The East Aleppo Syndrome

Published on, by Thierry Meyssan, Dec 20, 2016.

While the major powers who were supervising the jihadists in East Aleppo pretend to take interest in the fate of the inhabitants of the city – so as to exfiltrate their own soldiers – no-one seems to understand the drama that these Syrians have endured. Contrary to Western declarations, they have not suffered from the bombing so much as they have from the occupation of foreign jihadists and the reign of their «sharia». Some citizens suffer from a serious psychotic problem, the East Aleppo Syndrome … //

… It’s as if they had forgotten the freedom they enjoyed before the «Arab Spring». And as if nothing had happened over the last four years, they recite the discourse of Al-Jazeera in 2011. They claim that the Republic is a dictatorship, that it tortures children, that it massacres Sunnis, etc.

For the first time, we are observing, at the level of a city, a psychological phenomenon that is already well-known at the individual scale. Just as a beaten child or wife will sometimes defend the cruel father or husband and justify his behaviour, so certain inhabitants of East Aleppo are now using the language of the jihadists who were oppressing them … //

… Last year, clinical psychologist Saverio Tomasella demonstrated that the Stockholm Syndrome is «the mark of an extremely serious invasion of the inner life of the human being who has directly, and powerlessly, experienced the theft of his or her subjective identity».

We should therefore not believe that the few inhabitants of East Aleppo who are suffering from this syndrome will quickly reconnect with the real world. We should on the contrary offer them total security and once again show great patience. Even though we must first offer help to our soldiers and all those who resisted, these civilians are, above all, our compatriots.

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