Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, JULY 1-31, 2015

related articles published during July 2015 (continuously updated …)  

Basic Income Is Happening – The Growing Support And Early Experiments Of A Radical Policy, July 29;
Basic Income? Yes! Bold Ideas About Fixing Inequality, July 29;
Revenu de base: la Finlande prête à l’expérimenter, le 29 juillet;
L’allocation universelle est-elle l’avenir de la sécurité sociale? le 29 juillet;
Etonnant projet en Finlande: une allocation universelle de 1.000€ pour TOUS les habitants, même ceux qui travaillent, le 29 juillet 2015;
UNITED STATES: Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, “absolutely sympathetic” to basic income approach, July 28;
LETTER: Minimum income instead of welfare? July 25;
La Finlande sera le premier pays européen à introduire un revenu de base inconditionnel, le 24 juillet;
Money-Back Guarantee? The Idea of a minimum income is complex, but intriguing, July 23 -August 5, 2015;
Pour un revenu universel de base, le 22 juillet;
AUDIO – City Hall: Has the Time Come for Universal Basic Income? July 17;
INDIA: Sarath Davala Starts Basic Income Blog, July 16;
Minimum Wage or Living Income? July 16;
SWITZERLAND: Swiss Parliamentary Committee on Social Affairs Opposes a Federal Initiative for Basic Income, July 14;
IRELAND: Largest Opposition Party Fianna Fáil to Include Basic Income in General Election Manifesto, July 13;
Peter Geoghegan: Is a citizen’s income for everyone an idea whose time has come? July 13;
France: L’Aquitaine expérimente le revenu de base, le 10 juillet;
Netherlands – The giving city: Utrecht plans ‘basic income’ experiment, July 10;
Our Paradoxical Economy Courtesy of Technology and the Lack of Basic Income, July 9;
Le revenu de base, bientôt introduit en Finlande? le 9 juillet;
French Regional Council of Aquitaine to assess feasibility of basic income pilots, July 9;
Netherlands: 30 Dutch Municipalities show Interest in Experimenting with Basic Income, July 8;
SPAIN: Efforts Within Podemos to Ensure Basic Income is a General Election Policy, July 8;
Rajesh Makwana: From basic income to social dividend – sharing the value of common resources, July 7;
France: Le revenu de base pourrait être expérimenté en Aquitaine, le 7 juillet;
France – Un revenu de base pour tous sans condition: Utrecht, la ville néerlandaise qui passait au revenu universel, le 6 juillet;
KOREA: Basic Income Tour Kicks off, July 6;
Opinion: Basic Income strengthens Soft Power, July 6;
US: Our Paradoxical Economy – Courtesy of Technology and the Lack of Basic Income, July 5;
Portuguese political party PAN organizes talk around Basic Income, July 4;
What’s Good About Guaranteed Basic Income, July 3;
Business, Finance & Economics: How Canada tried to eradicate poverty with guaranteed income, on PRI’s The World, July 02;
Un premier pays européen teste l’allocation universelle: un même revenu de base pour tous, et ceux qui travaillent s’offrent un complément, le 02 juillet;
Why these people are getting $1000 a month for doing nothing, July 2, 2015;
FINLAND: ce sera le premier pays européen à introduire un revenu de base inconditionnel, 1er juillet;
This Dutch city is offering residents a basic income, here’s why it could work, July 1;
What Will Happen When This City Gives Residents Income With No Strings Attached? on Think Progress, by Bryce Covert, July 1, 2015.

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