Parliamentary Coups, the New Strategy of Latin America’s Right

Published on Axis of Logic (first on teleSUR), by Pablo Vivanco, May 20, 2016;

For most, the decades of the 1970’s and 1980’s are regarded as a dark period for Latin America. Like Honduras and Paraguay, Brazil’s elites used the legislature against Dilma Rousseff. Is Venezuela next?  

The majority of South American nations were taken over by brutal military juntas, while in Central America civil wars claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands. The armed forces in the region, often trained and financed by the United States, ruled through force and where civilian governments didn’t heed their agendas, these were ignored or overthrown.

Despite entailing the onslaught of disastrous neoliberal economic policies that exacerbated poverty and inequality, the 1990’s also ushered in an end to the military dictatorships in Latin America. Elected governments returned to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, while peace accords in Guatemala and El Salvador also meant that the militaries would see a diminished role in the politics of those countries (at least in theory).

Latin America did not solve its numerous problems, but a general consensus was arrived at — no coups or military regimes should be permitted again in the region … //

… (full text).

(my comment: as long as the LEFTISTS do not feel able telling voters ALL running realities about the money elites, as long they will loose regularly the confience of their voters … but maybe leftists even do not know themselves about? Now, with Yanis Varoufakis we have the chance to know a bit more, but wistleblowers are still needed * – Heidi).


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