Will the New World Order finally get its own Nuremburg Tribunal?

Published on New Eastern Outlook NEO, by Phil Butler, May 14, 2016.

The people behind the scenes of today’s world crises could not have succeeded in reshaping so many nations without help. Creating a robotic billionaire monster like George Soros, and unleashing him on the former Soviet republics, it could never have led to so much turmoil. There have to be more adjutants, armies of them in fact, in order to reshape the world’s image.

Today I will focus on Swedish politician, Carl Bildt is but one of a brigade of “pliable” lieutenants in the new world order scheme of things. By the end of this report the reader will better understand why so many fear Hillary Clinton, and why many in the UK desire an exit from the EU.

Carl Bildt’s Wikipedia page says he is “notable internationally, as a mediator of the Yugoslav Wars”. But I think the Wikipedia editors should amend the word “notable”, and replace it with “notorious”. Maybe I will do that myself, after writing this report. Bildt, who was instrumental in helping slice up Yugoslavia into management chunks, took part in something known as the Dayton Peace Agreement, where the ground rules for so-called peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The former Swedish Prime Minister later served as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Balkans, the perfect position for sewing up the former Yugoslavia into a tight little bundle of mini-states beholding to the US, Britain, and NATO. The effect these henchmen have in our world can best be seen in this paragraph from the DC World Affairs blog on the fate of Bosnia after Bilt and Dayton: … //

… As we see now, LaRouche’s words from 2014 resound for 2016. The efforts of men and women like Bildt frame our best case for showing what Putin and other dissenters face in combating the western banking elite. LaRouche’s people claim both Carl Bildt and former Swedish PM, John Reinfeldt are noting short of war criminals for their parts in the Libya mess, and the current Syria debacle. As for me, I can find nothing in 8 hours of research to falsify the LaRouche claims. Not only do these people systematically take part in regime change, but they then blame the revolution victims for the killing and chaos. The whole foreign policy nightmare could end if any nut house were emptied to replace the EU Parliament. Just look at the country reports from TRIALOG, and you see whole societies propagandized and leveraged by NGOs like Soros’ Open Society Institute.

The Latvian – Georgian NGO Forum ‘Moving towards the EU’ took place in Tbilisi in 2005 (PDF). The move, organized by LAPAS and the Open Society Georgia in partnership with the SFL, OSI East-East program, the MFA, the UNDP office in Latvia and the Tbilisi City Council, show how this network is interconnected, in order to forge the greater EU/NATO/NWO eastward expansion. Wherever these NGOs and ministers go, war soon follows. For Georgia it occurred within 3 years. As dramatic as al this sounds, the reality is something Hollywood could not even portray. Vast, comprehensive, and imminently powerful is the only way to describe this phenomenon. If the people of Georgia had an inkling Soros and these other people were the cause of their war with Russia, Bildt and the rest would never be able to travel there again. And when the total truth comes out, the Nuremburg tribunals to punish the key Nazis may end up looking like traffic court. Billions of people are affected by these elites, billions.

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