Ereshkigal, Dis, & Lucifer: Children of Western Civilization & Fundamentalist Christianity

Part 3: Mephistopheles, Child of Christian Civilization – Symbols of Transformation – Published on HUNTER-GATHERER ISSUES, by George S. Svokos, August 14, 2015.

The Self or Anthropos quaternio symbolically represents what we cannot, in fact, see. Carl Jung’s Aion, Volume 9 of his Collected Works brilliantly describes the Self and shadow archetypes as quaternios. Archetypes only become visible through their symbols, not themselves as such. Anthropos is a reflection of the “higher Adam” (Self, or the center of the unconscious) and occupies the upper apex of the diamond-shaped quaternio which is joined at its base by a mirror image of itself. Thus, the diamond appears to be two pyramids attached at their bases with an apex point and a basal point. The basal apex symbolizes “lower Adam,” or the ego. The four vectors leading to the corners symbolize positive and negative axis of male and female energy beings. The Anthropos quaternio in its complete form consists of four (the symbol of wholeness or completion) pyramidal quaternios with Anthropos at the top and the non-organic elements on the lowest. The shadow quaternio lies second below Anthropos while the two lower quaternios will not be treated in any detail here. The entire Anthropos quaternio has an open quaternio superstructure holding it together. For the purposes of this article, only the top two of the four quaternios will be discussed to illustrate the position of the Unholy Hierophant’s location on this lattice-work of vectors and points. With this crystalline structure in mind, we can also locate the positive and negative masculine and feminine elements that accompany the negative high cleric.

As an example, we can “place” the cleric (as Locutus) in the position of the vertex diagonally opposed from Shinzon just above the apex to the bottom. The vectors intersecting at the other vertices will hold Shinzon’s Viceroy and the Borg queen. This is a profoundly negatively charged complex because all four symbols are opposing the positive poles. The reader can imagine then that a person with such a complex would be domineering, patronising, angry, sanctimonious, prone to outbursts, and given to unpleasant behaviors. A Holy quaternio would have significantly less negative energy because of the “good” beings at the vertices; however, all negative energy cannot be disposed of as the goal of this inner work is to balance or reconcile the opposites. In this way Mary Magdalene helps by adding the positive feminine element to this version of the shadow quaternio. The Nag Hammadi Library’s Gospel of Mary aids our understanding here in Chapter 4 Verse 23: “for the nature of matter (the quaternio) is resolved into the roots of its own nature (the archetypes and the collective unconscious) alone.” Then, the Saviour is mentioned for having loved Mary the most of the apostles, thus strengthening her positive energetic contribution…. //

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(George is a former archaeologist and anthropologist in cultural resources management where his mission was the preservation and curation of prehistoric Native American sites and artifacts. He graduated from The American University with a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2004. Current areas of interest include advocacy for Indigenous peoples and issues and rights of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies. Read other articles by George, or visit George’s website).


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