A Case Study in the Creation of False News

Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Craig Roberts, Jan 6, 2017.

For many weeks we have witnessed the extraordinary attack by the CIA and its assets in Congress and the media on Donald Trump’s election. In an unprecedented effort to delegitimize Trump’s election as the product of Russian interference in the election, the CIA, media, senators and representatives have consistently made wild accusations for which they have no evidence. The CIA’s message to Trump is clear: Get in line with our agenda, or we are going to mess you over.  

It is clear that the CIA is warring against Trump. But the CIA’s media assets have turned the facts on their head and are blaming Trump for having a negative view of the CIA … //

… In other words, the Reuters story is just another CIA planted story – a favor from a media asset. As Udo Ulfkotte told us, this is how it works.

Next Reuters tells us that the report is Top Secret, which, of course, means that we will never see any evidence in behalf of the CIA’s allegation. We are supposed to trust that the CIA has the information but can’t tell us. The Reuters report doesn’t see anything unusual in this. Another favor by an asset.

In Reuters’ favor-laden news report, Reuters tell us that the hacked material reached WikiLeaks from Russia’s military intelligence agency via “a circuitous route” so that Assange did not know the origin of the material and thus could say that it was not given to him by a state agency.

What could be going on here? Several things come to mind. Perhaps there is an effort to force Assange to reveal his source (which could be that DNC staffer who was mysteriously shot down in the street) as this would be a surefire way of getting rid of WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has never revealed a source. Once it does, no further leaks will flow to WikiLeaks.

Another possibility is that by persistently making wild unsupported accusations that Trump was elected by Putin, the CIA is making it clear to Trump that they are playing for keeps. Trump is a strong man, but don’t be surprised if he comes out of the briefing with the CIA accepting their story as he might be brought to the realization that the alternative to compliance with the CIA could be death.

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(Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist, author, columnist, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and former editor and columnist for corporate media publications. He is the author of The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul’s website … find him also on YouTube-search; on en.wikipedia; on Independent Institute; on Foreign Policy Journal; on The truth-seeker; many more on Google Web-search; and also on our World People’s Blog, 02/2008).


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