Organized Misery is Fascism

Pubished on Dissident Voice, by John Stanton, May 14, 2016.

When the United States goes to war they will introduce a war economy. This means sacrificing everything for the army and war purposes – and misery for the population … — Leon Trotsky … //

… They Don’t Give a Sh… : … //

… Eve of Destruction:

But to “fight the power” is tough, even in the US Homeland: Look what happened to Flint and Detroit and to pensions, food assistance, and military veterans returning home from war. And when the neoliberal gangs decide that the government of a country needs to be reined-in, resistance is often futile. And if the gang leader in charge is the United States, the fight is lost cause.

The US remains the dominant global power and, as such, can shape cognitive environments and physical terrain using its extraordinary instruments of national power (INP’s): Diplomacy, Intelligence, Military, Economic, Finance, Law Enforcement, Information and Human Capital. There is a symbiotic relationship between the US government and private sector (academia, media, NGO’s, telecommunications, etc.) elite who design and execute strategies, operations and tactics meant to maintain the supremacy of the INP’s and, hence, America’s supreme position in the world. And, there is, of course, dumb luck like having the Atlantic and Pacific moats protecting fortress USA.

The Honduran government fell in 2009 in a US supported coup. That country’s social and economic fabric has collapsed. Brazil faces a similar plight: Rousseff—Lula supporters will not take the situation lightly. Consider the neoliberal financial forces at work behind the coup in Brazil and US links.

According to Telesur: … //

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(John Stanton is a writer from Virginia. His latest book is Media Trolls, Technology Shamans. He can be reached here. Read other articles by John).


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