Chine and the new world order

CHINA, the key to the new world-order – James Corbett, 36.05 min, uploaded by, April 27, 2015 … James says that despite the formation of the BRICS Banks, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the International Banker’s plans to usher in their New World Order remain firmly in place and on track. How could that be when the evidence suggest that the world is moving away from the Dollar as wealth moves from West to East? Because, James says, “At the very top of this Bankster pyramid, the Chinese elite is connected directly in with the U.S. Western elite … (my comment: this was forseeable since years – Heidi);  

Websites: The Corbett Report; SGTreport; Liberty MillReal News 24/7;; Democracy at Work; Left

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Obama and Putin to Meet at UN, on Global, by Stephen Lendman, Sept 25, 2015: on Monday, September 28, both leaders will meet on the sidelines of the General Assembly’s 70th session, an array of world leaders to address the world body … // … Washington’s great fear is the possibility that Putin’s peace strategy may succeed, defeating its regional war agenda. European nations increasingly can’t cope with human refugee floods caused by imperial wars.
The only viable solution is ending them. The strain of thousands of desperate people arriving in Europe daily may drive its leaders to ally with Putin’s agenda – international community unity to defeat ISIS and other terrorists …;

auf russisch: Украинская бабушка разбила беспилотник ВСУ (Oma vernichtet in Kiev eine Drone);

Léman: La nouvelle monnaie locale du Grand Genève, 1.54 min, mise en ligne par tv8montblnc, Sept 16, 2015.

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