The destructive course of Greece

Published on Defend Democracy, by Mars Lambropoulos, Oct 13, 2016.

The position I will be defending in this short intervention is that the subjection of Greece to memoranda and its consequent social and economic destruction is not simply a product of the global economic crisisthat was initiated in the United States in 2007-2008, with the explosion of subprime loans and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and then exported from America to Europe. In fact, hidden behind all this was a set of machinations undertaken, on the occasion of the crisis, by the European Directorate, which is mainly controlled by German interests … //

… Greece is an experiment, according to which, a country belonging to the first world is being violently downgraded to a third world country1. We believe that this is a treatment that all European district countries are about to undergo, except of the metropolitan ones. It is possible that countries such as Italy, due to its strong weight, as well as Portugal and Spain are to be exempted from this procedure due to economical, historical and political reasons. The countries of the European district, such as Greece, will be vanished as states, its public and private assets will be disposed of, in order to become the base in rem of the global financial extension. This last one, without values in rem, is economy to a complete destruction at a global scale. These countries are about to be divided into special economic zones exempted from state laws of any kind, such as labour, administrative, fiscal, or infrastructural, which leads to the destruction of the state both as an entity as well as a rule of law.

Greece is a country already under occupation. This might come as a surprise to some people but let’s get things in the right order. To begin with, a country is being occupied not only military but economically as well. The occupational status is being differentiated both by the colonial domination of a country and the protectorate and its status as well.

During the colonial domination, f.e. in India which was under the British control, there was an administration, all over the Indian Territory, responsible for the application of the English law in order to secure the interests of the Metropolis. The case is the same with protectorates, where an administrative mechanism is being established in order to secure foreign interests. In contrast, what happens today in Greece is the termination of both the state and the public administration as well and the non implementation of legal rules. This is, without a doubt, a regime of domination, which reminds us of the German occupation of Greece, lasted from 1941 to 1944, during which every aspect of the Greek administration was abolished by the Germans. The same thing happens nowadays in Greece and the absence of tanks and foreign military forces is the only thing missing from the real nature of the regime that Greek people are experiencing today.

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  • Réification (du latin res, chose) consiste à transformer ou à transposer une abstraction en un objet concret, à appréhender un concept comme une chose concrète. Le terme est aussi employé à propos des personnes vivantes …;
  • Biais cognitif est un mécanisme de la pensée, cause de déviation du jugement. Le terme biais fait référence à une déviation systématique par rapport à la réalité. L’étude des biais cognitifs fait l’objet de nombreux travaux en psychologie cognitive, en psychologie sociale et plus généralement dans les sciences cognitives …;

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