Index October 2016

2016-10-01: Where Millionaires Ask Other Millionaires What’s Best for the Middle Class;
2016-10-01: … abgerechnet wird zum Schluss;
2016-10-02: Washington trying to break BRICS … the rape of Brazil has begun;
2016-10-03: Unreliability, Spinelessness of the Western Left;
2016-10-04: US: Wages are so stagnant even the Federal Reserve has begun to notice – pardon, to confess;
2016-10-05: The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy;
2016-10-06: Iraqis Use 9/11 Victims Bill To Demand Compensation From US For 2003 Invasion;
2016-10-07: … again Nikola Tesla;
2016-10-08: The Class Dynamics in the Rise of Donald Trump;
2016-10-09: Lessons For A World In Dire Need Of Sustainable Social Change And Economic Development;
2016-10-10: Bombing of Cuban Jetliner 40 Years Later;
2016-10-11: The Billion Barrel Oil Swindle: 80% Of U.S. Oil Reserves Are Unaccounted-For;
2016-10-11: He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World;
2016-10-12: American Power at the Crossroads;
2016-10-13: Attack Plans in Germany: Refugees Celebrate Capture of Terror Suspect;
2016-10-14: Global Capitalism: A Looming Capitalist Crisis, Major Candidates Ignore It;
2016-10-15: Russia Throws Down the Gauntlet, Fly at Your Own Risk;
2016-10-16: Millions of Refugees Are Suffering from the Crisis of Having a Passport from Nowhere;
2016-10-17: The destructive course of Greece;
2016-10-18: Al-Qaeda Fighters In East-Aleppo Encircled and Besieged;
2016-10-19: The Anarchist Aspects of Nietzsche’s Philosophy – Presentation;
2016-10-20: The cost of downgrading;
2016-10-21: We don’t hide it: White Helmets openly admit being funded by Western govts;
2016-10-22: Is disclosure of Podesta’s emails a step too far?
2016-10-23: The Future of the Euro Area;
2016-10-24: Why Bernie Was Right;
2016-10-25: The Syrian Tragedy: Western Foreign Policy and its Useful Idiots;
2016-10-25: Ritueller Missbrauch;
2016-10-26: How Russia Saw America’s Third Debate;
2016-10-27: Space Odyssey: A New Technology for Following Songbirds;
2016-10-28: Waking Up in Hillary Clinton’s America;
2016-10-29: Clearing the Jungle, the Calais Refugee Operation;
2016-10-30: Work harder so speculators can get more;
2016-10-30: Hürden für Sozialisten an der Macht;
2016-10-31: What is Really the Matter with CETA?
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