the european refugee mess – my questions this morning

Russia made an offer to accept Syrian refugees:

  • Why nobody here tells them and does not speak about in the western medias?
  • More, how many have heard about? How long will it take them to get a real chance for a modest life also in Big Russia. Why we do not suggest the Russian offer to those refugees we know they cannot stay here?
  • Even, why we do not work together with the Russian embassies here in the west for visas to their country? Are we only too much pissed off with our unhappy situation, or are we just too much arrogant to let Russians give a solution?
  • One explanation may be, the actual refugees are good middle class people who still dream about an acceptable capitalist lifestyle …
    … oh my god, not live as working class in Russia, for heavens sake …  
  • But how long will it take them to get our european pitfall? Already this old arrogant system here begins to crash … making them next all happily crash with us …
    … oh my god …

Finally my compassion will go with the real poor forgotten somewhere, too poor, or just too scared to begin a horrible trip. Probably they also will be forced to leave their hell next and then may gratefully aim for a simple but normally good life in Russia – Heidi.

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