Index August 2015

2015-08-01: Global Derivatives – the $ 1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb;
2015-08-02: India: Government planning to deduct part of subsidies – and hand it over to beneficiaries to boost demand;
2015-08-03: testing the global central bank swap network;
2015-08-04: the growing pains of urban agriculture;
2015-08-05: german Know-Nothings today;
2015-08-06: Accumulation of what?
2015-08-07: Amazing Grace;
2015-08-08: Kitaro;
2015-08-09: EPIC video of sunlit ‘dark side’ of moon crossing over Earth revealed by NASA;
2015-08-10: The Real Cost of Being Poor, reflections from the heartland;
2015-08-11: La Chanson Française;
2015-08-12: Are the World’s Largest Central Banks Independent?
2015-08-13: Unsettling Encounters – Tourists and Refugees Cross Paths in the Mediterranean?
2015-08-14: Andre Rieu;
2015-08-15: A Yemen road trip;
2015-08-16: Spain Gets Bitter Costly Foretaste of its Beloved Trade Pacts;
2015-08-17: The Boundaries and Future of Solution Space – Part 1;
2015-08-18: Ereshkigal, Dis, & Lucifer: Children of Western Civilization & Fundamentalist Christianity;
2015-08-19: some ideas about what is Socialism – part 1;
2015-08-20: Greece: the European Union’s historical betrayal;
2015-08-21: just diving;
2015-08-22: It Starts: Broad Retaliation Against China in Currency War;
2015-08-23: some ideas about what is Socialism – part 2;
2015-08-24: Puerto Rico: an US debt colony hounded by hedge funds;
2015-08-25: Australia: Basic income is a human right;
2015-08-26: From Germany to Greece;
2015-08-27: Spirits of Nature – Enigma, Deep Forest, Vangelis …;
2015-08-28: Mass Migration – what Is driving the Balkan Exodus?
2015-08-29: Lessons from Syriza’s Defeat;
2015-08-30: What lies beneath China’s financial tremors?
2015-08-31: L.E.J … and others;
2015-08-31: Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, AUGUST 1-31, 2015.
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