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Wolf Richter: Bankers Threaten Fed with Layoffs if it Doesn’t Raise Rates, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Sept 18, 2015;

The Star Trek Fallacy: Romanticizing Imperialism, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Sept 18, 2015 (yes, we know this but nevertheless enjoy the actors);

Uploaded by X22Report:
U.S. Warning: All U.S. Citizens Still In Libya Must Leave Straight Away, Episode 768b, 21.01 min, Sept 17, 2015;
Current Economic Collapse, News Brief, Episode 764, 18.02 min, Sept 13, 2015;

Uploaded by Ron Gibson:
The Alex Jones Show, 44.22 min, Sept 17, 2015;
Engineered Economy Destruction, 175.02 min, Sept 14, 2015;

Bad Faith: Berlin Must Reform or Abolish Its Refugee Policy, on Spiegel Online International, a commentary by Maximilian Popp, Sept 17, 2015: the refugee crisis is forcing Berlin’s hand. It can reform its existing asylum law or abolish it altogether. Either way, it can no longer get away with the current system of organized hypocrisy;

Le Revenu de Base célébré dans 25 pays, dans UP magazine, par FABIENNE MARION, le 16 sept, 2015;

Charities fear threat to £100m Scottish gift aid due to income tax devolution, on The Guardian, par Severin Carrell, Sept 16, 2015: Shadow Scottish secretary urges review of possible risks to donation cash from emergence of separate tax system;

Evolution du revenu global de 3,3% des sociétés cotées en bourse, dans Business News.tn, Tunisie, le 15 sept 2015;

SOUTH KOREA: Mayor of Seongnam City talks on his plan for Youth Dividend, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Yoru Yamamori, Sept 15, 2015;

The Campaign to Get Every American Free Money, Every Year, on Motherboard, by BRIAN MERCHANT, Sept 15, 2015;

the next safety net – Nicolas Colin and Bruno Palier, on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Tyler Prochazka, Sept 15, 2015;

8th International World Basic Income Week 2015, on Scoop.co.nz, by Lowell Manning, Sept 14, 2015;

End of Schengen? EU countries toughen border control, on Russia Today RT, Sept 14, 2015;

We Are Stubborn: Refugees Still Set on Germany Despite Border Controls, on Spiegel Online International, by Raniah Salloum in Vienna, Sept 14, 2015 (Photo Gallery): Germany introduced controls on its border with Austria on Sunday to slow down the influx of refugees coming into the country. The hope is for an EU-wide quota deal to share the burden. The refugees themselves, though, still hope they’ll end up in Germany;

Left-wing Corbyn Is Electable in UK, but Wouldn’t Be In US, on ZNet, by Eugene Nulman, Sept 3, 2015;

Global Capitalism: June 2015 Monthly Update, 106.50 min, update, uploaded by Richard D Wolff, June 11, 2015;

Africa: Will You Marry Me? (Full Doc), 49.05 min, uploaded by New Atlantis Full Documentaries, Oct 18, 2014 … in Africa, woman is not Adam’s rib, at most, she is his shoulders and spinal column. For the vast majority of African women, even today, in the cities and in the countryside, their greatest dream is to get a good husband and have many children. We will approach different cases as beauty contests, polygamy and arranged marriages;

Brain, the last Enigma, uploaded by New Atlantis Full Documentaries, April 14-18, 2014: part 1/5, 10.22 min; part 2/5, 10.41 min; part 3/5, 10.23 min; part 4/5, 09.41 min; part 5/5, 09.47 min.

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