Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons – Marc Abela

  • Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons – Marc Abela, 20.14 min, uploaded by misesmedia, Aug 15, 2014 … Jeff Deist and Marc Abela discuss the Bank of Japan’s failed twenty-five year program of monetary stimulus, the resulting creation of insolvent zombie banks, and the impossibility of Abenomics …;
  • The Social Economic Enslavement Of Japan, 11.51 min, uploaded by WeAreChange, July 20, 2015 … in this video Luke Rudkowski interviews economist Marc Abela in Tokyo Japan. Marc has lived in Tokyo for over 25 years and gives an amazing interview about the hidden true social economic in Japan. We go from cultural norms to the TPP and U.S military involvement in the region …;  

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