Basic Income BIG – Revenu de Base – Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen BGE, August 1 – 31, 2015

related articles published during August 2015: (continuously updated …)

Basic income good for everyone, Aug 31;
SPAIN: Opinion Poll shows 72% support for basic income in Catalonia Region, Aug 30;
CANADA: Pirate Party of Canada Makes Basic Income a Major Part of their Platform, Aug 28;
Scott Santens: Minimum Wages vs. Universal Basic Income, Aug 26;
Judith Tielen; 7 redenen waarom de VVD het ‘experiment basisinkomen’ in Utrecht afkeurt [7 reasons why VVD rejects the basic income experiment in Utrecht], Aug 25;
Mario Charette: Un revenue minimum garantit la liberté (“Basic income secures freedom), Aug 24;
Canada: Saskatchewan Greens like call for Basic Income in the province’s Poverty Plan, now details are needed, Aug 24;
Short Answers to BIG FAQs – Part 1 of 3, Aug 23;
LEEDS, UK: Finding Solidarity Within Precarity–Lessons from the US Welfare Rights Movement Regarding the Role of Universal Basic Income, presentation IIPPEE Sixth Annual Conference, 9-11 September 2015;
INTERNATIONAL: Positive change ambassador Miss Bridget Walsh takes Basic Income Guarantee BIG pledge, Aug 23;
GREECE: Government to roll out a Guaranteed Minimum Income scheme, Aug 22, 2015;
Le revenu de base accroît la capacité des individus à agir et à se prendre en main, le 21 août;
Reyer Brons: Ook de Sociaal-economische Raad SER noemt het basisinkomen [SER starts talking basic income too], Aug 20;
Bradley finds national audience for basic income views, Aug 20;
Finland considers basic income to reform welfare system, Aug 20; 6
UNITED STATES: Basic Income Action national advocacy group is launched, Aug 19;
When Basic Living is Considered an Utopia for the Poor, Aug 18;
INTERNATIONAL: Basic Income Women’s Action Group Forms, Aug 18;
HMRC sets out dividend tax and personal allowance rules, on, by Charles Walmsley, Aug 18, 2015;
Dutch City Will Provide Low-Income Residents with a Basic Minimum Income, Aug 17;
Le revenu universel, vecteur d’émancipation ou d’individualisme, le 16 août;
But what about the irresponsible? on Basic Income Earth Network BIEN, by Tyler Prochazka, Aug 16, 2015;
UNITED KINGDOM: Channel 4 News’s economics editor refers Basic Income in his new book, Aug 15;
Le revenu de base se répand dans plusieurs villes de Hollande – après Utrecht, Tilbourg, le 14 août;
More Dutch Cities to Experiment With Universal Basic Income, Aug 14;
NETHERLANDS: Independent Liberal Party Says it is Time for Basic Income, Aug 14;
The Dutch “basic income” experiment is expanding across multiple cities, Aug 13;
Minimum Wages vs. Universal Basic Income, Aug 11;
Serions-nous enfin mûrs pour le revenu annuel garanti? le 11 août;
La Finlande teste le revenu minimum universel, vive l’oisiveté? le 10 août;
Let’s talk ‘BIG’ about poverty, Aug 10, 2015;
A blast from a distant past: the basic income, Aug 10;
AUSTRIA: Chocolate Manufacturer’s CEO endorses basic income, Aug 10;
Is it finally time for a guaranteed income? – Noralou Roos & Evelyn Forget, Aug 9;
UK: Jeremy Corbyn, candidate for Labour Party leader, recruits Basic Income advocate to draft economic plan, Aug 8;
Le revenu de base: 1/3, les fondements, le 7 août; 2/3, comment l’appliquer, le 8 août; 3/3, une utopie réaliste, le 9 août;
Un revenu garanti pour tous, sans contrepartie, le 7 août 2015;
Revenu de base : la Finlande, fer de lance européen? le 7 août;
Revenu universel: une facture trop lourde, le 7 août;
More Dutch cities may join in ‘basic income’ experiment, Aug 5:
L’allocation universelle n’est pas l’avenir de la sécurité sociale, le 5 août;
La Finlande veut expérimenter un revenu universel, en quoi ça consiste, le 4 août;
USA: Free And Reduced School Lunch Incomes Released By DPI, Aug 4;
The time for a Guaranteed Annual Income might finally have come, Aug 4;
Les effets pervers du revenu de base, le 3 août;
Allocation universelle – Win for life pour tout le monde? le 3 août;
Book review: Peter Barnes, With Liberty and Dividends for All, How to save our middle class when jobs don’t pay enough, Aug 2;
NORTHAMPTON, MA, USA: Talking About Basic Income … Aug 1;
Minimum wage or living income? Aug 1;
What’s Good About Guaranteed Basic Income – Thom Hartmann, Aug 1.

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