Why Bernie Was Right

Published on Jacobin, by Luke Savage, Oct 21, 2016.

Wikileaks’ latest document dump vindicates Bernie Sanders’ critique of Hillary Clinton and the Washington establishment … //

… This past April, just days before the critical New York primary, the Bernie Sanders campaign released a new ad it hoped would help overcome its rival’s home-state advantage and take the Vermont senator over the top: … //

… With the Sanders insurgency and its populist message neutralized, many no doubt assumed the issue had been safely put to bed. But in recent weeks, a near continuous stream of documents published or sent to the press by Wikileaks (and several other sources) has, at the very least, rendered that assumption premature — and put the innards of the rigged economy into a much sharper view.

The Podesta Emails: A Sketch: … //

… A Rigged Economy:

In each of these cases, Clinton’s sympathy with, and affinity for, corporate America and the interests of some of its worst actors sits in plain view. But beyond the very obvious deceit, they also give us a glimpse of just how calculated and cynical her progressive gestures truly are.

The overwhelming impression gathered is that Clinton and her machine — increasingly indistinguishable from the Democratic Party itself — have adopted the populist stances favored by their party’s base only when circumstances left them no other choice; that she has little will or desire to see any of them through; and, perhaps most importantly, that her Straussian courtship of Wall Street is firmly rooted in ideological belief rather than pragmatic consideration.

To the average Sanders supporter, the Podesta emails contain nothing particularly new or revelatory save for a few interesting and amusing details. But to Democrats and liberals who’ve argued in earnest that there’s nothing especially wrong or compromising about their party’s relationship to corporate America, the private missives should be cause for serious self-examination … //

… This attitude, representing more or less the prevailing orthodoxy among the liberal intelligentsia, media figures, and the DNC leadership, is typically packaged as the prudent embrace of reality rather than the symptom of a deeply conservative political outlook.

But the Podesta emails make the actual reality of Washington’s institutionalized shell game all too clear.

The system is rigged, and Bernie Sanders was right.

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