Ending Wars Requires Moral Conviction and the Courage for Revolution – Part 2

Published on Dissident Voice, by Kim Petersen, Jan 7, 2017: the absolutely essential distinction: wars of aggression are not equivalent to wars of self-defense - (part 1).

… Oppressors naturally dislike physical resistance; they prefer pacifism as it will not cause them physical harm. The pacifist arsenal is devoid of fighting fire with fire. There are two possible outcomes at play here: it would seem that pacifists believe that they can overcome their oppression through moral suasion or that their devotion to principles demands submission — living on bended knee over fighting for their rights and freedom.

Obviously oppression is not defeated by pacifism, and neither is peace achieved by shilly shallying, apportioning blame to all parties, or admonishing all violent actors.

Merely Advocating Peace and Disarmament is Insufficient to Stop Wars: … //

… The Call for a Revolution:

Disarmament is not the end-all-and-be-all of ending war. Disarmament per se is insufficient to bring about peace. Disarmament does not deal with the scourge of institutionalized violence: the violence of class and the violence that causes penury. Disarmament must be one plank of the revolution. For this the masses of humanity must band together and unshackle themselves. As colleague BJ Sabri and I wrote: … //

… What is required is a revolution. How to bring about the revolution is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice it to state that the capitalist system requires labor and it requires consumption. People must deprive the capitalist system of these requisites. Without them, the capitalist system will starve on the vine. For the masses to remove themselves from the system requires a solidarity, mutual aid, sharing, caring, and defending every member of the resistance to capitalism. Capitalism is a system of military-industrial-governmental conglomerates. When capitalism falls, then genuine disarmament can begin. With class abolished, arms abolished, war also is destined to become a chimera of the past.

Capitalism is the wellspring of launching wars of aggression. That wellspring attracts those who covet lucre and power above all else. Gaining a numerical and technological advantage in weaponry and tactics greases the wheels to launch wars that momentarily sate the insatiable greed at the core of capitalism. Since the great majority of people desire to live in a world of peace, where neediness is no more, it is a moral imperative that humanity abolishes capitalism. Then the war crimes tribunals and disarmament can proceed. For all that to transpire though, the revolution must first begin.

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(Kim Petersen is a former co-editor of Dissident Voice. He can be reached at: kimohp@gmail.com. Twitter: @kimpetersen. Read other articles by Kim).


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