Index July 2015

2015-07-01: Syriza, the Troika and the ironies;
2015-07-02: Interview: Greek Bailout Saved Bankers, But Punished the People;
2015-07-03: announcing Greece’s referendum on July 5;
2015-07-04: Germany from above – Deutschland von oben;
2015-07-05: A Revolutionary Pope Calls for Rethinking the Outdated Criteria That Rule the World;
2015-07-06: Famous Google Images – Hunderwasser;
2015-07-07: Neither Greater Asia nor Greater Europe: America’s Chaos versus a Silk World Order;
2015-07-08: Greeks Vote NO – a rebuke to EU-imposed austerity;
2015-07-09: America’s Greece, fixing Puerto Rico could provide answers for Europe;
2015-07-10: real post card visions of Europe;
2015-07-11: Is Neoliberalism Finally Running Out of Tricks?
2015-07-12: Nigel Farage is gutted …;
2015-07-13: Vangelis and Irene Papas;
2015-07-14: Challenging Ideologies and Institutions;
2015-07-15: Progressives, Neoliberalism, and Austerity – beyond the Polanyian Impasse;
2015-07-16: USA – Jade Helm 15;
2015-07-17: Understanding the Defeat, Means Preparing a Victory – the Greek Dilemma and Us;
2015-07-18: the bankruptcy of the planet accelerates;
2015-07-19: Greece’s Lesson For Russia;
2015-07-20: the end of capitalism has begun …;
2015-07-21: Rasmin Banedj-Schafii;
2015-07-21: We’re part of this city;
2015-07-22: sharing the One Percent’s fantasmes – not seeing the corruption in it;
2015-07-23: Casualties in the War – New Research Confirms Vaccines Do Have a Dark Side;
2015-07-24: no grounds to keep Russia sanctions in place – French MPs visiting Crimea;
2015-07-24: Medikamenten Nothilfe Griechenland – Spendenaufruf;
2015-07-25: Education – Time for a New Purpose;
2015-07-26: Diary: The Great Unbinding;
2015-07-27: some divings in HD;
2015-07-27: Das Schuldenproblem Griechenland 2015;
2015-07-28: Greece and the European Union;
2015-07-29: Abenomics and Japan’s Narrowing Horizons – Marc Abela;
2015-07-30: Even if we scrap the Human Rights Act, we’ll still be beholden to EU laws – David Cameron;
2015-07-31: YouTube’s Mix for Joan Baez;
2015-07-31: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, JULY 1-31, 2015.
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