Where Millionaires Ask Other Millionaires What’s Best for the Middle Class

… MEDIA – Presidential Debates - Published on AlterNet.org, by Elizabeth Preza, Sept 28, 2016.

For all the talk about the middle class Monday night, members of the non-elite were hard to find … //

… As Counterpunch notes, the combined net worth of both major party presidential candidates is $3.11 billion, with Trump’s (alleged) net worth hovering around $3 billion and Clinton’s approximately $110 million. The annual incomes of the debate moderators for 2016 presidential debate are, per Counterpunch: “Matt Lauer $25 million, Lester Holt $5 million, Anderson Cooper $10 million (net worth $100 million), Martha Raddatz $1 million (net worth $8 million), Chris Wallace $1.5 million” … //

… When these platforms for important policy debates morph into de facto elbow-rubbing parties for the media and powerful politicians, it’s difficult to see the benefit for everyday working- and middle-class Americans. We’ll wait to see if a town hall format at the next debate returns a modicum of power to the typical voter and helps illuminate which issues are important to the American middle class.

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Post-Debate: NYT Scores Points on Trade–Not So Much on Accuracy, on FAIR.org, by Dean Baker, Sept 29, 2016;

CHINA’S Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, on Space Fellowship, by Klaus Schmidt, Sept 29, 2016;
The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope: on Google News-search; on YouTube, 2.07 min; uploaded by BBCnews; on en.wikipedia;

Breaking Through Power, Part 1, Day 4, 8 H 43.02 min, was LIVE on Sept 29, 2016;
(Day 1 and 2: links on Sept 28 … and Day 3: on Sept 29 on this blog);

Abstiegsangst im reichen Land, warum wächst die Wut? 62.40 min, von PolMed2016 am 29. Sept 2016;

AUDIO – Economic Update: Economics and Red States, Arlie Hochschild, 54.18 min, uploaded by Democracy At Work, Sept 29, 2016 … with Richard D. Wolff, on Corbyn’s victory in UK, Uber drivers unionize, state retirement systems sued for threatening pensions, hard facts about US medical insurance. Interview with Arlie Hochschild on new book Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right and why she believes “bridges” between progressives and Tea Party folks are very possible;

Video – Lawsuits against the Neocons, 10,43 min: Class Action against Hillary’s DNC, War Crimes Civil Lawsuit against George W. Bush Et Al… , on Global Research.ca, by James Corbett, Sept 27, 2016: Lawsuits Challenge American Status Quo … [typical for wikipedia's politic: James Corbett is named a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Corbett_(conspiracy_theorist)];

Inequality, the very long run, on Real-World Economics Review Blog, by merijntknibbe, Sept 26, 2016;

The wives abandoned by British Asian men, 10.14 min, uploaded by BBCnews, Sept 26, 2016 … Wives in South Asia are being used and abandoned by the British Asian men that marry them. There are calls for this to be recognised as a form of domestic violence. “Sunita” tells Catrin Nye, reporting for the Victoria Derbyshire programme, that her life was “ruined” after she was abandoned;

9/11 und Phantomterrorismus – Gerhard Wisnewski, 58.52 min, von Mind(r)evolution, im März 2012;

… and this:

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