This endless Trump bashing

Only one fact: report that Trump hung up on Australian PM is Fake News – Published on Paul Craig, by blog owner, Feb 3, 2017.
Everywhere it is taken for granted that President Trump was rude on the telephone to Australia’s prime minister and hung up on him. The low grade morons at CNN repeat this endlessly as a fact, and even David Stockman, several levels higher than CNN in intelligence, assumes that this fake news report is true. But the Prime Minister of Australia says NOT CORRECT, the call ended courteously … (full text).  

(my comment to elites and big mainstream media: ok, we got your Trump critics – but now:

  • this endless Trump bashing leads us to another question: why this hysteric discussions? which secrets could Trump release about you? How many sculls and bones sleep in your hidden doings? I begin to guess that the not known aspects of your networks are so unfair to us, the 99%, that even hard-core conspiracy theorists can still not belief it?
  • I guess, this time the wind you sow returns as storm, as we no more accept your results.
  • Yesterday I wrote this comment to the german TV Das Erste – they were as usually weeping about this so much ugly Trump:
    Frage an die Expertenrunde: Ihr bejammert Rückgang von deutschen Arbeitsplätzen durch amerikanische Zölle. Warum denkt keiner daran, man könnte doch jetzt das Russland-Bashing beenden, die Sanktionen kurzerhand abschaffen und aktiv in Russland Werbung machen für deutschen Export? Warum schläft man hier? Müsst Ihr auf eine Erlaubnis warten? Wenn Merkel blockt, schafft sie halt ab, oder umgeht sie;
    Mich wundert auch Euer ewiges Trump Bashing, mein Gott, wir haben es verstanden, könnt Ihr Euch jetzt wieder beruhigen? Den Psychiater habt Ihr ja gerade bei Euch? Mit freundlichen Grüssen

- Heidi);


UK: Trade unions can fix our employment tribunal disaster, on Left Foot Forward, by Ben Crawford, Feb 6, 2017: here’s how to build an economy that works for all;

uploaded on YouTube by Kirsten Dirksen:

  • Top-ranked kayaker builds “Hobbit Van” for life on the road, 15.45 min, Feb 6, 2017 … when Canada’s top-ranked whitewater kayaker Ben Hayward decided to pursue his Olympic dream, he began a life on the road racing in Europe. To afford this itinerant lifestyle, he crafted a 72-square-foot wooden home on the back of a flatbed truck, dubbing it the “Hobbit Van” for it’s big, round door and butterfly-style windows … (long text – original story here);
  • $150 bike camper, DIY micro mobile home, 12.33 min, Dec 6, 2015 … Paul Elkins fell for micro-camping in 2002 when he toured the country in his cabover “stealth camper”. Sure he could make something more affordable, this year he began building a nomadic micro-shelter based on the Airstream design (downloadable plans);

Violences dans les abattoirs, le livre “Steak Machine” … dans le Nouvel Obs, par Bérénice Rocfort-Giovanni, le 6 février 2017;

… and this:

On YouTube-search: The Wind That Shakes The Barley, sung by:

The Film:

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