The Anarchist Aspects of Nietzsche’s Philosophy – Presentation

Published on Loughborough Research Group/Seminar Papers, by Chris Iliopoulos, Dec 6, 2010.

The core of my hypothesis is that Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy promotes basic anarchist notions. Hence, what I am intending to show is the existence of a bond between the anarchist tradition and the German philosopher. My main idea is to review Nietzsche’s work from an anarchist angle. This means I will try to re-examine basic concepts of the Nietzschean philosophy by comparing them to the notions of prominent anarchists and libertarians together with using these concepts in order to give a Nietzschean interpretation to certain anarchistic historical incidents like those of the Schism of the 1st International, the Spanish Revolution, May ’68, and even the Revolt of December 2008 in Athens-Greece. The importance of such a connection lies in highlighting the elective affinity between Nietzsche and the anarchists and, actually, the whole research is based on this elective relationship … //

… The new dimension I plan to offer to the studies on Nietzsche and the anarchists lies in two basic fields.

On the one hand, up to now, all relative researches deal with the Nietzschean philosophy selectively and partially, something logical and acceptable if we take into consideration that the most substantial essays are academic papers and that Nietzsche’s philosophy embodies quite contradictory concepts. For example, the dominance of the Dionysian force over the Apollonian one (actually, the preference of Nietzsche to the former than to the latter), as presented in Andrew Koch’s exceptional article,7 is a subsequent thought of the German philosopher and does not reflect the true vital contribution of the Apollonian force to the transvaluation of the existent values and to the birth of the overman. Therefore, I intend to carry out an extended research that, through a deep analysis will combine all aspects of Nietzschean philosophy in order to clarify the philosophical bonds between anarchism and the German thinker and promote a way of an anarchist interpretation of Nietzsche.

On the other hand, I am going to apply Nietzsche’s notions to specific incidents of anarchist history, that is, re-examine and interpret certain historical events and choices of the anarchist movement from a Nietzschean angle. This is something that has happened before but, again, quite limitedly.8 … //

… In conclusion, I believe that Nietzsche’s relationship to the anarchist and libertarian tradition is something that is worth our attention and patience in order to come up with the desirable results. Results that will help us, among other things, connect the vitalizing aura of Anarchy to a philosopher drunk with the sweet wine of Dionysus.

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(mein Kommentar zu obiger Präsentation – sowie dem ganzen akademischen Treiben:
1.: Anarchismus ist für mich eine positive Haupt-Energie im Universum, vereint Freiheit mit Selbstverantwortung, erlöst vom Eltern-Ich;
und noch dies … ausgesprochen jenseits von gut und böse:
2.: unser Denken arbeitet in Widersprüchen, wir gestalten damit diese Welt, machen damit unsere Erfahrungen. Warum ist unser Denken gespaltet? Ich tippe auf ein Postraumatisches Syndrom-Verhalten der gesamten Menschheit, festgezurrt an ein dominantes Eltern-Ich, eingenistet in uns seit Urzeiten, das so lange dauert, bis das Verhältnis der Bevölkerung dieses Planeten zur Welt der Ausserirdischen vollständig und tabufrei aufgeklärt ist … ich weiss, abgekürzt und salop formuliert, trifft aber den Kern
– Heidi).

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