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Video: Nikola Tesla Free Energy, 2.35 min, uploaded by Untitled Plot Project, June 9, 2014.

… an early pioneer of electrical engineering and telecommunication in 1888 he Developed the first Induction Motor. Tesla went on to pursue many personal projects including Teleforce Weapons, Weather devices Control and wireless energy.

However due to lack of finance many of Tesla’s projects remained incomplete. Telsa Died in his New York hotel room January 7th 1943.

Federal US agents raided and seized all his personal documents and belongings. These where eventually released to Tesla’s family nine years later. What interest did the US government have in Tesla’s work?

Nikola Tesla emigrated to the Untied states in 1884 to work briefly with Thomas Edison. The Two men had a falling out and Nikola began working in his own laboratories.

Tesla had a photographic memory, spoke eight different languages and would only sleep for two hours a day.

He contributed to the development of X-rays, Radio and military Radar. One of Tesla’s personal projects was a project to deliver free electrical energy to the world. Using the earths natural ionosphere and a single power source. Tesla’s theorized anyone could wireless tap into an unlimited supply of energy supply. However his finical backer left the project and Tesla’s laboratory was mysteriously burnt down.

Was Tesla’s discovery of free energy suppressed? The concept of free electricity would have a major effect on global economics.

Later in life Tesla began work on more elaborate projects including a Directed-energy weapon and devices to change the weather. Upon his death in 1943 all his work was serge by the US government. Tesla’s work was held for nine years before being released to his family. However Tesla lived alone and there was no official public manifest of Tesla’s work. What did the US goverment find in Tesla’s research? Was it all returned? Or is Tesla’s work still continued to be develop in secret?

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