Index January 2017

2017-01-01: a happy and peacefull 2017;
2017-01-01: Die Zirbeldrüse;
2017-01-01: The Global War on Cash, India’s Demonetization Debacle;
2017-01-02: What Is The Obama Regime Up To? — Paul Craig Roberts;
2017-01-02: Wissenschaftliche Sensation;
2017-01-03: The East Aleppo Syndrome;
2017-01-03: Organspende, die verheimlichte Wahrheit;
2017-01-04: Empathy, what our dysfunctional world needs;
2017-01-05: Obama’s Sanctions against Moscow Intended to Box In Donald Trump;
2017-01-06: Split widens between Trump, CIA over Russian hacking allegations;
2017-01-07: Basic Income BI, progressive dreams meet neoliberal realities;
2017-01-08: A case study in the creation of false news;
2017-01-09: Ending wars requires moral conviction and the courage for revolution – part 2;
2017-01-10: Those times the NSA hacked America’s allies;
2017-01-11: The analytic process and cyber incident attribution;
2017-01-12: How Russia’s RT became the target of CIA, FBI and NSA’s anticlimactic ‘Big Reveal’;
2017-01-12: Fixing Capitalism (yet again) vs Moving to Another System;
2017-01-13: 2016, a Bad Year for Democracy, but “Best Ever” for Big Media;
2017-01-14: Obama, the War Criminal Butcherer of Women and Children;
2017-01-15: Corbyn is Right on Bosses’ Pay;
2017-01-16: Life Without Money in Detroit’s Survival Economy;
2017-01-17: Building Off Grid Houses, Underground Homes, Tree Houses …;
2017-01-18: We Must Not Demonize and Threaten Russia … Nuclear War by Accident or Miscalculation?
2017-01-19: what economics do with our lifes;
2017-01-20: Does the end of high food prices mark the end of the global land rush?
2017-01-21: A Critical Week for the World Social Forum;
2017-01-22: Trump’s “Russia Connection”, Behind America’s Perpetual Wars;
2017-01-23: Women’s March on Washington;
2017-01-24: The Future by Committee;
2017-01-25: Interview on RT and a Message to Trump – John Pilger;
2017-01-26: The Last Superpower Summits;
2017-01-27: Off Grid roundhouse build;
2017-01-28: Trump, enough of 9/11;
2017-01-29: Ending The UK’s Free Trade Fantasies;
2017-01-30: biking;
2017-01-31: Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash.
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