Nigel Farage is gutted

… and me too:

Greek debt crisis: Nigel Farage is gutted that Greece isn’t leaving the euro, on The, by Matt Dathan, July 10, 2015: as Greece closes in on agreeing a deal that will keep the debt-ridden country in the eurozone, there is one man in the UK who is gutted … Nigel Farage … is a British politician and former commodity broker. He is the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), having held the position since November 2010 …;

Leave Euro, retake democracy – Nigel Farage in passionate Tsipras address (VIDEO 4.25 min), on Russia Today RT, July 10, 2015;

Greek Parliament backs bailout plan, on The, July 11, 2015;

… more about on:

(my comment: if Tsipras and elected parliament finally bend their knees before the troika, because getting some alms for the nation and thus betraying democracy, I will stop here and now any contribution to further Greek dramas.
But maybe this humanity has still much more to learn about compassion for life and livelihood for US ALL … even for themselves
– Heidi).

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