Women’s March on Washington

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(my comment: yes, what Trump said was ugly for women, but my father also spoke with much contempt about us as second class, and so did the whole generation of males when I was young. This made him not a bad guy, it only made me feminist.
This said, all these women now in America’s street have nothing to f… that Trump will stop war with Russia, a war we the European women would have had to suffer if this ugly Clinton were in power? For sure I prefer some bad jokes.
You American women are blind about that? Would you prefer Washington’s Gangster-Elite in power and put Europe into war with Russia? Really?
Yes, I fear that you could succeed, Trump could be assassinated and war with Russia would become reality again.
If you insist this will happen, you certainly not get world’s most urgent threats, and for me you would have no more anything to say
– Heidi).


#StopCETA: Thousands protest EU-Canada trade deal in demos across Europe, on RT, Jan 22, 2017;

Unique currency can destroy EU economy, countries must have chance to leave euro – Le Pen, on RT, Jan 22, 2017;

The Tories Are Wrecking the NHS in Order to Privatise It, on Dissident Voice, by Adnan Al-Daini Jan 21, 2017;
National Health Service (England) NHS; /See also; /External Links;

Russia, The Best Armed Forces on the Planet? on Axis of Logic, by The Saker, Jan 19, 2017: … So, if the purpose of a country’s armed forces is to achieve specific and political objectives, this directly implies that saying that some country’s armed forces can do anything, anywhere and at any time is nonsense. You cannot access a military outside a very specific set of circumstances:
1) Where: Space/geographical
2) When: Time/duration
3) What: political objective
Yet, what we see, especially in the USA, is a diametrically opposite approach … (long text);

Critical Analysis: The Issue Is Not Trump, It’s Us, on Axis of Logic, byJohn Pilger, Jan 19, 2017: under Obama, the U.S. extended secret “special forces” operations to 138 countries, or 70 percent of the world’s population;

Report: Edward Snowden Event (Pictures & Videos), on acTVism, by Zain Raza, Jan 17, 2017;

Dissolution of NATO, military alliance with Russia, German Left leader echoes Trump, on RT, Jan 17, 2017;

2017 – Richard Wolff and others: State of Democracy, 90.10 min, uploaded by Noam Chomsky Official, Jan 4, 2017 … at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University;

Merkel has always acknowledged American hegemony – German Left Party MP [VIDEO 27.42 min], on RT, Dec 5, 2016;

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