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… cast of ‘The Wire’ used real Baltimoreans to shed light on unrest – Published on Russia Today RT, July 21, 2015.

Cast members from the acclaimed Baltimore-based series ‘The Wire’ have reunited this past weekend to tell the stories of real people in the city in the wake of unrest caused by the death of Freddie Gray.

Freddie Gray’s passing at the hands of Baltimore police officers on April 12 sparked protests and riots, but many residents do not believe that national media portrayals of neighborhoods being torn apart accurately told their stories.

Many of the cast members agree, saying that the national media was not listening to the residents of the neighborhoods in turmoil.

“The feeling is that media was not telling the full story, or they distorted what they saw and gave people repeated images that gave an impression of this community that was false,” said Maria Broom, who played Councilwoman Marla Daniels on the show.

That’s where the stars of The Wire come in. They created an event called ‘Wired Up’ which has the expressed aim of recognizing the “‘unsung heroes’ of Baltimore – those who serve inside and among the community, tirelessly and selflessly,” according to the event’s website … //

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