Continue Reading…

War by media and the triumph of propaganda

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Published on ZNet (first on TeleSUR english), by John Pilger, Dec 6, 2014.

Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers?

Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what’s called the mainstream media is not information, but power?   Continue Reading…