Building Off Grid Houses, Underground Homes, Tree Houses …

… and Shelters, Huts, Cabins, Tiny Houses … and …:

Aussie couple builds off-grid mobile home with 2 containers, 44.43 min, uploaded by Kirsten Dirksen;
10 Off Grid Homes, 4.47 min, uploaded by The Survival Camp;
Off Grid roundhouse build, videos uploaded between May 2015 and Jan 2017 by Kris Harbour: part 1, The Base, 16.48 min; … // ; … part 8, stone wall foundation with lime mortar, 7.20 min; … // … ; part 16, Oak window frames, 13.20 min; … // … ; part 24, cordwood walls finished at last, 12.45 min; … // … ; part 32, The floor is finished, 11.21 min … still no internet, so forgive me if I take a while to answer the comments. I have to go to a friends house to get online; …

Kristie Wolfe builds underground home and sets rural WA hamlet, 25.36 min, uploaded by Kirsten Dirksen;
10 Amazing Underground Homes, 6.37 min, uploaded by Wacky Universe, July 6, 2016;

How to build a Treehouse for free, 11.52 min, uploaded by snowboard13gcuz;
Barefoot Builders – Corvalli’s treehouse, 22.27 min, uploaded by Barefoot Treehouses;
20 COOLEST Treehouses In The World, 8.52 min, uploaded by Be Amazed;

Building A Super Shelter In The Woods, 3.41 min, uploaded by Survival Lilly;
My SUPER Shelter Completed, 3.52 min, uploaded by Survival Lilly;
Alone In The Canadian Wilderness (Full Version), 51.07 min, uploaded by Survival Lilly;

Build a Grass Hut, 4.16 min, uploaded by Primitive Technology;
Wattle and Daub Hut, 11.13 min, uploaded by Primitive Technology;

How to build a log cabin with dovetail notches, 24.45 min, uploaded by How to Build a Log Cabin;
‘Build a log cabin’- school, 9.10 min, uploaded by How to Build a Log Cabin;
A Look At My Alaskan Bush Cabin, 11.48 min, uploaded by Richard Ivans;

Building Your First Tiny House, 7.12 min, uploaded by StarGlobalFamily;
How to Build a Tiny House trailer from scratch, 8.29 min, uploaded by Tiny House Customs;
… many more videos about how to do it …;


Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather, 18.31 min, uploaded by Kirsten Dirksen;
Sunken Greenhouse: Part 7, Rainwater Harvesting, Cooling Tunnel, 9.07 min, uploaded by homesteadonomics … parts 1 to 6 on /playlist;

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Die neue Völkerwanderrung: Rede von Thilo Sarrazin, 32.06 min, von Christoper Ofelia am 15. Jan 2017;

Economics and American Psychology 1850 – 2008, – Richard Wolff, uploaded by Tuigen Heim, 20.05 min, Dec 24, 2016 … in this analysis, Richard discusses how the American people came to believe in American exceptionalism- not in any patronising or glorifying way, but simply from the personal experience of industrialisation on the people of the American continent. Later, technological changes put to an end the American nation’s exceptional situation, leading not only to the American people’s current discontent, but also to the Great Financial Crisis of 2007 – 2008 …;

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