some ideas about what is Socialism – part 1

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  • How Class Works – Richard Wolff, 12.36 min, uploaded by Workplace Democracy, March 15, 2014 … Economist Richard Wolff explains our class society;
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  • Pourquoi le socialisme? dans, par Albert Einstein, 1949;
  • Livre Online: Etude sur les Reformateurs ou Socialistes modernes, dans Google books, par Louis Reybaud, Tome second, 1843, 411 pages;
  • CHEF VERDIENT WIE MITARBEITER, Sozialismus made in USA, imHandelsblatt, 16. April 2015;
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My take on corruption, on Pambazuka News, by Wole Soyinka, Aug 12, 2015: by some estimates, Nigeria’s national oil corporation alone has reportedly lost more than $30 billion in oil revenue to corruption in the last five yeas, equivalent to the gross domestic product of more than 30 African countries. In this wide-ranging interview, Prof Wole Soyinka speaks about the lost potential in Africa’s most populous nation and the hope of creating a new society built on people-based values;

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