The Continuing Criminal Enterprises of the Rich-Corporations

Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Kirk, September 24, 2015: everything from education to marketing, to social engineering to capturing money – Madness Wins – (or, what the 1% makes us believe is that corruption should be normal, having infested large parts of our economic behavior, as well as the whole financial sector – a cancer which is now going into it’s final phase – Heidi).

… You can’t have perfection, and you have to bargain with the devil, pick the lesser of two or two million evils, and just understand the reality of politics. How many Fox News-CBS News-CNN-Local Yokel News consuming folk just talk this talk, every year, every election cycle, every rotten time a school bond comes up or some loud invented news item comes along the ticker of our football-pretentious TV junk science-junk journalism SCLM – so-called liberal media.

These are tough times calling for tough measures, so a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, err, Bill, err, Bush or Reagan (is Ron Junior running yet, with Chelsea on the ticket?).

I have so many liberal friends who think Hillary is a cut above the Republicans and Bernie is a cut above Hillary. It’s a vacuum, or lobotomized America, bred on punishment, usury, the spectacle of soft shoeing Chosen Few entertainers, or educated by a cabal of psychologists and social engineers who have ghettoized the people of color, hooked the few chosen Goy to follow the neo-con, neo-liberal, oh so lying left wing of a society – ours – that needs implosion … //

… I have been wondering where those conversations have gone, in middle America, in elite America. Sometimes, just sometimes, I respect the Chem Trail Speculators, the so-deemed Conspiracy Nuts, much more than PhD Number 999,999,999. The Jolly Wonks of the NGOs/Non-Profits/Alphabet Soup Agencies, a la CIA and EU-Jewish-Australian-Canadian Hit Men. . . .

I have heard more sense coming out of artists of the tattoo kind, more thinking out of the prisoners of our time, more reality from the unemployed, the houseless, the cardboard carrying “Anything Will Help This Veteran” guy on the corner.

This punishment society, football vis-a-vis pig coaches, overpaid felons of the athletic class, these taken to the next level on these creepy digital games, these gamers and sneaker heads, all these dead-heads of the drive-through birth canal, these brunt of the Har-Har Chosen Entertainer jokes, the entire mess that is a retracting-devolving-detached-denatured humanity, created by the K12 Compliance Experts, this “you will be tased, killed, jailed, hounded, bankrupted, un-liked, disenfranchised” cabal of provosts running x y and z corporation.

The grammar of America is profits, boom-and-bust, PayDayLoan, empty streets, broken windows, demolished porch, socially engineered by an elite class and an army of privates pulling for the Super One Percent.

Meetings run by code enforcers, and offices headed up by insipid mayors-reps-boards.

Do as I say, and I will do whatever it takes to stash away the public coffers.

Then we have the rings-under-the-eyes bureaucrats, public servants, pushing the mush of an elite group who determine K12, Consumption, Culture, Who Wins, Who Loses. So many rules, regs, laws, and vacant ideas on how to heal-punish-sterilize society – all of us, but the most vulnerable first, more dramatically … //

… (full long text).


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