Index MAY 2016

2016-05-01: Former Goldman Sachs president says our economic situation will end in tears;
2016-05-02: Labour Day 2016;
2016-05-03: The slow-learning retired admiral with a Ph.D.;
2016-05-04: incredible nature;
2016-05-05: The Calm Before the Coming Global Storm;
2016-05-06: Nuland Tells Cyprus To Cut Russian Ties;
2016-05-07: Interview With Bernie Sanders;
2016-05-08: nature at its best;
2016-05-09: The TTIP Leaks;
2016-05-10: Hackers vs. banks battle heats up as Anonymous launches global attack;
2016-05-11: Peru: In Defense of Land, Culture and the Female Body;
2016-05-12: quo vadis Europe;
2016-05-13: Thom Hartmann;
2016-05-14: Convictions, not clarified items, visions;
2016-05-14: diverse religiöse Schlüssel zur Vergangenheit – Geschichte;
2016-05-15: live as it goes;
2016-05-16: Organized Misery is Fascism;
2016-05-17: Brazil Coup: The First of Many Blows Against the People;
2016-05-18: Hybrid War Hyenas Tearing Brazil Apart;
2016-05-19: Will the New World Order finally get its own Nuremburg Tribunal?
2016-05-20: Zuma’s Denialism and Betrayal;
2016-05-21: Venezuela – a last warning;
2016-05-22: First Interview With Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff since the Senate’s Impeachment Vote;
2016-05-23: From Bankruptcy to Bankruptocracy;
2016-05-24: Parliamentary Coups: the New Strategy of Latin America’s Right;
2016-05-25: Rousseff impeachment efforts a bid to stop oil corruption probe;
2016-05-26: Price discovery during anomalous market trading;
2016-05-27: The Foreign Policies of Sanders, Trump, and Clinton;
2016-05-28: Disaster in the Makin, the Many Failures of the EU-Turkey Refugee Deal;
2016-05-29: Five reasons why it’s still worth a punt on Brexit;
2016-05-30: The Latest Greek Deal: an Excel Sheet Fantasy;
2016-05-31: Step-by-Step Rapprochement – Germany Considers Easing of Russia Sanctions;
2016-05-31: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, May 1-31, 2015.

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