Casualties in the War: New Research Confirms Vaccines Do Have a Dark Side

Published on Global (first on GreeenMedInfo), by Celeste McGovern, July 22, 2015.

… Vaccine Lottery:

  • But the thing about the Great Vaccine Blitz is most people have no idea what is on the line. Not public health. Not the doctors. Not even Shoenfeld and his band of specialists can tell you that your kid is going to be 100% fine when you pump him full of 49 vaccines or if there will be any long-term effects. Vaccines were invented when they didn’t know an immune system even existed and researchers have barely begun to unravel the mysteries of that microscopic universe. They don’t know which kids are going to react or why. They don’t even know the odds. The Greater Good is all well and fine so long as it’s not your kid that gets the Lesser Evil.
  • Is it possible the growing “anti-vaxx” movement is just people who’ve already lost the vaccine lottery or seen others lose it and don’t want to play anymore? Maybe it’s just parents who’ve figure the odds of their son getting penile or anus cancer from sexually transmitted HPV are better than the odds of vaccine-induced narcolepsy. If you read your kid’s car seat manual and are worried about too much sugar at birthday parties, isn’t it worth troubling to find out what the ingredients in 49 vaccines can do?

The Dark Force: … //

… The Great Vaccine Blitz hasn’t really changed much from the early days when screaming mothers in tenement housing were held down by New York police officers while public health officials dragged their children to be lanced with vaccines made from smallpox scabs shaken in a jar of water. But now it is harder to hide. Freedom is in peril. Actually, freedom is circling the drain, but at least we should know what to expect.

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