A Yemen road trip

Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Hossam Radman, Aug 13, 2015: about an overland journey from Sanaa to Aden in Yemen through areas held by Houthi and anti-Houthi forces.

… Today, Aden is free. But half its buildings are gone, having been razed to the ground in recent battles. The young men who had crowded the streets to demand secession are nowhere to be seen. They are fighters now, or they are dead.

I went to Aden again to see what was happening, together with two other journalists, all working in Sanaa. I was the only one from Aden and the other two were from Taiz, a detail that turned out to be significant.

My two colleagues, Assem Al-Sabri and Dalil Al-Memari, knew the risks involved. Not only would we have to cross Houthi lines on our way to Aden, but we might also run into Al-Qaeda operatives, or worse.

The road from Sanaa to Aden is usually nine hours, but we would have to travel for 18 hours or so along a circuitous route to reach the south. We braced ourselves, and made up our story.

“If we’re asked, and we will be, the reason for our travels, this is what we’ll say,” I said. “I will say that I am visiting a sick aunt in Aden and that my friends are accompanying me to help transport her back to Sanaa for treatment.”

We had our press cards, and we had made calls to Aden to ensure safe passage. But while in Houthi land, our profession would have to remain a secret.

If our identity was discovered by the Houthis or supporters of former president Ali Abdallah Saleh fighting on their side, we could end up taken to army camps and used as human shields against the coalition raids currently striking Yemen. This had already happened to two colleagues … //


… ARRIVING IN ADEN: On our first night in Boreiqa, Sheikh Omar arranged a dinner of rice and tuna fish for us. We didn’t know how special that was until we entered Aden itself, where you can spend hours searching for a few biscuits or some canned food.

We spent hours in the back streets of Sheikh Osman’s neighbourhood looking for a grocery store. Most of them had run out of supplies and couldn’t restock because of the fighting, so they had closed down instead.

Restaurants, having no gas to cook with, had also closed down. Telephones were erratic, forcing us to watch our telephone screens for the right moment to make a call. The electricity was rationed: three hours on and three hours off … //

… Rivalries are already in evidence between the Southern Harak, Islamists of every ilk, the leftists and the army loyal to the exiled President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

I talked to Alaa, a young man from the resistance who had recently fought on the Moallah Front, by telephone. I asked him about the fighting, but he declined to talk about the specifics.

Before I hung up, I asked about his grandmother Hajja Hajer. “She’s in a better place now, God bless her soul,” he said. But Aden, everyone tells me, is on its way to a glorious victory.

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