about survival of this humanity … for real

Secret US Bunkers Being Destroyed for Humanity, 4.32 min, uploaded by Mind Body Spirit, Nov 27, 2016 … maybe related with this: #8 Secret Underground Complex, on Elohim Leaks.
(my comment: I would be really happy if we could get a proof that this is the complex mentionned in Elohim Leaks (there it is speculated about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault financed by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller family, Monsanto and others). Hopefully it is not like in this Star Trek Voyager’s episode where the ship was inside a big stomach wanting digest it … they had all signals to be out but this was a dream … they were still in … so, please bring us all the real proof there is no more escape for our biggest gangsters – Heidi).  

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We Are Racing To Destroy Our Planet Because of Greed – Foundups.com, 9.32 min, uploaded by Mind Body Spirit, Nov 27, 2016;

  • (my comment: it’s not just greed, it’s stupidity. Look, without greed, we would destroy in any way our basics, but only slower. The most important real change must be in no more expanding indefinitely the amount of humans living on this planet … but for heavens sake, stop diminishing humanity by war or hunger, but by producing less children, the only sane way to reduce us.
  • For this, STOP LEARNING GIRLS THAT THERE ONLY GOAL CAN BE BECOMING A REPRODUCTION MACHINE – begin to accept them as equal partners in all domains of life, mainly in developing countries, stop this ugly habits making them only nice puppets accorded to men’s fantasies, permit them different identities, having other goals, learning what’s needed to reconstruct fundamentally this planet’s system … and help Muslim women not having to fear punishment by their family (or by hell) when they begin to accept this way – Heidi);

Big Oil’s Growing List of Ways to Destroy The Planet, 12.13 min, uploaded by Mind Body Spirit, Nov 27, 2016;

Bigger Cities Benefit the Rich, Harm the Poor, on Macrobusiness, Nov 25, 2016;

Flüchtlinge bringen Krankheiten mit. 12.000 Euro Kosten je Monat, 10.16 min, 10.16 min, von Asylly am 25. Nov 2016;

Trumpism Has Dealt a Mortal Blow to Orthodox Economics and ‘Social Science’, on New Economic Thinking, by Sanjay Reddy, Nov 23, 2016;

Global Capitalism: What Now? Economics and the New Government [NOVEMBER 2016], 88.38 Min, uploaded by Democracy At Work, Nov 15, 2016 … post-election … (money is the alienated ability of mankind, in The Power of Money – Karl Marx, on Marxists.org/Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844);

Class, Trump, Brexit, and the decline of the West … Vassilis K. Fouskas and Bulent Gokay, on Global Faultlines, by Gary Leupp, Nov 15, 2016: in politics, long-term socio-economic trends and global shifts matter more than often overstated ‘progressive’ discourses about equality, progress and freedom;

The Four Horsemen Documentary - Noam ChomskyJoseph StiglitzJohn PerkinsHerman Daly, 98.53 min, uploaded by Mind Body Spirit, Nov 10, 2016; … a 2012 British doc film directed by Ross Ashcroft …;

RT zeigt, wie Deutschland täglich für dumm verkauft wird, 13.37 min, von Asylly am 5. Nov 2016 … schräge Hetze gegen Putin, Russland … USA will 3. Weltkrieg? auf Kosten von Europa;

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wir können die Probleme, die durch das Schuldgeld entstehen, nicht INNERHALB dieses Schuldgeldsystems lösen … /
(problems produced by the debt settlement system cannot be solved INSIDE this debt settlement system) …

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