Attack Plans in Germany: Refugees Celebrate Capture of Terror Suspect

Published on Spiegel Online International, Oct 11, 2016.

Syrian refugees on Sunday night captured a man suspected of planning a terror attack in Germany, tied him up and turned him over to police. As information about his plans continues to emerge, Syrians in Germany are celebrating the man’s capture … //

… The arrest of the Syrian terror suspect came following an unsuccessful attempt by police to apprehend al-Bakr in Chemnitz on Saturday. After finding 1.5 kilograms of “extremely dangerous explosives” in his apartment, as well as “further materials that could be used to produce a suicide vest,” according to federal prosecutors, a weekend-long manhunt ensued.

It wasn’t until Sunday evening, however, that the police in the state of Saxony, where Chemnitz is located, managed to translate the wanted notice into Arabic and post it on the web. As it turned out, that posting is what ultimately led to Jaber al-Bakr’s apprehension.

Tied Up with Telephone Cables:

Unable to return to his apartment in Chemnitz, al-Bakr approached a Syrian refugee named Mohammad A. at the Leipzig train station on Sunday night asking for a place to spend the night. In an interview with the German broadcaster RTL on Monday evening, Mohammad A. says that he only saw the police announcement on Facebook after he had returned to his apartment with al-Bakr in tow.

He immediately informed some friends who came over to the apartment. Together they tied up al-Bakr with a phone cable. According to Mohammad A. al-Bakr sought to buy them off with about 1,200 euros worth of currency he had in his backpack. “But we told him: ‘You can give us as much money as you want, but we’re not letting you go,’” Mohammad A. told RTL.

After an initial call to police failed because of communication difficulties, Mohammad A. took a picture of al-Bakr, tied up on his sofa, and drove to the police station. “I am so thankful to Germany for taking us in,” Mohammad A. told the tabloid Bild. “I couldn’t allow him to do anything to the Germans.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her gratitude to the Syrians who captured al-Bakr. Saxony Governor Stanislaw Tillich likewise praised them for being “courageous and responsible” … //

… Similar Explosive to the One Used in Paris and Brussels: … //

… (full text).


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