some ideas about what is Socialism – part 2

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German Wage Repression – Getting to the Roots of the Eurozone Crisis, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Aug 22, 2015: How Germany’s wage repression, a war against its own workers, has been exported to the rest of the Eurozone;

Kiev ordered deployment of ‘illegal & inhumane’ anti-personnel mines – ex-Ukrainian officer, on Russia Today RT, Aug 22, 2015;

Where’s the Nurture? on Dissident Voice, by James Hoover, Aug 21, 2015;

Dow Jones, Nasdaq face worst weekly losses since 2011 after yuan devaluation, on Russia Today RT, Aug 21, 2015;

How Complex Systems Fail, on naked capitalism, by Yves Smith, Aug 21, 2015;

The Ugly Reality of Canada’s “Humanitarian” Aid to Haiti, on Dissident Voice, by Yves Engler, Aug 21, 2015;

Autopsy reveals St. Louis cops shot teen in the back, on Russia Today RT, Aug 21, 2015;

Deliberate Deception – Washington Gave Answer Long Ago in NSA Case, on Spiegel Online International, by Matthias Gebauer, René Pfister and Holger Stark, Aug 21, 2015: For months, the German government sought to create the impression it was still waiting for an answer from the US on whether it could share NSA target lists for spying with a parliamentary investigation. The response came months ago;

Russian troops to join China’s parade to celebrate victory over Japan in WWII, on Russia Today RT, Aug 21, 2015.

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