announcing Greece’s referendum on July 5

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Australia: More good news tax changes coming for SMEs, on Smart Company, by TERRY HAYES, July 2, 2015;

UK: Low-income families ‘thousands of pounds short of basic standard of living, on The Guardian, by Patrick Butler, July 1, 2015: Couple with two children need £40,000 a year gross household income for minimum income standard and pay rent, says Joseph Rowntree Foundation;

UK: George Osborne has said the UK needs to prepare for the worst and protect itself after Greece went into arrears, on SKYnews, July 1, 2015:

France: Transformer les journalistes en intermittents de l’info, dans Nouvel Obs, par Jacques Rousselin, le 1er juillet 2015;

Suisse: Le patron des CFF (Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses) a gagné plus d’un million en 2014, dans 24, le 1er juillet 2015;

Suisse: , dans Confédération Suisse, le 1 juillet 2015;

International: Joint Statement – by World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and ILO Director General Guy Ryder on The World Bank, June 30, 2015;

INDIA: Soon, non-agriculturists can buy farmland in Karnataka, on Times of India, by ManuAiyappa Kanathanda, June 30, 2015;

Irland: Tax cuts should not form part of budget – Social Justice Ireland, on The Irish Times, June 29, 2015: All available resources should be utilised for society’s most vulnerable;

International: Comment en finir avec l’image du bénéficiaire du RSA fainéant et fraudeur, dans BASTA!, par Fabrice Bugnot (Transrural Initiatives), le 29 Juin 2015;


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