Half of children have been bullied – survey

Published on The Guardian, Sept 14, 2015.

School is most common place for bullying, and only a quarter of children think their school’s anti-bullying policy works (see also: Bullied children more likely to suffer from adult obesity and heart attacks) … //

… Six out of 10 children said they had seen other people being bullied at their school and 80% of victims said it happened in front of other people. Eight out of 10 had told someone about it, and those who had not said they didn’t think anyone would be able to do anything about it.

More than 70% of the 1,500 children surveyed knew their schools had an anti-bullying policy, but only a quarter thought it was working.

The survey was commissioned to launch Good Morning Britain’s Action! Against Bullying campaign. The campaign is calling on schoolchildren to make a one-minute anti-bullying film, with the winner to be shown in cinemas.

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  • on en.wikipedia is a London-based charity[1] established in 1985 by child psychologist Michele Elliott.[2] Its focus is on children’s safety, with an emphasis on the prevention of harm by equipping children with techniques and mindsets that help them stay safe …;
  • their website.


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